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08-04-14 Paul Lockwood plockwood100@verizon.net
City Now: Lake Ridge VA
HeardOfUs: Internet Search
Rating: Superb

Just wanted to add that my brother William "Bill" Lockwood; Optical
Maintenance Man 2, who served on the Tidewater from 1962 to 1966 had passed
away. As the years went by Bill talked more fondly of his time in the service and
his time on the Tidewater and its' many cruises from Norfolk to Naples. To all
those who served...Bravo Zulu.

01-16-12 Ned Goff - wng94@yahoo.com
City Now: Mt Gilead OH
HeardOf Us: Surfing the net
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: USS Tidewater, 1963 to 1967. Reenlisted in 1978 and retired 1994. Also served on USS Puget Sound and USS Virginia. Shore commands were KAPL, Windsor Lock CT and SIMA Norfolk

I remember all the good shipmates but have only recently been in contact with two. Would like to hear from many more. I was in R-Div and reported onboard just before the '63 Med deployment. At the end of my enlistment, I returned to Ohio and was out for eleven years, then reenlisted in 1978. I retired from the Navy Sept.1994 and again returned to Ohio.

06-29-11 Bob Kordes - rkordes1@sc.rr.com
City Now: Leesville, SC
HeardOfUs: Surfing
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: Dec.'65 - Sept '67 USS Tidewater

Reported to the Tidewater Dec '65. I spent 3 months on the deck force. I departed for FT school in Feb'66 and returned to the Tidewater Aug '66. I "worked" in the FT shop w/ Rick, Guyette, Dilley, Steve, Pete,and Moe. I haven't had any communication with any of these great guys or other R-5 shipmates, but hope to one day. I left active duty in Sept '67. It took a few years before I realized what a great time in my life that was.

05-23-11 - Dale Ellsworth - daleellsworth@hotmail.com
City Now: Sun City West AZ
HeardOfUs: surfing
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: Oct 1963 thru 7 Dec 66, 4/64 thru 12/66 USS Tidewater

Went to the Tidewater direct from EM A School. Was put in the ship's company electric shop for my whole time there right next to A gang, ANYONE KNOW THE WHEREABOUTS OF JOE HAUGHNEY,TOM LECKY OR AL CHAPLEAU?

02-13-11 - Lt. Dion O'Leary - dionoleary@aol.com
City Now: Plainfield, IL
HeardOfUs: Surfing
How would you rate us: Superb

From 62-64, served on the Tidewater first as Disbursing Officer and then replaced Lt. Vince Clemente as Commissary Officer when he became Stores Officer. Thanks for posting our 1963 Thanksgiving menu. You'll see all our S-3 Division personnel listed there - not a dud in the bunch. Many great memories - from frigid mid-watches in Naples, to receiving a message as OOD in Toulon that I was the new father of a baby girl, and to the one complaint (in addition to the candy wrappers) in our General Mess suggestion box that we served steak as an option too often. Most of all though, I remember the freezing guys with whom I stood those watches, the energetic men with whom I worked, and all of the "can do" sailors that passed through those mess lines. God, I was proud to be from the Tidewater! Transferred from the Tidewater to Underwater Demolition Team 21 and COMNAVOPSUPPGRULANT as Supply Officer for UDTs 21 & 22, SEAL Team 2, and BeachJumper Unit 2. After the Navy, I spent my civilian years in the book publishing industry and as a newsletter editor/publisher. My wife, Joan, and I raised three children and currently live in a Chicago suburb.

01-16-11 Ltjg Ed Pease - peaseed@comcast.net
City Now: Atlanta, GA
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 3 yrs 4 mos active duty. Served on the Tidewater and later at the Little Creek Amphib base when ADM John McCain was COMPHIBLANT.

I reported aboard AD-31 Jun '62 in Naples and served as Ship Store Officer (relieved LTJG Ron Petersen) and later as Disbursing Officer. In Jan '64 when the ship was again in Naples, I transferred to Little Creek and served as base Disbursing Officer till mustering out in Nov '64. My career was in the public accounting field (23 yrs with PWC) and financial recruiting (22 yrs). I've lived in Atlanta since 1969. Married, two grown sons and one grandson.

01-14-11 Michael P. Loomis - mloomis1@cox.net
City Now: Virginia Beach, VA
HeardOfUs: Dan Oglethorpe
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 1964 - 1991 USS Conyngham DDG-17, USS Sierra AD-18, USS Tidewater AD31, NAVCOMSTA Key West, USS Leahy DLG-16, COMPHIBGRU TWO/NAVPHIPSCHOOL LITTLE CREEK, USS Mount Whitney LCC 20, NAVCOMTELSTA Key West

I served aboard the USS Tidewater from September 1969 to June 1970. SN Humphreys was actually killed in San Juan in February 1970 when returning to the ship. There was a lot of trouble with college youths in those days being anti-military, etc. Seaman Humphreys had only been in the Navy for 6 months. He was killed right outside the gate where we were berthed. I was an RM3 at the time and retired as an RMC(SW). I do not know if they ever caught the individual who shot him. There were driving by in a car when they shot him.

01-08-11 Woodrow "Sonny" Jones - wdjonesii@aol.com
City Now: Lanai City, HI
HeardOfUs: on-line
How would you rate us: Excellent
Tour: 1965-1991 Retired BTC (SW) and served on the following ships: USS McGoffin, USS Tidewater, USS Blandy, USS Conygham, USS Harold E. Holt

I was on the Tidewater from Aug 68-July 69. I made the Med Cruise and enjoyed our time spent in Naples. HT3 Denny Dennison and I were best friends and were USO & Blue Bird regulars. Been trying to locate Denny. There was an 11/24/08 reference to a Dennison that lives in Texas. If anyone knows him please contact me. I was a BT2 on the Tidewater and played outfield on the fast pitch softball team in 1969. My favorite memory was the "Liquid lunches" at the D&S Piers Ball rec fields.

11-22-10 Jimmie Greer - greerjimmie@yahoo.com
City Now: Trinity, NC
HeardOfUs: Surfing
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 10/59-6/63 Little Creek -USS Ritch DDE820 - USS Tidewater AD31

Came aboard Spring 61 in Dental Division. Discharged Sept. 63. Made 62 Med Cruise, one trip to yards and shake down to Cuba. Great time aboard. I worked with Dr. Lynch in oral surgery.

11-19-10 Norm "Speedy" Rondeau, MR3 - rondeau_norman_p@att.net
City Now: Vero Beach, FL
HeardOfUs: Surfing Web
Tour: Tidewater 3/65-12/67, USN 7/64-12/67

R-2 Division.. Some of my favorite memories were on the Tidewater. I was sorry to hear about the passing of Sam Boomer, he was a good friend. Hope to hear from some shipmates. Plan to join the association shortly.. The website is OUTSTANDING !

11-07-10 Shelby (Van) Roach, PH3 - svr65@aol.com
Tour: 4 years, AD31 and USS Sierra

I saw that my buddy Sam Boomer checked out. He, Ralph Landeworlen and I were the Baltimore kids. We loved it there when we were in the yards in 66 and continued to go up after the ship returned to Norfolk. I wish I had known then that those were the good old days. ha ha

10-15-10 Bill Cook - billcook@billcook.net
HeardOfUs: I am a past president of the AD31 Assoc - 9/2003 - 9/2010
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: USN 60-66 - Tide 10/62-9/65

I want to congratulate the membership who were present at the 2010 Business Meeting earlier this month on electing two very capable Tidewater Sailors as new office holders for the Association. Dean Agee, who has replaced Mike Warman as Treasurer, is a talented and hardworking Tidewater Sailor who, as everyone is well aware, has done an excellent job as Reunion Chair for the past two AD31 reunions. And he is back at it again for us with the 2012 Reunion in Branson.

Russ Schultz, who replaces me, has the experience and know how to be your new President. He's good on his feet, as everyone found out at the 2010 Homecoming Reunion, and is a born leader. I will be working closely with him over first month or so for a smooth transition.

I had the pleasure of being aboard the Tidewater during Russ's and Dean's tours (and also with Chuck Girnius who is returning as Vice-President). We are, indeed, in good hands.

10-06-10 Woodrow "Sonny" Jones - wdjonesii@aol.com
City Now: Lanai City
HeardOfUs: on-line
How would you rate us: Excellent
Tour: 1965-1991 Retired BTC (SW) and served on the following ships: USS McGoffin, USS Tidewater, USS Blandy, USS Conygham, USS Harold E. Holt

I was on the Tidewater from Aug 68-July 69. I made the Med cruise and enjoyed our time spent in Naples. HT3 Denny Dennison and I were best friends and were USO & Blue Bird regulars. Been trying to locate Denny. There was a 11/24/08 reference to a Dennison that lives in Texas. If anyone knows him please contact me. I was a BT2 on the Tidewater and played outfield on the fast pitch softball team in 1969. My favorite memory was the "Liquid lunches" at the D&S Piers Ball rec fields.

09-06-10 Harold P. Nitch - njdad60@yahoo.com
City Now: Cedar Grove, NJ
HeardOfUs: I am a Tidewater Life Member
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 1959-1961 Tidewater

I am trying to locate Robert G. Litson, SN 1st Division who served as Captain Hunt's orderly during the 1960 Med. cruise.

08-30-10 J. Web McCary (was Makary) - jwebmcc@webtv.net
City Now: Connellsville PA
HeardOfUs: Surfing Wikipedia
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Tour: 1945-1948

I was looking for any shipmates, but maybe I'm the only one left from the original commissioning crew (1946) and was also aboard for the first decommissioning ceremony (1948) I was Captains Yeoman - Capt. Frank H. Ball and ran Personnel Office - had a lot of friends since I passed out the liberty cards! Would love to hear from any of the first crew. Sure am glad to find this site!

08-23-10 Thomas Schneider - schneider47@comcast.net
City Now: Stockton, CA
HeardOfUs: Internet search
How would you rate us: Superb

Served 20 years, went from boot camp to the Tidewater, stayed on the Tidewater untill De-commissioning, stayed with the Indonesian Navy for training. Wanted to follow the new Tidewater (R.I. Dumai) to Indonesia but couldn't get Navy approvals. By far the best of my 20 years were spent on the Tidewater. Retired in 1985 CWO-3. Still working ships. I am a Group Manager for 3 MARAD vessels. Tidewater rules!!

08-21-10 William M Edsel (Bill) - wmedsel@nc.rr.com
City Now: Pinehurst, NC
How would your rate us: Superb
Tour: 1961-63

Good to see some pictures of shipmates and scenes from the USS Tidewater AD-31. I was in the print shop from 1961-63 and enjoyed my tour of duty; sailed on the Med Cruise Spring '62. I would love to hear from some of the guys in the R-3 Division, especially the print shop folks: Ron Paddock, Carl Petry, Joe Freer, Ron Monk, Randall Haley (from Raleigh, NC) and others (Sorensen, Wood, Laster,etc.)! Give me a ring or zip me an email!

06-28-10 Robert Hillenbach - stockusa@sbcglobal.net
City Now: Sherman Oaks CA
HeardOfUs: surfing net
Tour: 1966-1969 Norfolk

Trying to locate old shipmates Bobby Bettis, John Macully, Sciossa who served 1966-1968 when I had surgery and was flown off to Bermuda.

05-07-10 Leonard G. Kesel, MM2 - bkesel1@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: Browsing the net
City Now: Martinez GA
Tour: 1958----1965 Shenandoah, Tidewater, Beale, Truckee

Details most of my time was spent on the Tidewater, worked out of the boat shop with a great bunch of guys.would love to hear about or from anyone that was onboard from 1959--1964. Sure wish more guys our age were on the net. Really enjoy seeing any and all fantail updates. I actually live in Augusta GA, home of the Masters golf tourney - maybe some golfers will read this. Sure does not seem like 50 years have gone by. Best Wishes.

03-25-10 Larry Hickman - Larry.Hickman@fcc.gov
HeardOfUs: Web search for Sam Boomer
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: U.S. Navy 12 years - Various ship and shore commands 1965-67

I was truely saddened to read of Sam Boomer's passing. I grew up next door to Sam, his brother Gordon, and sister. We all joined the Navy around 1965. I knew Sam quite well growing up, and spent some time just prior to joining the Navy riding around with him and his friends. Sam was a couple of years older than I was, but he treated me with respect, and as if I were in the same age group. I did exchange a few emai!s with Sam a few years back, and am sorry now I did not stay in touch.

02-24-10 Russell "Dean" Agee - rdmlagee@dishmail.net
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Location Now: Fair Grove, MO
Membership Affiliation: USN 62-66 - AD31 - 63-66, AD31 Association Life Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform

In reference to the new working uniform, or "NWU", I noticed it has a lot of pockets which one is not to use, i'm sure. The foul weather jacket has a hand warmer which is not to be used too, i'm sure. The trousers come with a "garter" so one could blouse the legs. OH BOY! And the steel toed 9" boots to keep one from turning your ankle on the way to the mess decks, I guess. The cover ! makes you look like a Jar Head and it would take a 9 page manual to keep the insignias straight. The color? I've seen them in person and the color is more Air Force blue than Navy blue. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they are "unisex" so they fit no one. What a concept!

