and tells about seeing Sam, the Space Monkey, come aboard AD31

Captain Hunt Congratulates Chief Leonard

irst off I would like to say you have done a real good job on presenting the Tidewater! I have signed your guest book and looked at all the pages.

One interesting thing I noted was the article about "Sam" the space monkey. It just so happens that I had the OOD at the forward brow when all that took place! I will never forget all those cars pulling up on the pier, flag vehicles, marines galore and having to summon the CDO and the Captain down as no notice was passed on to me. Not even when all this parade of personnel passed over to the other ship did I know what was happening! When Sam was retrieved and was crossing over to the pier I was in a position to get a real good look at him in his little capsule. Cute little bugger, all wide eyed and looking around.....looked as confused as I was!  

Above is a photo of my reenlistment on board in 1959 with Capt. Hunt congratulating me.

Again, thanks for a good job!
Earl Leonard EMCS USN (RET)

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