01-30-10 Gerald Moser - GWMOSER@WATCHTV.NET
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Location Now: Ohio
Membership Affiliation: AD31 - 1969-72, AD31 Association Life Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform

Don't like it one bit. Made a Med Cruise on the US Turse DD882. Can't imagine being seen looking like that. And some sailors are allowed ear rings? What is up with that. It makes them feel better?

11-20-09 Angie Carver - sheldonangie@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Google
How would you rate us: Superb

I'm the daughter of a sailor who was on the USS Tidewater during the time of Vietnam... just looking for people who may have known him... his name: Randall T. Carter

10-02-09 Bryan Bullard - bacchus_m2007@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: my ashtray
How would you rate us: Superb

Hello, i recently moved into my uncle's house, he passed away not long ago. Well, I found this ashtray here, it is alluminum, and has USS Tidewater AD31 stamped on the edge of it. So I was curious about it, and Googled the name. I don't belive my uncle was a member of that ship, at least to my knowledge, his name was Bufford Bullard. I know my father was in the airforce, Virgil Bullard, but I'm not sure about my uncle. Any info would be great,,,and if he did not have anything to do with the USS tidewater, as in serving on it, I would like to know if anyone is interested in it, I don't want any money for this ashtray - I just would like it to go to someone who served on the ship! thank you for your time,,,and service!

09-11-09 Michael Tollett - michaeltollett@gmail.com
City Now: Victoria
HeardOfUs: searching the web!
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 1969 to 1973 ( 4 years )

I served on the USS Fort Mandan from abt June 1969 to abt May 1970 , than went to the Beach master unit 2 at Little Creek VA UNTIL January 28 1973. I was trying to locate some of my shipmates from that time. If you come up with a roster of names it would be welcomed.

08-11-09 Jim Mullen - jimmul@verizon.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: Tidewater 1/64-6/66, Ltjg, SC

I was assistant to supply officer and stayed in the reserves from which I retired in 6/83. As a reservist, i was happy to note that Lcdr Wyatt, the prime example of a professional, made Admiral and that Doctor Nuss, one of our dentists, made Admiral in the reserves. For a few years, Steve Bagent served with me in reserves but that was years ago. I also heard that Ltjg McIntyre became a doctor. Am retired and enjoying life in Florida. I'd like to be able to tell Dr Frank in the dental department that his bridge lastest for 44 years - great job!

07-23-09 Gary Turner ICC Ret - gary_a_turner@mail.com
City Now: Raleigh, NC 27612
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: AD31 1963-64

I was on the ship's fast pitch softball team. Anyone else on it then? Remember Smitty MR1 the pitcher and Hampton BM3 the catcher.

07-21-09 Clarence Richard - drichard63@embarqmail.com
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
City Now: Arcanum OH
Membership Affiliation: AD31 - 60-63 Life Member
Subject: AD31 roaming around Kentucky

AD31 Kentucky has a match in Ohio, our trailblazer also sports the same plates.

06-19-09 Lt. Dan Ogletree - danogletree@verizon.net
City Now: Virginia Beach VA
Tour: 26 years - many stations

Seeking help from anyone on the Tidewater in the 1968 - 1970 era. I am currently trying to track down Tidewater sailors to encourage interest in the next reunion which will be a Tidewater homecoming in the Norfolk area. The cruise book for that period unfortunately does not list first names and using "White pages" for tracking with a last name only is very difficult if not downright impossible. Perhaps some of you from that period will look at the cruise book and give me some first names for the guys in your division. Over the past few weeks have located Lt Robert Kjome, Lt William Goodwin, Lt David Bryant, Lt Michael Koziewicz, Lt Doug Zanzot, Ltjg Lawrence Dyjak, Ens James Bates. All of these have expressed a keen interest in being included on future mailings. Was able to do this because a Roster in the possession of Bob Hall listed first names. Appreciate any help because the next reunion in this area is going to be an event to remember. Dean Agee and Bob Hall have already visited the area and started the ball rolling.

06-14-09 Cdr. John Derr - jonderr@yahoo.com
Subject: A tribute to Frank Zeigler

Bill Cook, from our USS TIDEWATER Association has recently shared the sad news about Frank’s passing. I too feel a sense of loss with this news.

During the period 1969 and 1970, I served on Tidewater as the Executive Officer.

Shortly after reporting aboard the ship in Naples, Italy, I noticed something strange as I walked about the various ship’s areas. A top bunk in the Warrant Officer’s Quarters had a Rube Goldberg type of apparatus installed on one end. I then was informed that WO Zeigler called this his bunk and it had to be a certain height above the deck to accommodate a rig of pulleys and weights. Frank suffered some vertebral problems, I think in the neck area. These weights were attached to a chin or neck band. Frank then would need to remain flat on his back while sleeping and the weight would provide a steady pull helping to remove the problem in his neck area.

I then knew that we had a man of strong character in our midst, a man who need not have taken sea duty but could have been assigned some cushy shore job had he wanted. Not Frank and without any effort for any special consideration, he stood to his duty with character and perseverance. That is the right stuff in my view and was one indication that this man was above the average pack.

Frank served with good humor and certainly was a credit to our ship and in a broader sense, the quality of our Navy. I was proud to be his shipmate.

06-12-09 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net

I received this note in the mail yesterday from Donna B. Zeigler, wife of CWO Francis H. Zeigler, who served with a number of our current membership aboard the Tidewater in the late Sixties. I had the opportunity to meet Frank at our 2004 Reunion in Charleston. Many of our members knew him way back when and told stories about him at the banquet (he told a few about himself, too). We will miss him very much. If you'd like to send the family a card, please contact me and I'll get you the address to do that.

June 8, 2009

To: Bill Cook, USS TIdewater Association

This is to notify you that my husband Francis H. Zeigler passed away May 28, 2009. He served on the Tidewater from January 1968 thru December 1969. He had been ill since 2004.

Donna B. Zeigler


Donna and Frank Zeigler at Tide's 2004 Reunion

Frank and Dick Engebretson at Tide's 2004 Reunion

06-11-09 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net
Tour: October 1962 - September 1965, AD31

For the past month or so, I have been corresponding with Anna Hall, daughter of a shipmate of mine, Bill Blackstock. Bill had taken ill. Anna had found the Tidewater Association last year and purchased a Life Membership for Bill.

Last month at 88 years old, Bill began having some complications, and yesterday, I received this sad note from her:

June 10, 2009

Hi Bill,

I wanted to let you know that Daddy finished this cruise last night at 8:15. His journey ended peacefully and without pain. He simply cut the engines and eased into port.

I'm attaching his obituary if you would like to share with the other shipmates. Thank you for your support and encouragement to me and my family.


Bill Blackstock - circa 1964

If you'd like to send the family a card, you can address it to the Blackstock Family, c/o Anna B. Hall, 2931 Meade Circle - Marietta GA 30067. Details about memorial donations are in the obituary , if you'd like to also do that.

When we were aboard the Tide, I took this photo of Blackstock and a shipmate, which we've had displayed on the home page since the beginning. He had it tough just before it ended - may he find peace now in the hereafter.

05-26-09 Montie Anders - ahandy44@cox.net
City Now: Oklahoma City
Tour: '62-66 on the west coast. MM3, A Div & M Div on AD14

Ruben Humphries, SN, was shot and killed ashore while the ship was in port. He on shore leave in Puerto Rico about 1968. As his buddy was also shot that was walking along side him, I was wondering about his buddy if he survived? I married the sister of Seaman Humphries and I just learned I served on his sister ship, the USS Dixie AD 14.

05-25-09 George W. Groeling - Tbirdie@frontiernet.net
City Now: Shannon, Ill.
Tour: 63-65 USS Tidewater

Retired & living the good life. When I was working I tried to find a site for the Tidewater - to no avail. Always wonder what happened to George L Harris SK3.

05-24-09 Chris - mastercarpenter12018@yahoo.com
Affiliation: My Grandfather served aboard the Tidewater
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Tour: 2yrs. U.S.S. Donald B. Beary FF1085

I wantet to know if any of you remember my Grandfather, Kieth G. Ackart. He served during the Korean War. He passed away May 21, 2009. My Aunt has the obituary saying he was a torpedo man on the submarine U.S.S. Tidewater. I'm trying to find out what his specialty was. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all of you for OUR FREEDOM!

04-29-09 Lenny Judickas - lennyj334@centurytel.net
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
City Now: Cherokee Village AR
Membership Affiliation: AD31 - 52-53 Life Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform

From boot camp to the hospital for a hernia operation, I came aboard the Tidewater in April of 1952 until October 0f 1953 when I was transferred to the USS Leary

About the uniform, they must be drinking Kool Aid. This is probably a politically correct uniform, but if you get dunked into the sea, what are your chances with clunky steel toe boots and since when does the Navy need camo's?

My old uniforms are gone but the practical way is with dungarees both shirt and pants with a comfortable pair of boots so you aren't tired after a day in steel toes. This must be a joke. If somebody wants an 8 point hat and camos, they can join the Army or the Marines. The uniform has always been practical and comfortable.Lets keep it that way.

04-26-09 - Roger P. Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI
Membership Affiliation: AD31 56-58 - Repair Office Yeoman; Assoc. Life Member

Just me again. Went to a party the other day and was talking to a relative who was a Marine about my brother who was a marine and about when I was on shore patrol in Izmir Turkey in 1957 and some dumb #@$sh---' Marines got into a riot with the Turkish Army, local police, Shore Patrol unit that I was part of that night, and all the sailors that were getting ready to go back to their ships that were anchored out in the bay. Well, what I learned about being an SP that night was to let the guys fight until they couldn't anymore and then get them into the small boats for the trip back to the ship. Oh, I also remember that one of those Marines stole a Turkish tank from the downtown square and drove it around the down town and then ran over the Flag pole in the downtown square and stole the Turkish Flag and started a rukis with the Turkish Goverment, the local police, and Turkish Army that was also in town that night.

It amazes me that I can only remember all the exciting things that happened and never none of the boring dull things I did when I was on the Tidewater. Also I should have never learned how to use the 45 caliber pistol or the Thompson submachine gun or the M-1 rifle or the 20MM, or 40MM guns that I was part of a gun crew with on the Tidewater.

04-18-09 - Mike McCarthy - paddymick@verizon.net
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Membership Affiliation: AD31 - March of 63 to the fall of 64, assoc. Life Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform

The Navy uniform was a tradition for a couple of hundred years I think.... Why change it now?? Seems to me the old uniform worked very well.. The new one looks good, but does not separate the Navy from the rest of the military.

04-14-09 - CWO2 Gerald Haworth - geralda@haworth.net
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Membership Affiliation: AD31 1951-53 - Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform


04-13-09 Cdr. John Derr - jonderr@yahoo.com

FANTAIL is a living history.

04-11-09 Cdr. John Derr - jonderr@yahoo.com
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Membership Affiliation: AD31 XO Emeritus
Subject: the New Working Uniform

Some good news from my viewpoint is now being commented on in Navy Times. The sloppy baseball caps worn for too many years are now being phased out as a part of our uniform - about time!

04-10-09 - Lynn Vice - vicemd@vvm.com
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Membership Affiliation: AD31 11/63-01/65 - Life Member Subject: the New Working Uniform

Looks like tentage. Two improvements are needed: (1)stencil the back of blouse (in gold) with: "NOT a Marine!" (2)Embroider back of hat band with "US NAVY". I ran this by my son (US Marine infantry Sergeant), & he supports recommendations. He also recommends top of hat be cone-shaped. More durable for "mud-rolling" - don't think seabag weight is an issue. The old uniform is distinctly USN.

04-10-09 - Chief George Waslicki - fatquack@ec.rr.com
Reference: www.TidewaterSailor.net
Membership Affiliation: AD31 11/64-01/67 - Life Member
Subject: the New Working Uniform

As a Corpsman I spent approximately 6 years of my Naval Career assigned to or serving with the Marines. I found this type of uniform to be superior in all manner to its Navy counterpart. It is not however a suitable uniform for liberty but could be used for "health and comfort" stops while going to and from work. Since I now live on a 10A country estate I will try to pick up the foul weather coat and liner for use in winter activies on my property. How long before the uniform ends up in local pawn shops or used uniform stores? They may be there now.

03-26-09 Mrs Leslie Wilds Clemmons Jr

Thank you for your reply. I have discovered that Wilds served on the USS Whetstone. Thank you for your courtesy, and thank yo for your service to our country.

03-22-09 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net

Dear Mrs. Clemmons, thank you for your note and our condolences to you about your husband. I would suggest that you contact Navy Bureau of Personnel in Washington and ask them if they have any information on this. Our ship was stationed on the east coast of the US and had no direct Vietnam involvement. But I will check with our membership and ask them if they might have known your husband. However I think you would have some success with contacting the Navy directly.

Another avenue that you might explore would be speaking with your representatives in the US Congress. You'd be surprised how helpful they can be in situations like this. Many times they can unlock doors that might otherwise seem inaccessible.

If I hear anything, I will be sure and contact you.

03-21-09 Mrs Leslie Wilds Clemmons Jr - peacockx2@hotmail.com
Tour: 67-69 Vietnam

I'm the widow of a sailor. who served on this ship during Vietnam. He passed away January 20 this year of metastatic liver cancer that began in his left lung from asbestosis. He believed this came from his time in Viet Nam. I'm afraid his military history died with him. I'm trying to get burial benefits from the VA, but there's SO much I don't know about this time in his life, as he was reluctant to talk about it. Any info on his two tours of duty will be MUCH appreciated, as well as any contact with anyone who may have remembered him or serving with him.

03-19-09 Lee Mayer - star4007@att.net

Bill, during the last reunion, someone was looking for a 63/64 Med Cruise Book, either because they never ordered one, or their original book was destroyed. Do you know who that was? When I ordered the books during the cruise, I had ordered two of them, one I kept with me the other I sent to my family. My parents are now passed, and I really have no need for the second book, and it is available for someone who needs it. Let me know if you remember, and have them contact me. I will be happy to ship it off to them. The best part is, it is free. Hopefully it can bring back some fond memories of the Med Cruise.

03-19-09 - Dan Ogletree - danogletree@cox.net

This is a great feature!!!! Found an old shipmate. Bernie Frank and I were together on the Tidewater for a short period in 1968.

03-18-09 Adam Mott - adammott@tds.net
City Now: Coker Creek, TN
How would you rate us: Superb

See my entry (2-15-03) and note that my email address is new.

03-15-09 LB Vice - ViceMD@vvm.com

Does anyone have a '63 Cruise book from Med Cruise that they would sell? If not, can someone let me know where to get one.



03-14-09 James Finley - jimzgem@netscape.net
City Now: Maywood, IL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Tour: 6 years USS Tidewater Norfolk

I was in R-4 division on USS Tidewater from 1962 until 1969. I was a Cal Tech with Cook, Wyatt, McAsland, McCartney, Brindle, Deford, Makamoto. I'm semi-retired, living near Chicago in Maywood, il. Will definitley gather more momentos and get back to you guys. My granddaughter started asking me questions about my younger days and this is the result. Be seeing you.

03-10-09 - Walker "webby" Webb - irmajean1984@yahoo.com
City Now: Lexington, KY
HeardOfUs: I google
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: 1968-1969 Norfolk - MM

I'm so excited that I found this Assocation. Its been years and I have a lot of great memories of the USS Tidewater. I'm currently retired from the Lexington Fayette Urban County Govt, where I served 31yrs as a police officer. If any of my shipmates are out there, please contact me. P.S. Bob Hall do you still have that studebaker?

02-14-09 - Ron Caradine - ronald.g.caradine@delta.com
City Now: Whitesburg GA
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: USS Tidewater 1968-71

12-25-08 Henny Smith - Henny@smithcorp.net
City Now: New Port Richey
HeardOfUs: Online
How would you rate us: Superb
Tour: USS Tidewater 1966-68

12-24-08 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net

I recently received a note from Fred Lewis, Life Member and Tidewater Sailor during the mid-Fifties, whose identical twin brother, Glenn, also served with him. Fred had planned to attend the Branson Reunion and dedicate a Tidewater hat in the hat ceremony at the hotel, but, at the last minute had to cancel, and so Wynne and I got a hat and I did the dedication for him, later sending it on to his family. I thought you might like to see his note and our reply.

Bill, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication of a hat to Glenn for me. I really felt bad about missing the reunion and had looked forward to going for so long. I will now look forward to the next one. Thanks again to you and your wife for this very thoughtful gift for me in Glenn’s memory.

Sincerely, Fred Lewis, OM2

Hi, Fred - it was our pleasure. I'm sorry you couldn't make it. Maybe you might think about doing a rededication of your own at the next reunion. No reason why that hat can't be dedicated twice. Might be poignant to have it done twice. Since you and Glenn were doubles in every other way.

--Bill & Wynne--

12-08-08 Jim Wilson - jimw@westernagindsupply.com
HeardOfUs: Web search
City Now: Casa Grande, AZ
How would you rate us: Superb

My father, William Thomas "Tommy" Wilson served aboard the USS Regal as a cook, 1st Class. He was in the Phillipines and Guadalcanal. We donated thousands of pics to the Fredricksburg museum and dad passed away in 1985. Just wanting to see if there are any pics or more information on the USS Regal. The info I find on the web is not good.

12-04-08 Roger Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
HeardOfUs: I am a founding member
Tour: USS Tidewater - 1956-58
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI
How would you rate us: Superb

Great idea to put the picture of the wife and me on the front page of the Tidewater site. Make sure you follow up with all the other members that you have pictures of their wives' and them from the reunion. Got an e-mail from Bill Doran the other day regarding the R-2 Division picture that you had posted on the Tide site. I was in that Division back in 56-58 and was surprised to see one of the guys that worked with me in the Repair office back in 1957. If Cliff Wiatrowski reads this note, give me a shout.

Thanks again for all your hard work on the Tidewater site. I check it almost every day just to see what you have done to it. Merry Christmas to you and your wife Wynne.

12-03-08 Richard Pilecki, EM3 - r_pilecki@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net
Tour: 3 yr. 1 mo. 25 days USS Putnam (DD757) / USS Tidewater (AD 31)
City Now: Ferndale, MI. 48220
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

What GREAT MEMORIES when I found the website. I was stationed aboard the Tidewater from Sept 1,1965 thru Aug. 18,1967, achieving the rate of EM3 working in R3 division's rewind shop. Enjoyed all the ports that we were able to be in - Norfolk, Baltmore, Charleston, Cuba, San Juan, Naples & Crete. I went back to school after leaving the Navy and had a great career as a controls design engineer.

11-28-08 Richard L. Bonnett - captbonnett@aol.com
Tour: 4 years regular plus 2 reserves/uss saufley/tidewater/CTF-140 NAS Norfolk
City Now: Arnold, MD
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

I live near Annapolis, Maryland. I went on the 1965 med cruise and transferred shortly after that to the Manned Spacecraft Recovery Force Atlantic [CTF-140] NAS Norfolk and had interesting duty on Admiral Abhau's staff. Had pleasure of meeting astronauts and going to cape canaveral for missions. Left Navy to go to college and get engineering degree using the GI Bill. Since the bill was then only 6 years to use, I initiated a petition to congressional Senator who then promoted and got passed a change from six to eight years to use GI Bill entitlement. OO-RAH ! Got er dun ! Got degree from Univ. of Maryland.

To: Bill Cook
You have done a wonderful job on this web site and we commend you for this. Getting the veterans together is truly beneficial to all of us though some may not be able to attend the reunions. Thanks to all who participated in making this happen.

From: Bill Cook - Richard, thanks for your kind words. There are a lot of folks who deserve credit for this and we're not done yet.

11-24-08 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net
Tour: USS Tidewater 10/62 - 9/65
City Now: New Smyrna Beach FL

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, I want to mark an accomplishment today with the AD31 Association announcement that we just issued our 190th Tidewater Sailor ID Card to an old shipmate of mine, Bill Blackstock, who was aboard the Tidewater during the 63/64 and the 65 Med Cruises. Bill was a Signalman in O Division and went on to eventually retire from the Navy with 20 years service. We have a photo of Bill working on the 03 deck at http://www.usstidewater.org/signaling.html. Welcome aboard, Bill.

This is indeed a milestone for the Association. We started our organization just a few years ago and it has quickly become the one to watch. Others look to us to see how it is done and it's my opinion that we are successful because we are a relatively close community that stays in touch. We have a really busy website with excellent photos and correspondence from our membership, as well as friends of the Tide. A lot of folks are to be congratulated for our success and in a season of giving thanks, it is time to recognize how thankful we are for all the help that the AD31 association has received from members and non-members to make this association of ours a success.

It's been a great experience to see how many of us are still out here and still have our Navy memories intact. The Tidewater is long gone, but thanks to the AD31 Association, the memories are alive and well and staying afloat after all these years. It's gratifying to know there are so many who want to support these efforts by joining.

Several who are reading this memo have not yet become members. To them, I want to just say, you're not too old to rejoin the Navy. We're here and waiting for you and when you decide, Tidewater Sailors muster on the 01 Deck each day at 0600 - or whenever you get there. And in less than 2 years, we'll be mustering for real in Norfolk at our 2010 Reunion. It's the Association that makes all this possible. And if you feel the way most of us do about the Tidewater and the great years we all had, then maybe it's time you did this. There is a membership application waiting for you at http://www.usstidewater.org/downloads/ along with a copy of the by-laws.

Stay well and let's keep in touch. And Happy Thanksgiving.

11-19-08 John Churchey - jchurchey@aol.com
HeardOfUs: surfing on the web
Tour: '60 to '64, Tidewater from 12/60-7/61
City Now: Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983
How would you rate us: Superb

11-02-08 Roger Nash, Life Member 0014 - rpnash@wi.rr.com
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI

Hi to all the guys and gals that I met at the reunion in Branson. Sure did have a good time and enjoyed everyone's company. Hope to see everyone again in Norfolk in 2010.

10-15-08 Tommy E. Workman, HTC USN ret - tomworkman1@verizon.net
HeardOfUs: thru e-mails I get about the TIDE
Tour: 22.years. AD31 AD44 AS11 DD859 DD933 AGF1
City Now: Virginia Beach, Virginia
How would you rate us: Superb

I was on the Tidewater in 68/69 in the weld shop. I made SF1 on the Med Cruse. I get regular up-dates from Bill Cook (Tidewater Association) by e-mail. I retired in 1985 and at almost 66 (in Feb) I plan to retire one more time. Still working on Navy ships at Northrop Grumman Newport News VA. Had a good time on the Tidewater. To tell the truth, I had a ball for 22 Years in the Navy. How else would a hill billy from West (by god) Virginia get to see the world and get paid for it?

10-14-08 Mike McCarthy - paddymick@verizon.net
HeardOfUs: surfing...
Tour: 1961-66. USS Tidewater AD31, 3/63-9/64
City Now: Lansdale, PA
How would you rate us: Superb

Hello shipmates! Was surfing the web today and came across this site. Haven't had a chance to really get into it yet, but wanted to say "Hello". I was a third class radioman aboard the Tidewater and made a Med cruise with her in the fall of 1963. Great memories.

10-02-08 William S. Stavenger - william.stavenger@navy.mil
HeardOfUs: Father was stationed on Tidewater 1963
City Now: Norfolk, Va
How would you rate us: Superb

Hello. My Dad, William J. Stavenger was stationed on the Tidewater out of Norfolk from 1963 to 1965. I believe that Dad made BTC in December of 1963 while aboard the ship. I remember him talking about his time aboard and the work that he enjoyed doing for the fleet (and I believe a visit to Italy during that time). I just Googled the internet and found this great website and thought I would sign the guest book. If anybody remembers him, please feel free to e-mail. Dad passed away back in 05. Thanks for bringing back some of the memories.

09-30-08 Don De Geus - degeusk@sbc global.net
HeardOfUs: Google
Tour: 1966-1968-Tidewater & Shenandoah
City Now: Joliet, IL
How would you rate us: Superb

Served as deck ape & DK3 aboard Tidewater Oct. 1966 to March 1968. Transferred to Shenandoah the day before they left for the Med. Going to contact the shipmate when a barber went crazy with his straight razor . I have the Med Cruse Book from 1967 & the Shenandoah's 1968.

09-16-08 Rendill R Champion - champrr@bellsouth.net
HeardOfUs: The Internet
Tour: 6/64 thru 6/66 USS Tidewater
City Now: Northport AL 35475
How would you rate us: Superb

Served aboard The Tidewater from 1964 to 1966 SM3. Met a lot of good people and made a lot of friends, some of which are members of "The Fantail". Have a lot of good memories from my days aboard The Tidewater. I recently retired after 32 years with the postal service.

08-24-08 Johnny Christian (Chris) - k4ket@bellsouth.net
Tour: 1963-1967 uss tidewater-uss everglades
City Now: Richmond KY
How would you rate us: Superb

I am searching for Lloyd W. Smith. We were on ship together. We were GMT's and worked in the torpedo shop in the 60's. Smitty was from Sandusky, OH area. We served aboard the USS Everglades and the USS Tidewater. Thanks for all info you can provide.

08-19-08 Paul Rist - Paul.Rist@web.de
HeardOfUs: googled
Tour: 4 years German Navy (Minesweeper)
City Now: Germany
How would you rate us: Superb

Hello, I joined the Navy from 1986 till 1990 and I was surprised, as I saw the name of my uncle on your homepage. Maybe one of you could help me to get more information about Lt. Paul Zipszer. He is the husband of my fathers sister, called "Jutta Rist" and I don't have any address or telephone number. Please excuse my worse English, but I don't have any practice.

08-07-08 Steven Lodman - ilicium1@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Google
Tour: USS Wadsworth (FFG-9)
City Now: Libby, MT
Rating: Superb

Found a Tidewater lamp on Ebay and bought it. If anyone knows the history, I would love to hear about it.

08-04-08 Bernard C Frank., LT, SC, USN (Ret) - frank.bernard@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 1954-1974 Served on USS Tidewater '66-'68
City Now: Jacksonville, Fl 32225
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

I was aboard during the '67 Med Cruise when Israel shot up the USS LIBERTY. We were sent to Suda Bay, Crete to supply Med ships from there. Chief Rothhaus and I had stocked up on a lot merchandise, so when the ships came to us for ship's store supplies we told them to send their crews over to buy from us. We turned over a lot of money to MWR on that deployment.

I was stationed in Rodman, Canal Zone, Panama as Nex Officer in 1971 when the TIDEWATER came thru the canal as the KRI DUMAI (652). It was pierside for two days so I had a chance to go aboard. The officers and crew were very kind and invited several of us officers to come aboard for lunch. They were very happy when I asked the skipper at Rodman for permission for them to shop at the Exchange. It was sad to see her leave because I knew we would never see her again.

07-01-08 Tony Boswell - tonyboz@cox.net
HeardOfUs: Surfing the web
Tour: 27 yrs. USS Tidewater 62 thru 65 and others
City Now: Prairieville, La. 70769
How would you rate us: Excellent

I was in "A" gang while on the Tidewater. Worked with the evaporators, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration equipment. Retired from the Navy in Dec.1988 as a Master Chief Machinest Mate. Enjoyed your website (it) brought back fond memories.

06-30-08 BRUCE B HOFFMAN - hoffcofarm@cei.net
City Now: Batesville AR
How would you rate us: Superb

Sheetmetal shop 1957 1959. Would like to hear from some of the guys that were in the shop with me. We closed our shop after 44 years in commercial refrigeration repair. We are now full time farmers. We made fun of people that lived in the country and the music they would listen to. Now I live in the country and love country music

06-17-08 John C. Mishock - www.jczebrathree@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Internet
Tour: 63 to 67 USS Tidwater AD-31
City Now: Canandaigua NY
How would you rate us: Superb

I was on ship 64 to 67 and served on deck force - was transferred to boat shop and did some watches in boiler room and evaporation room. I was on 2 med cruises 1 Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico. Last Med we went from Naples Italy to Crete Greece for fleet support after our ship USS Liberty was torpedoed. After we got back to Naples I was shipped back to the states for discharge. My memory is not good. I can only remember 1 person and his name was Gary on deck force.

05-25-08 Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret - info@veteranprograms.com
HeardOfUs: Friend
City Now: Highland, CA
How would you rate us: Superb

INCREDIBLE WEB SITE! This web site is a fantastic source for veterans who want to maintain contact with one another, learn about different aspects of the Armed Forces, and educate oneself about your site information. We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans are made aware of this invaluable resource. Also, please visit our web site in order to learn about benefits you are eligible for today. Learn how to increase your service-connected compensation and VA pension. Again, Thanks For Your Great Web Site! Our site is at http://www.veteranprograms.com

05-19-08 DEVON (BUD) DANGLER - ddangler7@comcast.net
City Now: NAPLES FL. 34114
How would you rate us: Superb


05-07-08 William "Bill" Boll - wcboll@comcast.net
Tour: 4 years, USS Tidewatwer (1962-1966)
City Now: Kenilworth, NJ 07033
How would you rate us: Superb

GREAT site brings back a lot of memories. Spent 2 years deck force, 2 years Personnel Office. Upon leaving the Navy spent 26 years in law enforcement, and am finishing 15 years teaching at Warren County Community College, Washington, NJ

04-30-08 LB Vice - vicemd@vvm.com
HeardOfUs: Providence
City Now: Temple, Tx
How would you rate us: Superb

We always knew when we were there! Whoever won the anchor pool -not to point jackstaffs, but why was it always a "salt" in Deck or Quartermasters!

04-17-08 M. G. Farris - frogfarr@bellsouth.net
HeardOfUs: Google searching (AD-31)
Tour: 23 years AS-18, CVS-10, LST-1122, AD-31, AD-15, NAS Agana, NAS Lakehurst, NAVSTA Orlando
City Now: Orlando, FL
How would you rate us: Excellent

I served on the Tidewater from 1968 until decommissioning ceremonies in '71. The US Navy gave the ship to Indonesia (for an oil tanker tender) and she was renamed the Dumai - pronounced (doom-eye). After my MK 46 torpedo shop crew and all weapons were gone, my division officer became executive officer and I was the last CMAA (chief master at arms). Still have the badge as a memento. Good ship- good crew-Merry Christmas-turn to! Thanks for the site and memories.

04-14-08 Buddy Boudreau - cjbou@alltel.net
HeardOfUs: Google
Tour: 4 yrs duty on Tidewater 1951 to 1955
City Now: Blairsville, GA
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

I worked in the engine room and evaporators while aboard. Retired now and just enjoying life in the mtns. The website is fine for me the way it is.

04-12-08 Tom Nolan - Byrne125@aol.com
City Now: Staten Island, NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Because of my membership in the USS Tidewater Ass. Lou Basten (FT3)contacted me and he and his wife were our guests for dinner recently. Not only did it allow us to renew our friendship after all these years but also gave my wife and me more reasons to attend this coming reunion in Branson, Mo. I hope to see you there and again, thanks for making it all possible, Bill.

04-07-08 Tony Boswell - tonyboz@cox.net
HeardOfUs: Surfing the web.
Tour: From Aug. 1961 thru Dec. 1988---on the Tidewater (in A-gang) from Jan. 1962 thru Mar. 1965 1965
How would you rate us: Superb

Have recently retired from the Banking industry (no, they didn't let me play with the money, I was in the property management and facilities department. Presently live in Ascension Parish, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Enjoyed the web site, it brought back fond memories.

03-20-08 Michael J Dudte - mjdudte@hotmail.com
City Now: Newton KS
How would you rate us: Superb

03-13-08 Bobby B Williams, NCCS USN RET. - bobbywms@embarqmail.com
HeardOfUs: web browsing
Tour: 1957 to 1983
City Now: Kinston,NC 28504
How would you rate us: Superb

I reported aboard the USS Tidewater AD 31 in Oct 61 as SM3, made 2 med trips 1 yard period, GTMO and San Juan trip and really enjoyed the men I worked for and the men that worked for me. I have really fond memories of the SM and QM personnel. Would like to hear from any one that served with me during my tour. I departed the Tidewater in Mar. 64 as a SM1 and went on to other great duty stations. I retired in 83 as NCCS. Spent the next 20 years working as service manager at new car dealerships, and am now completely retired. Do some sports fishing and in general keep busy. Tks for the wonderful web site and keep up the good work.

02-28-08 Richard Bonnett - CaptBonnett@aol.com
Tour: 6 yrs Navy/Served on Tidewater 1965-1966 [1965 med. cruise]
City Now: Arnold, Maryland
How would you rate us: Superb

I would like to hear from shipmates... I served on the deck force and transferred to the carpentry shop during 1965-1966. I was a SN until I got DM3 while cruising toward Naples, Italy on Med Cruise. The med cruise was special.

02-10-08 Dawna A. Smith - dlangas@nps.k12.va.us
HeardOfUs: Internet search

My father, George Andrew Smith served on the USS Tidewater between the years of 1964 to 1967

01-23-08 Brett Cook
Heard Of Us: Father - Bill Cook
City Now: Roswell, GA 30075
How would you rate us: Superb

Although while growing up my dad (Bill Cook) spoke little of his experiences in the Navy, the website gives me a glimpse of the young man my dad was and some of the incredible experiences he had before I was born. I know the ship and his time in the Navy is a great source of pride for him. Thank you for sharing his and others' experiences.

Editor's Note: Brett is just trying to make his old dad look like I was modest about my Navy days. I know he has surely not forgotten how, in spite of the groans from many in attendance, I used to haul out all of my Tidewater slides at every family reunion and get together. In later years, I built this website - still showing off those 35 mm photos, along with those of many of my shipmates.

01-11-08 Ward A. Bessette Jr. - ward2b@comcast.net
Tour: 26 year career - AD-31/CGN-9/USNS Aeolus/USS AMERICA
City Now: Jacksonville FL
How would you rate us: Superb

On TIDEWATER 64/65 at R-3 DIV. as an ICFN in Gyro shop. Converted to Electronics Technician in 1969. Married to a British subject who chose to become an American citizen by choice 1976. Retired from active service in 1989. Working as a manager at LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENT.

12-07-07 Steve Piccione - Steven.Piccione@deluxe.com

My father was aboard your ship in the early fifties and I wondered if you might know of anyone still living that may have known him and would be interested in helping me learn more about him and his time aboard.

His name was Gus Piccione. He passed away three years ago on the eve of the ND Navy Game which we attended regularly while I was growing up.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

11-03-07 Vince Partridge - vpart@optonline.net
HeardOfUs: Google
Tour: 56-58 Tidewater AD 31
City Now: Westport CT
How would you rate us: Superb

10-04-07 Jeffrey Griffeth - vbjeffro76@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: through a Google search
Tour: USMC 94-98, MCAS Beaufort SC
City Now: VA Beach VA
How would you rate us: Excellent

I am glad to find you guys. I was thinking of something I could put together for my dad to give him this year for Christmas. I remembered he served aboard the Tidewater from I believe 66-68. His rate was Boatswain's Mate. I was trying to reunite hm with some of his old shipmates he served with. If anyone was aboard during the same time and may have known a Lloyd or Billy Griffeth, feel free to contact me.

As a Marine Vet, I know that some of the best people I met in my life were the people I served with, and I know he was quite proud of being a Tidewater sailor. Just this past weekend he was showing me some of the things he still had from when he was in, a few pictures of the ship and even an old Zippo tape measure with the USS Tidewater in its original packaging.

To the Tidewater Vets, thank you for being a big part of my dad's life, to every Vet out there, Thank You for your service to our great nation. Take Care and God Speed.
Jeff Griffeth - CPL/USMC 94-98

10-01-07 Ted Yudain - Tyatty@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing
Tour: 6yrs USNR, USS Tidewater '69-decomm.
City Now: Stamford CT
How would you rate us: Superb

First (and only ship) right out of Bainbridge A-school, an RM striker. Ended active RM3 when Tidewater decommissioned. Greatest experience. Great memories of DS piers, San Juan during Operation Springboard, St. Thomas, Capt's last cruise (Bermuda - where someone left the bottom of the gig on a reef...), Charleston... Great to find shipmates.

08-21-07 Tim O'Donnell - tto21@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: my father was on the USS Tidewater
Tour: I beleive he served from 1959-1962
City Now: Chicago IL
How would you rate us: Superb

I am looking to get in touch with people that would have served with my father on the Tidwater from 1959-1962

07-10-07 Glenn Miller - Glenn.Miller1@att.net

Boy, does the time fly by when you are having fun. Since I retired, we have been traveling this great country by RV. We spent 4 months in Alaska. Then the NorthWest for a while. We have been looking up old shipmates along the way. Sure would love to hear from some engineroom crew - 1960 thru 1964. We hope to make the next reunion in Branson. Keep up the great work.

06-14-07 Jack Hoenig - cjhoenig@frontiernet.net
HeardOfUs: web search
Tour: 1960 to 1963
City Now: Hopewell Jct NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Attended Torpedo Class A School in Key West from June 1960 until Sept 1960. Served on the USS Stormes, DD780, USS Rich, DDE 820, and USS Tidewater AD 31. I was a TM3 on the Tidewater from late 1962 until I was discharged early just before the Med cruise in August 1963.

05-24-07 George E. Robertson - redrob946@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: VFW Magazine
City Now: Lawson, Mo, 64062
How would you rate us: Superb

I had some real good times and some bad times.Just can't remember the bad times so well lately! I would like to hear from shipmates. I was a Radio Man 2nd Class and stood watches in the radio shack.

05-09-07 LB Vice - vicemd@vvm.com

Am amazed at this site. I have been so moved by all the sign ins. Shipmates, this means so much to not only us but to our families, especially those families whose fathers, sons, and brothers have gone to be with the Father. Please take a moment to respond to these family members seeking even a small acknowledgement from a brother-shipmate. Even if we didn't know their sailor, we share the same heart & spirit-let em know something! Still the most fantastic site ever.

05-03-07 Thomas C. Callahan Sr. - calchrtm1220@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Internet
Tour: one year USS Tidewater
City Now: White River Junction VT
How would your rate us: Absolutely GREAT

In 1st Division - yeah - deck hand. Then a tour as a mess cook - worked alot down in reefers. My 1st Class PO BM Lyons 2nd Class PO BM. Moore Marty 3rd Class PO BM was my mentor. He watched out for me. I was just 17 yrs old. He taught me alot. Today I live in the green mountain state of Vermont. I am photo journalist freelance photographer.
Made Med Cruises 1963 and 1964 Toulon Barcelonia Caples. Got out in 1964 with medical discharge. Out two years then joined Army.

04-18-07 Roger Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Member
Tour: 1956-58 on Tidewater
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI
How would your rate us: Superb

Short note to let everyone in our organization know that my USS Tidewater Hat that was lost in Destin, Florida this past month was returned to me by mail today on 04-18-07. There is a long story that goes like this:

Got a call from Bill Cook about a week ago asking me if I had lost my reunion hat and I answered yes that I had but didn't know where on our recent 6 week trip to Florida. Thank goodness that he knew that I had spent a week in Destin, Florida on our way down to see my brother in Boca Raton and Judy's brother in Jacksonville Beach. The fellow that found my hat turned it in to the security department in the shopping center in Destin Florida where I had lost it. The security department sent the hat back to him (Richard Jeric - who is the man that found my hat in the Silver Sands Outlet Mall parking lot in Destin, Florida).

Richard lives in Michigan, he felt so bad about someone losing this brand new USS Tidewater hat that he contacted a friend of his Kurt Daume EMCM(SS) US Navy Retired who looked our website up on the internet and contacted Bill. Bill sent me Kurt's e-mail with Richard's address and phone number and I contacted Richard and in 3 days time I have my hat back.

This is the hat that I dedicated to the memory of Fred Smith who passed away last year. I think Fred's spirit had something to do with finding that hat for me because everyone I talk to says they can't believe that I got it back.

We are back in Wisconsin and having a warm spell of 35 degrees. Spring should get here sometime next month.

04-07-07 Russell Masten - dart_hog@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Just happened to type in USS Tidewater
Tour: Oct 64-Aug68 USS Tidewater AD31 from Jan 65 - Aug 68 R2 Div
Rating: Superb

I spent my whole tour on the Tidewater. Made two Med cruises with her, one yard trip to Baltimore, Shakedown to Gitmo. Made the trip to Crete and one trip to Porto Rico. Was in R2 division as a MM in repair shop under MM1 George Uhles.

Went from the Navy into plumbing until 1997 when I retired from civil service. Then I worked for Lowes for three years left there in 2001 and went to work for the city of Norfolk as a codes inspector. I still live in Virginia Beach.

03-18-07 Susan Wallace - susan.wallace07@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: engine search
Tour: USS Forrest Royal DD872 1963-1966 (my father)
How would you rate us: Superb

I am looking for several shipmates of my father's when he was on the USS Forrest Royal DD872 between 1963-1966. My Father David Montgomery "Monty" referred to his close friend as Norman T. Grant "Wilbur".

If anyone knows where this person can be located please let me know or if you are this person please contact me asap at susan.wallace07@comcast.net or susan.wallace@bmcjax.com. Thanks!

02-25-07 Robert Hillenbach - stockusa@sbcglobal.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 66-68 USS Tidewater ad-31 (BM3)
How would you rate us: Superb

I served aboard the Tidewater from 1966 until 1968. I had an emergency spleenectomy operation on our way to med cruise and was flown off to Bermuda at which time I went back to surgery there for collapsed lungs!! i went on to serve aboard the Walwoeth County in the Gator Navy until i was discharged in 1969. I would like to hear from anyone who served on the Tidewater during that time.

02-23-07 Thomas Bailey, LTjg (USN-RET) - drbailey0799@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: Internet Search
Tour: 1976-1995, various ships
City Now: Odenton, MD 21113
How would you rate us: Superb

Am trying to locate anyone who may have served on the Tidewater in 1956 - my father, Tom Bailey was a SH3 and a barber on the Tidewater. His 70th birthday is upcoming and I wanted to share any thoughts from a shipmate who may remember him. Thank you.

02-07-07 Paula J. Anderson - pande61760@aol.com
HeardOfUs: father
Tour: father was on ship during korean war
City Now: Superior WI 54880
How would you rate us: Excellent

I typed in the name of the ship my dad was on in the Mediterranean during the time of the Korean War and was surprised and delighted that there was an actual website. I typed his name, Ronald Paul Anderson, in the search engine hoping that there would be a database of all that served on this ship. But didn't turn up anything. He has been deceased since 1982, but I sure would love it if anyone who remembered, or spent time with him contacted me. I can't remember what his duty, rank or dates spent on the ship were. But hopefully someone will remember him.

12-30-06 Anita J. (Muschamp) Vice - avice15@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: L.B. Vice
City Now: Lisbon Falls ME
How would you rate us: Superb

This is the first time I've been on this site. I'm not finished exploring, researching etc. My father William G. Muschamp served on this destroyer prior to 1964. If you have any stories you would like to share I would be grateful! My father passed away in 1989. Thank-you.

P.S. Father had a photo album of his life and friends while enlisted. In those pictures he was always smiling, and was always very proud to serve the country that he loved! CSC(CPO) William G. Muschamp

12-14-07 Al Lakis - starrion1@earthlink.net
Tour: 1944-1946 on the USS Tidewater
How would you rate us: Superb

I'm posting here on behalf of my Dad (Al Lakis). We have been reminiscing a bit as of late about his times in the Navy. When he mentioned the ship he served on, I thought I would search the net to see where it may lead information and contact-wise as a Christmas gift for him. He was surprised to discover that this past year's reunion was fairly close to him. The two guys he remembers most were named Tony Ridder and Pete Purvis (not positive on the spellings) but if those names help bring up some old memories along with my Dad's, I look forward to hearing from you. My dad worked in the radio room apparently 4 hours on and 4 hours off without much sleep much of his time on board. Looking to track done any additional pictures of the crew and ship from that time period beyond what is on this web site as well as a roster of the crew names he would have served with. Appreciate your help...

12-10-07 Charles Marmon - cdmarm@earthlink.net
Tour: 56 thru 64 AD31 57 to 59 Enterprise 61 to 64
City Now: Cresson TX
How would you rate us: Excellent

12-10-06 Steve Bradshaw, OMC, USN (Ret) - sbradshaw@computercow.com
HeardOfUs: I am a Life Member
Tour: USN - '62-'83
How would you rate us: Superb

ATTENTION OM's and IM's. I see a number of Opticalmen and Instrumentmen on the roster and thought you would like to know about the OM-IM Association for those of you not already members. It is a free membership and a reunion is planned in Las Vegas April 23-25 2007. For more info go to http://www.om-im.org or email me at sbradshaw@computercow.com. I would particularly like to get an email address for Life Members RB Tant and Algie Watts as there is no address for them in the roster.
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and an outstanding New Year!

12-07-06 Sam Giglio - gigliosm@aol.com
HeardOfUs: just surfing the web for a us navy vet hat
Tour: 1956-1960 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: East Haven CT
How would you reate us: Superb

I am so excited about this group of Tidewater Vets. I know I want to become part of this group. I will be sending for the information so that I can join my former shipmates. I still cannot believe I found you guys.

I was a pipefitter in the welding shop. We even slept in that shop. How great was that?

Thank you again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

12-06-06 LB Vice - vicemd@vvm.com
HeardOfUs: google search
Tour: 8+ yrs Navy 3 years Tidewater (Military Retired)
City Now: Waco TX area
How would you rate us: Superb

I was a DT2 in D division '62-65. Went to SubBase NLON after, made DT1, left Navy at end of enlistment. We have 3 kids, 6 grandkids & 1 great grandson. Wife & I graduated from Oklahoma University & I took commission to do internship at Walter Reed Med. Ctr. Eventually retired after last tour at Silas Hays Hospital at Ft Ord, CA. Since have retired from Health Dept. Waco. Still volunteer there.

Many good memories of Tide and crew:

  • 8500 excuses why tin can sailors lost dentures (new) over the side
  • CAPT Firestone putting his half gnawed licorice root on the instrument table while working on patients
  • Jack Henderson's New Years Eve Bash in the dental clinic
  • loss of after steering returning into Norfolk
  • Gallopin' dominoes on blankets to muffle sound of dice on deck & against bulkhead
  • seeing my first "sea bat" (it only took one)
  • Tin can sailors rolling on decks doubled up in laughter watchin us perform drills for gettin under way
  • finding out why you don't put your fingers inside ammo crates as you tipped them off of elevator down onto deck
  • perpetual cribbage/acie deucie tournaments
  • rollin around on wet Mike boat deck after shipmate "losing" his Berra Peroni & "hepatitis" sandwich
  • smokers and talent contests on the mess decks
  • shippin over chow
  • mid rats
  • seeing Roadrunners (hi-speed Campfire Girls) on way to bingo at NATO base

Would be great to hear from other crew such as Jerry Bob Williams, Nick Nicholson, Chief L.G. Tucker, Docs, "Pappy" CS1, everyone else. Thanks for a glimpse back-hope to see you all one day.

12-04-06 Patrick F. Bogan - pbogan@friendsresearch.org
HeardOfUS: surfing net
Tour: 1961-1965 Norfolk NOB
City Now: Easton MD
How would you rate us: Superb

I am searching for Lt. Gordon Groff, DDS USN Ret. I attended his retirement ceremony about 1993 and have lost contact with him. If you know of his whereabouts, please notify me. He was married and ahd two daughters and was living in Virginia Beach.

11-30-06 Fred Luss - fredluss@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing
Tour: Tidewater, 1969-1970
City Now: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
How would you rate us: Superb

Worked in the Disbursing Office with Chief Norville, Chief Reesman, LTJG Gene Shuping, DK2 Lew Wysong, and DK3 Tim McCarthy.

Three trips included San Juan, Puerto Rico (where shipmate Humphries died in a drive-by shooting), Charleston, and Bermuda.

Have lots of fond memories of many days/nights spent with shipmates in and around Norfolk's D & S Piers, Virginia Beach, Oceanview, as well as visits to their homes in other states.

Recently retired from DaimlerChrysler Corporation after 34 years, as VP for the U.S. finance company and CEO/President of their subsidiary finance companies in Mexico.

Now spend most of my time in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and summers on the southern coast of Maine, near Kennebunkport.

You are to be commended for putting together a magnificent website dedicated to the people that served so well on the Tidewater. I do have pictures to share - just let me know where to send them.

11-14-06 Frank Martin - amnfm69@earthlink.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 1965-1969/1968-1969
City Now: Mary Esther, FL
How would you rate us: Superb

Spent my last fourteen months on the Tidewater and am looking for Thomas Sayles, Thomas Wilson, Richard Fox, Richard Brown, Richard White, Lou O'Donnel, Fred Meeks, Chris Lutz, Pigmy and Elephant. If anyone knows their whereabouts, please, contact me. Great times on a great ship.

11-17-06 Bill McCalla - rmccall@columbus.rr.com
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 1966-1970 U.S.S. Tidewater '68-'70
City Now: Lancaster, Ohio
How would you rate us: Superb

Enjoyed my tour aboard the Tidewater. An electrician's mate served both in E division and repair division (motor rewind shop) was on both Carribean and Med cruises.

10-14-06 Ronald W. Terwilliger - santaman@enter.net
HeardOfUs: Looked on web
City Now: Emmaus PA
How would you rate us: Superb

I served in the Reserves. I spent 2 years on active duty. Served on the Tidewater, the USS Wright and the Uss Seriria. I do not remember the dates and have lost all my paperwork, I left active service in I entered active duty in 1968 and left active service in 1960.

10-02-06 Jack Hendricks - jhend5875@aol.com
Tour: 1951-1955 USS Tidewater
City Now: Avon IN
How would you rate us: Superb

I served on the Tidewater in the Disbursing Office. I was able to spend my entire four years on the Tidewater. Great experience.

10-02-06 Jim Mardis - mijm1@bellsouth.net
HeardOfUs: on Tidewater for two weeks
Tour: reserves eight years
City Now: Columbus GA
How would you rate us: Superb

I was on the Tidewater in the summer of 1953 or 1954. I worked in the logroom for 2 weeks. The officers tried to get me to stay for 2 years, but I was in college. This was a great 2 weeks in my life. The ship was in port at Norfolk VA. They were having all the Navies of the world while I was there. It was a hurricane out at sea and some of the smaller ships broke loose. We went out to sea and fired the big weapons on the ship.

09-18-06 Darlene Berry - darberry@vci.net
HeardOfUs: Surfing
Tour: 1965-1968 USS Tidewater AD31
How would you rate us: Superb

My name is Darlene Berry. I'm looking for shipmates of my dad's (Jerry Alsbrooks). He passed away June '06. He has three grandsons that would love to hear stories from his navy buddies or see some pictures we haven't seen before. Would love to hear from you.

09-15-06 Sandra Ellis - burgie388@peoplepc.com
HeardOfUs: dad was on the ship/browising the web
Tour: USS Tidewater l948 - l952
City Now: Muskego WI
How would you rate us: Excellent

My dad Robert Arthur "Burgie" Burgermeister served on the Tidewater from l948-l952 or so. Does anyone remember him or have stories to share?

09-09-06 Daniel H. Vogel - ggma70@comcast.net

Just remembered a couple other things the Infamous Tidewater did, When we got back from the Ghost of the Carolina Coast shake down cruise we anchored in Charleston Harbor and the Captain put out both anchors. When they were raised to go back to the docks they were tied in a knot. Someone on the bridge over Charlston harbor took our picture and it appeared on the front page of the Charleston paper. I can't remember the caption but it was great.

09-05-06 Rich Alswanger - RALSWANGER@BLOOMBERG.NET
HeardOfUs: looking at Inet
How would you rate us: Superb

I know two sailors who are living in CT and were on the ship at different times - Joe Bonfiglio - he was on board during sea trials - and Fred Sterc - he was on board when she ran into another ship and also on board when she ran a ground in NY, I think during the 50's. These guys are not much for the Internet but I will give them your web page. Thanks

09-01-06 Brian Shea - bfshea@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Plaque at Restaurant
Tour: MSC Officer, USNR - 1995-2004
City Now: Peabody MA
How would you rate us: Superb

I found this site after finding what appears to be one of the ship's plaques on a wall in a restaurant in Danvers MA (Sylvan Street Grill). Sure enough, found your site and the really fine "color" version on the website. Anyhow, it's great to see the pictures and the stories -- keep 'em coming!

08-28-06 Daniel H. Vogel - ggma70@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: Chief Warman from Legion Magazine ad
Tour: 1951 - 1954 USS Tidewater AD - 31
City Now: Punta Gorda, FL
How would you rate us: Superb

I helped put the Tidewater back in Commission in Charlston,S.C. in 1951. I supervised work in both machine shops and the Optical and Instrument repair shop till the Chief came aboard.

My wife and I started an Engineering and Manufacturing Business in Livonia, Michigan and sold it in 1984 then we retired to where we presently live in FL. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out about this Association. I have only met one person who was aboard the Tidewater in 52 years.

Does anyone remember when we got lost on our first shake down Cruise and the headlines in the Charlston paper called the Tidewater ( The Ghost of the Carolina Coast)
Or when we ran aground in front of the Statue of Liberty when we went to Bayonne, N. J. to load ammo.

I did some of the welding on our side after we were hit in the Firth of Clyde by the Coates.
Anyone remember how far we rolled when we turned around to take a destroyer in tow on the way back from Europe from our north Atlantic NATO Cruise.

Just some memories I have had. I sure would like to find Bob Ohmes and Richard Bennett. Thanks Guys

08-10-06 Don Redman - alicemacred@juno.com
HeardOfUs: Google Search
Tour: 1951-1954 USS Coates
City Now: Knoxville TN
How would you rate us: Excellent

In reference to the collision at sea off the coast of Ediburgh between the USS Tidewater and the USS Coates - that was during a NATO exercise. I was on the helm of the USS Coates when the Gyro compass went out. I yelled at the Captain, "Gyro's out!" Before we could do anything, we went right into the Tidewater.

They put us up in Edinburgh and gave us 7 days leave while repairs were made. During time in drydock, we took a bus to Dumfermline, Scotland. We stopped in a restaurant and the waitresses there said, "We're glad to see you!" We were the first US sailors they'd seen since WWII. They had a special meal for us, they brought out chicken wings that they'd used their ration stamps to buy, and we told them it was the best meal we'd ever had. We didn't tell them we'd been eating steak onboard ship.

07-31-06 Edward Bocook
HeardOfUs: By accident
Tour: Feb 1963 Feb 1965
City Now: Grayson KY
How would you rate us: Excellent

After leaving the Navy, I worked construction work I retired last year as an ironworker. I am married, have 5 children - one in Air force, one in the Navy. I worked in 1st Division

07-16-06 William L. Schmaltz (Bill) - bjs3308@att.net
HeardOfUs: My son sent me this site after talking to Bill Cook by e-mail
Tour: In Navy 1959-1963 served on USS Tidewater AD-31 Jan. 1961-Aug. 1963
City Now: Jackson MI
How would you rate us: Superb

I was in the Navy for four years and my first year was at Bainbridge, Md after I got out of boot camp at Great Lakes. Went on board the Tidewater January 2, 1961 and we went to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl the following day. My first cruise was in a storm the first night at sea. Good way to get broke in at sea. After being on deck for about four months I had the opportunity to go into the dental department and I was in D Division for the rest of my time on board. The best time of my life was when I served on the Tidewater. Dr. Echols became full Commander and was in charge of the dept. at that time. I was his technicion for all the time I was aboard the ship. I was originally from LaPorte, Indiana and also on board with us was a Dental Dr. from LaPorte also. His name was Dr. Paul Lynch. It was great to serve with someone from the same home town. Since then I lived in LaPorte most all the time and retired from Stelrema Corp in Knox, Indiana after 38 years there.

07-11-06 Tom Patton - tpattonjr@cox.net
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Tour: 8 years...U.S.S. Tidewater..1964-1968.....U.S.S. Dixie AD14......U.S.S. Handcock CVA19.....U.S.S. New Orleans LPH11
City Now: Henderson NV
How would you rate us: Superb

The U.S.S. Tidewater was my first ship out of bootcamp(Chicago)Pier 23.Norfolk, Va. .A great sign was on a lawn saying Sailors & dogs stay off the grass.

A couple of years later, I asked the captain if he could get my brother on board from class a school..communications IC man.He did & when I got out 2 years later my brother (Dave) Patton was still on there.

When we switched side of the pier, all the coffee grounds came up to the top..LMAO
It was the great ship..I was a SFP..We could weld anything but the crack of dawn & a crack in a broken heart..

Smooth sailing

05-31-06 Edgar J. Lawrence - eddlawjazz@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: suffing the net
Tour: USN 1946 to 1953 - USS TIDEWATER 49 TO 53
City Now: Spring Hill FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

I reported aboard the Tidewater in 1949 or 1950.The ship was a part of Sub Group Three at the Charleston Navy Yard.Discharged in January 1953. I am trying to make contact with any member of Sub Group Three who played basketball on the U S Navy Zippers Basketball team. They were a great group of men and I would like to hear from anyone. Would like to attend the 2006 Reunion.

05-29-06 Donald Dyne - ddyne@mchsi.com
HeardOfUs: website
Tour: 1944-1946, 1951-1952 USS Tidewater 8/51-12/52
City Now: Kelseyville CA
How would you rate us: Superb

I served during WWII as an ETM2 and was called back during the Korean War. I served as an ET1 aboard the Tidewater from 8/51 to 12/52.

05-29-06 BMSN Jim Tooley - molitorman@msn.com
HeardOfUs: Looking for information on Navy buddies
Tour: 6 years
City Now: Greene, NY, 13778
Rating: Superb

I had the pleasure of serving on board the Tidewater during 1965 - 1970, made a few Med trips and other cruises. Sometimes I can close my eyes and still see the ocean off the fantail and remember talking over home life to my shipmates, times were good then. I still spend time near the water, fishing or just looking and the water as it flows by. So with that said, happy saling to you all. Would like to hear from some of my old military buddies. My e-mail address is still active. Toot. BMSN

05-28-06 Bill Armstrong - billa_1@msn.com
HeardOfUs: classmates.com
Tour: 1967-1971 John R Pierce (DD-753), John Willis (DE-1027), Tidewater (AD-31)
How would you rate us: Superb

RD2, Tidewater 69 to decommission. Your site brought back some old memories. As I read the messages, I found some people I had forgotten, some relatives of old friends, and some people I didn't even know, who had experiences I remembered. I transferred to the Tidewater in Naples in the winter of '69. Remember stopping in the middle of the Atlantic to have an inspection on our way back to Norfolk? Charleston, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Bermuda?

I've got a picture somewhere of a Christmas party for ops. division from around '70. Also, I've got a picture of one of the bar girls in Naples. She signed it... "to Cheapaskate, I love you no boolsheet!" I remember the good times, the good shipmates, and the good ship USS TIDEWATER.

05-26-06 Theodore R Krueger - wyobuf@fiberpipe.net
HeardOfUs: surfing for the Tidewater
Tour: 4 yrs USS Hale DD642 then USS Tidewater & USS Grand Canyon
City Now: Sheridan WY
How would you rate us: Excellent

Was only on the Tidewater from April 1955 to Aug. 1955 . I came on board as MR3 and worked in the light shop then got a swap on to the Grand Canyon to get back to Fall River where I made MR1. I worked as a too l& diemaker until 1994 when I retired and moved to Sheridan WY. If anyone knows the whereabouts of my old buddy from MR school Des Div 242 and USS Tidewater Ronald L. Turnbull I would sure like to hear from him.

05-17-06 Ed Lawrence - eddlawjazz@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: internet
Tour: Tidewater 1951-3
City Now: Spring Hill FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

Shipmate who served from 1951-3. Looking to contact members of the US Navy Zippers Basketball Team. Would like to hear what has happend to them Please e-mail if anyone has any information on them. Thanks.

05-07-06 Barry Rocap - allmyauctions@gmail.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Tour: USS Tidewater, USS Sierra, USS Canberra
How would you rate us: Superb

Served aboard the Tidewater in ships service in the laundry right out of Boot Camp in 1959. Sevem days before the 1960 Med Cruise wAs put in Portsmouth Naval Hospital with a bad appendix , and missed out going to the Med on her. Was transferred to the USS Sierra. Was transferred to the USS Canberra in Jan 1963 and did the Med Cruise that year and was discharged in Sept 1963. Saw a lot of the world and met some great guys, and have a lot of great memories.

05-06-06 Frank Mascaro - FMascaro@aol.com
HeardOfUs: RP Nash
Tour: two years - - 18 months USS Tidewater
City Now: Yonkers, NY
How would you rate us: Superb

I served aboard AD31 from 1957 to 1958, then was Master-At-Arms at Little Creek. I was in R2 Division, worked as a lithographer in the print shop. 1957 Med Cruise was the highlight. I took a week to spend in Rome with Chris Berardi and Bob Hart. We were all blessed by Pope Pius on Christmas Eve 1957, but in my case it didn't work. Hooked up with Roger Nash after our discharge and we drove out west to see America. Great memories.

04-30-06 Gerald Cauble - gjcauble@msn.com
HeardOfUs: searching internet
Tour: 6yrs Tidewater 1960, Sampson1961 Vesole1962-1965
City Now: Clinton SC
How would you rate us: Superb

Came aboard Tidewater out of boot camp, was on the 1960 Med cruise. I was transferred to the USS Sampson after cruise then to the USS Vesole. Looking through your site brought back many good memories.

03-19-06 Douglas Penrod - penrodd@sbcglobal.net
HeardOfUs: Yahoo Search
Tour: 4 years USS Tidewater 27 months
City Now: Chicago, IL
How would you rate us: Superb

Would like to hear from anyone who served aboard the Tidewater from Aug. 1967 to Jan. 1970 in the Medical or Dental Divisions.

03-14-06 Sandy Hibbs - chargeit2him@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: searching on net
How would you rate us: Excellent

My father, Harmon C. Thompson, was stationed on this ship in May of 46. I am looking for anyone that knew him. Saddly he passed in 1969 so I didn't get the chance to ask him any questions. When he retired in 1963 he was Chief Boiler Maker ? ( I think) anyone have any info please email me.

03-09-06 Oakley Jones - orjones@cape.com
HeardOfUs: Friend
Tour: Navy - 65-74 Tidewater 66-67
City Now: E Falmouth MA
How would you rate us: Superb

W. Daubmann - 196503-04-06 Wally Daubmann - thegreenfarmer@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Googled USS Tidewater
Tour: 3 years 3 months 23 days. Onboard Tidewater 64/67
City Now: Whitestone NY. 11357
How would you rate us: Superb

What a great site. Spent an entire Saturday afternoon on a heart pounding trip down memory lane, reading many familiar names and seeing pictures of many familiar faces. I was an electrician in R-3 Divisions rewind shop from 8/64 to 8/67. We made two Med cruises, spent a sweltering summer in the Baltimore shipyard, and a cruise to the Caribbean and wonderful Gitmo. Loved those Port and Starboards in Naples. Every other day at the beach on the Isle of Capri. We had a great softball team that the CO liked to place friendly wagers on so we were cut much slack so we could practice everyday. In 69 I was at Woodstock and in 74, I went into the Peace Corps. Wishing you all Red Skies at night.

02-26-06 Kenneth Fordyce - me4welding@earthlink.net
Tour: 6 years USNR; Tidewater AD-31; 2 years active 1957-1959
City Now: Kingwood, TX
How would you rate us: Superb

Metal Worker and welder; Aerospace welder; pipe welder; Welding Engineer; Chairman ASM International Houston Chapter 2003-2004; Retired from Hydril Co. LP on December 31, 2004 (1998 to 2004); Good memories of the Tidewater and 57-58 Med cruise; would like to contact other R division crew members who served during that time.

02-08-06 Roger P. Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Founding member
Tour: 2 years in Navy 1956-1958 USS Tidewater
City Now: Wauwatosa WI
How would you rate us: Superb

Just a short comment to post on the Fantail. Has any one of the members that we currently have ever taken video movies of the inside of the Tidewater. It would be nice to have a live video showing the inside of the ship.

Do you remember the paint locker where one of the local girls got lost for about three days? Do you remember the gedunk where we got ice cream. Do you remember the ship's store where we got pogie bait and cigarettes. Do you remember the skullery were almost every new boot had to serve time. Do you remember the Repair Office where I used to work and almost everyone on the ship came into to check on Repair orders. Do you remember the Optical shop where many a night was spent trying to win at between the sheets or just plain poker. Do any of the guys remember the deck force were I spent the first two months of my tour on the Tidewater chipping paint and manning the lines when we were coming into or leaving port. How many guys remember taking on food stuff so all the tin can sailors had enough to eat and we on the Tidewater eat great every day of the week. Sure wish I had a picture of the Machine shop, the Carpentry shop the sheetmetal shop, the torpedo shop and all the shops on board the ship. Wish I had a picture of the captain's office where all the courtmartials took place. Send out an SOS to all the guys and see if anyone has pictures of all the different shops we had on board or maybe by chance that someone in the later group like Bob Hall might have a video tape. This sure would be great to show a slide show or a video at the reunion.

01-21-06 Jack Shaffer MR1 - jses@lcsys.net
HeardOfUs: browsing the internet
Tour: 1952/1956 USS Tidewater AD31 4th Division
City Now: Belle Vernon PA
How would you rate us: Superb

I worked as a machinist, tool and die maker, and research-development, retiring in 1993. I would like to hear from anyone in the heavy and light machine shop during that time. I would like to know if a reunion is planned. Thanks for a great web site.

01-20-06 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net

It is my sad duty to inform the membership of our AD31 Association that our dear friend and life member, Chief Frederick R. Smith passed away just a few days ago (January 15, 2006) after a brief illness. I first met Fred via the internet, when he discovered a photo of himself at the site here that was taken on a Med Cruise when he was just a young sailor aboard the Tidewater. The photo had been submitted by Roger Nash, who was a close friend of his while the two of them were aboard and was actually trying to find Fred after the two had gone separate ways upon Roger's departure from the Tidewater. It was quite a story of how they got back together and one that I enjoy telling to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen.

I, personally, later got to know Fred a little better after having met him and spending some time with him and Roger at the 2004 Reunion in Charleston.

Let me just say that although I didn't have the privilege of knowing Fred for a very long time, I will always remember him as fun to be with and a true Tidewater sailor no matter how many ships he may have served on during his career in the Navy. I've attached his obituary, which appeared in the local newspaper and was sent to me by Roger along with the story of how these two who were best of friends got back together after so many years.

Related stories:

11-26-05 Bill Sowell - mbsowell@alltel.net
Tour: : 2 years - USS New
City Now: Vilonia, Arkansas
How would you rate us: Superb

I served on the Tidewater while waiting on the New to return to port. It was about 30 days or so.

11-25-05 Mike Turpen - mturpen@san.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Googled Tidewater
Tour: 1 year on the Tidewater, 38 years total
City Now: San Diego CA
How would you rate us: Superb

I reported to the Tidewater in 1968 and left in 1969 after I swapped with another EM3 from the USS Sperry. East coast was okay, but I wanted to get back to the West coast. At that time I was planning on getting out after my enlistment was over. That didn't happen though and I retired last year with 38 years in as an LDO Captain.

I had a great time on the Med Cruise in 68/69 and made a lot of friends however after transferring coasts I lost track of most. Tom Baron (IC2) was my running mate most of the time and last time I knew he was in Connecticut. Jim Budai was another good friend that I lost track of.

Naples was my first foreign port and I made the most of it. Thankfully we were in Port and Starboard duty so that I could recuperate the next day. We were Med moored so always had to ride the liberty boat in and never an over night liberty unless there was heavy weather, then it was a bus ride to the NATO base (past the camp fire girls) for an overnight stay. Great times.

11-30-05 William P. Hitchcock - GUNNERE92002@HOTMAIL.COM
HeardOfUs: was looking on the net
Tour: 1956/1977 Galveston CLG-3, Tidewater AD31, Harnett Co. LST 821
City Now: Belpre OH
How would you rate us: Superb

21 years in Navy, from 1956 to 1977. Was on AD31 from 62 to 64. Retired Chief Gunner's Mate. Was in R5 Division as a 3rd and 2nd Class Gunner's Mate. Went to San Juan and th eMed. Was at the Bluebird Club when they closed it down the day Kennedy was shot. My son asked me what was my favorite ship and I told him the Tidewater.

10-10-05 Bill Cline - tog8245@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Classmates
Tour: 6yrs Yellowstone 64/66 Tidewater 66/69
City Now: Windsor VT
How would you rate us: Superb

Was Gyro Tech in R3 div both tenders. Was on a grunch of Destroyers in Mayport and Norfolk. Made 2 med cruise's on Tidewater, second one we were relieved by Yellowstone, who only went to the yards in Jacksonville and sea trials while I was on her. Tidewater went to Mayport to cover for Yellowstone also. And our trip to San Juan - the beer tent. We Shut down at noon because the air conditioners couldn't keep up, several days as I recall.
I saw Steve Bradshaw here and Mark Henderson. So if anyone remembers me, drop me a line, would love to hear from you.

Oh yes, Bill - you have done a wonderful job here. Thanks, sorry to have missed the reunion. Also to Mike sharp - I have one of those GYRO patches. Had it on my blue work jacket. The expression almost came true for me, when I overhauled a Gyro on an oiler outside Naples Harbor in 66 I think. She wouldn't sail unless both compasses were running, or I went with her.

I got lucky.

Lastly - I'm still raising children at age 60. I have 4 at home as of this writing ages 18, 17, 16 and 12. Two boys two girls. I'm also a single parent at this juncture.

10-04-05 John R Spicer - bjspicer1@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: Searching
Tour: AD31 - 1968-70
City Now: Ridley Park PA
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

Great ship to serve on. One Med and one San Juan cruise. Good softball at the D&S piers.

09-22-05 Andy Wright - Wright247@woh.rr.com

Just to let you know I was never in the Military, however growing up in San Juan, Puerto Rico my mother, father & sister all worked at the USO club where the Tidewater was docked during Operation Springboard. I was only about 12 years old or so, but I was able to enjoy many tours / meals onboard with the fellows. Also at the time there was another ship that was docked for the duration which was the HMCS Cape Scot. I have a picture of her as she left San Juan Harbor.

I was able to hang out with the guys in the USO building and learned how to shoot pool with them. It was like I had a large contingent of “Big Brothers” . We where there from 1969 until the summer of 1973 when we moved back to the states.

On the weekends my folks ran the grille, and my sister was a ‘hostess’ I guess for lack of a better term!.

Just passing on a great memory.

09-05-05 Howard Webb - bwebb27@earthlink.net
HeardOfUs: Google
Tour: 55-59 USS Tidewater
City Now: Laurel Fork VA

Looking for men who served during the years of 55-59, hopefully E division.

08-25-05 Ralph LoVaglio Jr - ralphpotato@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: brother is a retired chief
Tour: 1956-1960 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Spring Hill FL

Great site. Brings back lots of memories and places and sites to go to.

08-16-05 Robert G. Hillenbach - stockusa@sbcglobal.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 1966-1968 USS Tidewater AD-31
City Now: Sherman Oaks CA

Served on the tidewater july 66 until 68. I had my spleen surgically removed in 67 or 68 on our way to the Med. Iwas flown by helicopter to Bermuda for recovery. Wondering if Icould contact some old buddies. i.e Bobby Bettis, Tom Fasono, etc.

07-22-05 James W. Reuther - reuther45@netscape.net
HeardOfUs: Daughter was visiting in D.C. and found the site listed at one of the places she visited.
Tour: 1963 to 1966 kiddie cruise ETN3 on Tidewater from early 65 till Sept 66 when I left early for College from Baltimore drydock.
City Now: McMillan Mi. 49853

Brings back a lot of memories and names from the past. I remember lots of hours spent in the ET shop and going alongside to work on every kind of ship in the Navy and in other navies. I remember some of the greatest liberty but should have stayed a little more sober and I would probably remember more. The hitch I did was short but it was one of the most important times in my education and development as a man.

07-08-05 Richard Robinson - viking6@tds.net
Tour: USS Alfred A. Cunningham DD 752 1961-1963
City Now: Blackville, SC 29817

I served on the USS Alfred A. Cunningham DD 752 ship fitter shop during 1961 through 1963 on the west coast, I have many great memories of my time aboard. Best regards and keep up the good work. Great site.

07-04-05 Richard Appleyard - appleyard_richard@hotmail.com

I enjoyed visiting your website. Great information. If any of you are ham radio operators my call is VE3YAG and VE0RCN. I i am usually on cw in the 40 and 20 meter cw subbands in the vicinity of 7058 or 14058 near the first calling frequency so if you hear me give a shout. Also to everyone of my American brethern and fellow tars - happy 4th of July. God Bless America.

07-03-05 Cynthia Zulawnick Wright - rcwcdw@cox.net
HeardOfUs: Father's Naval Papers

My father, Stanley Willis Zulawnick, served on the USS Tidewater in 1947. He was on the Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor. He served on several ships throughout his naval career. If you are interested, I will forward a picture. I would love to hear from anyone who who knew him.

06-27-05 Richard E Turner - redneckharley2@yahoo.com
Tour: USS Coates and USS Tidewater
City Now: Houma LA

I Served on the USS Coates DE685 from about April to about August of 1952. We chased submarines out of Key West, Fla for Sonar School. Three ships at a time detected subs with Sonar and when we located one a ship gave a blast on the horn and a Sonar Student on the Fan-Tail would drop a cup of dye. The sub would then discharge air for the closeness of the charge.

After about 3 or 4 months we went back to Norfolk, Va. Some of us got transfered to the USS Tidewater. I served the rest of my tour in the Captain's office as a yeoman. I played softball on the Coates and baseball on the Tidewater. Tidewater made a Carribean Tour and also a European tour.

I remember we upped anchor off the coast of Edenbourough, Scotland and while underway the USS Coates was coming alonside to pick up parts. Their Cyro Compass slid and the Coates Port Anchor came throughthe chow hall bulkhead. Food, tables chairs and sailor's scattered everywhere. After all the at sea drills, man overboard, general quarters and collisiondrills, not one horn blew and not one word over the PA system about the collision.

The Coates lost an anchor and the Tidewater's ship welders patched the hole and we got underway and we came home.

In Nov 53 I finished my tour of duty and was discharged and came back home to Houma, La. Would be interested in hearing from some of the guys.

06-09-05 Leonard Kesel - bkesel1@comcast.net

Read The Fantail almost daily - hope all is well with you. Have not seen any updates or changes lately. L. Kesel, MM2 - A-Gang Retired.
05-25-05 Tom Patton - tpattonjr@cox.net
HeardOfUs: asked Jeeves
Tour: 8 ships including Tidewater AD31, Dixie AD-14, USS Handcock CVA 19, USS New Orleans, LPH 11
City Now: Chula Vista, CA
Rating: Superb

I did 4 years on the Tidewater. Got out, came back in - went to the Dixie AD-14. Got out - 10 years later, went back in (layed off at the steel mill) same rate E-5. Landed on the New Orleans LPH 11 Gator Freighter. Tripping on Marines for 2 years.

I am still fresh meat here, but what I see so far is squared away... OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! The latest news is that I am retiring from my job after 20 years. New house being built in Henderson, NV. Going to visit my money, I can see the Las Vegas strip from my new home.
05-13-05 Karessa Cavnor - Kare150@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Search on AOL
Rating: Superb Hello. My grandfather served on the USS Tidewater. I think he served on this ship either in the 50s or the 60s. His name is Robert Cavnor but most people knew him as "Bud". He has passed away and I was just trying to find somethings out about his life at sea. If anyone knew him or simply heard of him please email me. Thank You so much.
Mike Sharp04-10-05 Mike Sharp - msharp@kc.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Life Member
Tour: 1962-66, Gyro Shop, R-3 Div., AD-31
City Now: Shawnee, KS 66203
How would you rate us: Superb

Bill, I just can't help but mention how pleased I am with my USS Tidewater ball cap from Reunion 2004. Not only is it well made and the ship is accurately depicted but I have a couple Mike Sharp - 2005of Navy vets comment on it everytime I wear it. I'm just waiting for the guy that says he was on the Tidewater too.

Editor's Note: I agree - it is a really great likeness of the old ship and I get the same comments when I wear mine. Hope you eventually run into someone on the street. So far, I haven't had the pleasure except at the reunion in Charleston where I ran into a bunch of them all at once. It was a strange but wonderful experience. --BC--
04-07-05 Richard Appleyard - appleyard_richard@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: website
Tour: 10 yrs RCN: HMCS Cape Scott, Fraser, Preserver, Porte St. Louise, Chaleur
City Now: Hamilton Ont Canada
How would you rate us: Superb

RCNI served in HMCS Cape Scott, a maintaince ship in the Royal Canadian Navy, and we were ahead of the USS Tidewater at the old Army engineer jetty in old San Juan PR during the Springboard Exercises in 1970. Met quite a few of the crew but after 35 years have forgotten the names. Great bunch of guys. I've forgotten which ship won the regetta that was held. There were several incidents that occurred with the locals. One was i believe a drive by shooting at the guard house leading to the jetty and then the court martial of a Canadian attacking someone. But as I say I enjoyed working with the crew of USS Tidewater
03-09-05 Mike Turpen - mturpen@san.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net
Tour: 38. USS Tidewater in 1969
City Now: San Diego, CA 92129
How would you rate us: Superb

I joined the Navy in San Diego in 1966. I was selected to LDO Ensign in 1977 as an EMC. Retired 1 October 2004 as Captain. I was on the Tidewater less than a year after swapping with another EM3 on the USS Sperry AS-12 in 1969. Significant sea tours were Chief Engineer on USS Duluth LPD-6 and USS Peleliu LHA-5. I was also the Commanding Officer of Steadfast AFDM-14 and SIMA Ingleside, TX. I finished my career as the Maintenance Director (N9) at Naval Special Warfare Command, Coronado CA. I'm currently working in Hobart Tasmania supervising the QA for the Joint Venture HSV-X1 or High Speed Vessel built by INCAT, Tasmania.

You have a great web site and I will continue to check in periodically.
03-07-05 John Vaught - John.Vaught@hgtc.edu
HeardOfUs: Surfing
Tour: 1968-70 AD-31
How would you rate us: Excellent
02-25-05 Kathy Strand - KathyStrand49@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: My husband was on the USS Tidewater
Tour: He served from 1968-1971
How would you rate us: Superb

My husband was on the USS Tidewater in 1969-1970. I would like to talk to someone who remembers John Strand. He passed away in September of 2004 but he was full of stories about his Navy days. Most of the guys he talked about had nicknames so I'm not sure of correct names for contact.

He was a "Heavy Weight Boxer" for the ship team if that helps anyone's memories. I do have pictures of that. Also he fought Duane Bobick during that time.
02-17-05 Patty Turner - cayenne_pepper1@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Father served on USS Tidewater
How would you rate us: Superb

Just interested in the Tidewater. My father served in 1953 and 1954. Wanted to see the history and read some of the stories.
01-12-05 Gary A. Turner ICC Ret - gary_a_turner@mail.com
HeardOfUs: Web Search
Tour: 1963-4
City Now: Raleigh, NC 27612
How would you rate us: Superb

Reported aboard Oct. 63 as an IC striker in E Division. Played on the ship's softball team. Shipped over in Naples and left in Aug. 64. Remember being in my dress blues ready to board the liberty launch and Bong! Bong! fire in the the garbage room and five minutes later I am in knee deep fire fighting water. I was p#@@%d! Had good time on the old girl though.
01-11-05 Seawood Murray - SeawoodM@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Typed in Tidewater
Tour: 31Years 6 Ships
City Now: Chickamauga GA
How would you rate us: Superb

Served aboard Dec 64 thru Oct 66. Made both Med cruises. Was Repair whale boat coxswain as FTG3. Brother Jerry was a DT2 on board as well. R-5 fire control shop was home. Remember starting to replace gun barrells for 2200's as they were coming back from Vietnam. Listing their ships over to align hoists and swinging that 600lb hammer. Had to soak those puppies 24hrs with wintergreen to break them loose. Great site thanks bill. Retired as LCDR Surface Ordnance LDO in 94. Remember LCDR Wyatt and LT phillips, good to hear about them
01-08-05 Ralph Slater - Mooretg@bellsouth.net
HeardOfUs: looked up ship name
Tour: 21 + yrs
City Now: Mooreville MS
How would you rate us: Superb
Moncille, ETR301-06-05 Mike Monville - crittercreek@chartermi.net
HeardOfUs: web surfing
Tour: 4 years in Navy - USS Tidewater 1964 - 1967
City Now: Lapeer MI
How would you rate us: Superb

Served in the R-4 division and made rate of ETR2 while aboard the Tidewater. I remember Cook, Krickovitch, & Mosley who are listed on the site. Brings back a lot of memories.

01-02-05 Patrick M. Pizzo BT3 - mpizzo1702@optonline.net
Tour: 2 years USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: East Rockaway NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Served on the Tidewater from 2/59 to 2/61 rate of BT3. retired from NYC board of education, after 32 years. as a plant manager. Love the Yankees, would love here from anyone from B division, or any other shipmates.

12-30-04 Don Dunning, MU3 - alpost0003@sbcglobal.net
HeardOfUs: American Legion Magazine
Tour: 6 years USS Sierra and USS Tidewater
City Now: Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783
How would you rate us: Superb

Served during 1965 thru 1967, working for Adm. Sarver, ComCruDesFlot 4. Attached to the USS Sierra and USS Tidewater...wherever the Adm. went, we went too.

12-22-04 Steve Newbauer - stevenewbauer@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Google search
Tour: SFM2/HT2, 8 yrs service aboard 3 tin cans and 2 ADs
City Now: Fort Wayne IN
How would you rate us: Excellent

I served aboard the Tidewater in 1970 for a short time before my shore duty tour came up which was also aboard a Repair ship (AR-23). On the Tidewater I worked in the sheetmetal shop. I also served aboard 3 tin cans. Anybody who is interested can read more about it and many other things related to the navy on my website:

I made a career out of welding and had my own welding business for many years until just recently.

Thanks for providing this excellant website for those of us who are interested in Tidewater history and alumni.

11-27-04 Dawn Hodyniak - rumor23@insightbb.com
HeardOfUs: My dad
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

My dad recently passed away and I found his old Navy locker. His name was Lonnie G. Peterson. I don't have many stories about his time in the Navy, but I have a few. I have found some pictures and I have seen a few of him on this website. If anyone has stories, or would like to know anything about him, let me know. I will try to get the pictures to the web soon. I have found some of his Naval yearbooks as well. He was on the med cruise and one name came up in his stories that I can remember, Anecella (not sure of spelling).

11-23-04 Roger Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
HeardOfUs: I'm a Life member
Tour: 56-58 USS Tidewater
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI
How would you rate us: Superb

Hello again, Bill Cook. Need to thank you for the nice picture you posted in the Reunion 2004 photo album of my wife Judy, Fred Smith and myself. Sure was great getting together again with the gang from the Tidewater. Next reunion, two years from now, will be bigger and better.

My wife and I spent about two weeks getting back home to Wisconsin from the reunion. By the time we got back the temperature was about 32 degrees at night but it warmed up to 50 during the day so we could take our insulated jackets off. Bet you never have days like that in Florida.

On another note: I read an article on the Internet *click here* when I went searching for “The Sixth Fleet”. Also found the Tidewater listed under the Sixth Fleet heading. But anyway; this article kind of shows the stress that all of us Tidewater sailors were under when we were manning the 5’38 guns,(we had 2 of them back then,) and the 40mm guns at our General Quarters stations.

I remember the Suez Crisis and the cold war crisis that we were having with Russia back then. I remember waking up one day and having the entire Sixth Fleet surrounded by over 500 Russian ships that completely encircled the Sixth Fleet from horizon to horizon and then just slowly disappeared. I don’t know why but this article sure struck home. Maybe some of the other guys are interested in reading this article.

11-10-04 William K Carter - wcarter@fullservicenetwork.net
HeardOfUs: looked up Tidewater
Tour: 3 years Tidewater 1960-1961 USS Stormes DD-780 1961-1962
How would you rate us: Superb

I reported aboard in 1960 right out of TM school. I made TM3 on the ship and remember the Med. cruze in 1960. After returning from Med, I transfered to USS Stormes DD-780 and went back to Med. I have a lot of good memories of my time on the AD-31

11-05-04 Carl F. Graff - spankygraff@kinex.net
HeardOfUs: American Legion Magazine
Tour: 4 yrs active, 4 inactive, U.S.S. Tidewater, AD31
City Now: Keysville VA.
How would you rate us: Superb

Served aboard Tidewater,May 53 to Dec. 56. After release to inactive duty,employed by CIA about 5 yrs. and then to DMA from where I retired in 1988. Would like to hear from Louis Tavormina.Ron Shaver, Dusty Tarbox,Jon Bisnett,Robert Bateman and others from OPS and NAVIGATION Divs. Sorry I missed reunion. Just broke in new car, and then had to break in a newPacemaker and Defibrillator. Still miss good times while aboard the Tidewater.

11-02-04 Fred Smith - fsmith29@cox.net
HeardOfUs: I am a Life Member
Tour: 22 years, Tidewater 1957-1960
City Now: Middletown RI
How would you rate us: Superb

Just a short note to all the men and women who attended the reunion in Charleston.

It was one of the most memorable times in my life to get together with old shipmates, and get to talk to crew members who served on the fine ship Tidewater prior to and after my tour. It was really great to meet face to face again with people with whom I only corresponded with through the computer.

I look forward with great anticipation to attending the upcoming reunion in 2006, and seeing many of you again.

Fair Winds and following seas to all!!!

10-25-04 Richard Penn - rpenn9002@aol.com
HeardOfUs: just surfing
Tour: 4 yrs, USS SHENANDOAH AD26
How would you rate us: Superb

Really a neat site, wish there was one for the Shenandoah.

09-29-04 Christian L. Rothhaus, Jr. (Chris) - R99dolphn@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Naval Affairs
Tour: 21 years, on Tidewater 1966-June 1968
City Now: Bow, NH 03304
How would you rate us: Superb

I served in Supply Division as a Ship's Store Buyer and accountant. In September 1967 I received my Chief's hat and my wife presented me with our first daughter. We already had four sons. Our daughter, Heidi Charlene, was christened on board the Tidewater. The Chaplain did some research and found that her christening was a first for the Tidewater. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Lt. Arthur Emde? I know that at one point he was in Cleveland signing our retirement checks.

09-01-04 - Patrick DelGrande - delgrande@taconic.net
HeardOfUs: My son surfing
Tour: Navy 7/55-5/60 - AD-31 5/57-5/59
City: Hillsdale, NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Assistant Dental Officer May 1957-May 1959. Med cruise 1957-1958. Enjoyed cruise book, lent mine out and it was never returned. Doing a great job, have looked through U.S. Naval Proceedings for years regarding a reunion, happy to see that one is coming up, hopefully I can attend.

I can still hear the OD yelling down to me as I left the Tidewater with my cruise box, courtesy ship's carpenter, "Hey Doc, all your mistakes in that box?"

Keep up good work. Truly superb. Still practicing dentistry in upstate New York.

08-24-04 Lee W. Niedentohl RM3, "O" Div. - rhoda@planetcable.net
HeardOfUs: I am a Tidewater Assoc. founding member
Tour: 4 years 1955 to 1959 - USS Tidewater and Naval Comm. Station , Coco Solo, Canal Zone, USS Canberra CAG-2

The four years I spent in the U.S. Navy were the best years of my life. I still kick my butt for not staying in until retirement. The friends I met were the most loyal of my life but like most of us, when we got out, we never got back in touch. It's been nearly fifty years now and I still think about times I had while I was in. The Fifties were a different time and place. The whole world loved us then, it's sad to see where we are now.

08-23-04 William Borgstrom - wborgstro@wmconnect.com
HeardOfUs: Devilfinder Search Engine (fun toy)
Tour: USS Tidewater AD31 / 1959-61 1960 med cruise
City Now: Mobile, AL
How would you rate us: Superb

Enjoying this trip down memory lane. Anybody remember the great cruise in February of 61 to Fort Lauderdale?

The most memorable episode I remember was Hurricane Donna in Sept. of 1960. I can still see the guys that were sea sick strapped into their racks so they wouldn't roll out on the deck. We headed for Chesapeake Bay for safe anchorage and that storm turned and we were smack in the middle of it. Both anchors out and that screw just pounding and the wind was still blowing us to land. I was in shaft alley by myself taking spring bearing temps and being 19 it was exciting. I look back on it now and it makes me weak in the knees. Does anybody out there remember the buckets tied to the racks that nobody could get to to use because the deck was too "slippery." That was an unbelievable trip we made. Came back to a flattened pier area. No trees or poles upright. Wierd sight- looked like a war had been fought.

I took a leave from trucking in Pulaski, TN to help my daughter with her kids for a few weeks down here in Mobile and that was four years ago. Guess I'm retired now. I'll look up some pictures I have. Orley Bell, Mimms, Chinn, and others in the Blue Bird Club, Naples.

Kudos to you for a great web site.

Campbell - 196308-18-04 Michael Campbell - campbell65_04@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: my brother-in-law found the information on the internet.
Tour: two years (May 15, 1963 thru 1965) on the USS Tidewater
City Now: Bay City MI
How would you rate us: Superb

I've been trying to locate information about the USS Tidewater and my shipmates for several years. I am very much hoping to get in touch with Jerry Harper.(birthdate 11-18-1939).

08-16-04 Stephen Dudek - SSDudek@aol.com
Tour: Navy 65-71, Aboard AD31 3/66-9/67 - Then Vietnam
City Now: Buffalo NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Ship's barber SHSN - eventually I met everyone who needed a hair cut for inspection. I even trained a deck SN to be a barber.

Does anyone remember SH3 Cooper? Chugged an entire bottle of booze and went crazy chasing people with a straight razor or would you remember his 100 tattoos? Gee I miss those days. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. I could tell stories about AD31 all day.

08-15-04 John E. McCadden - McCadden@localnet.com
HeardOfUs: from navy buddy
Tour: USS Tidewater 1951-1955
City Now: Williamsville NY
How would you rate us: Excellent

I am writing this for my husband. He was in the 5th division of the Repair Dept. We have been in contact with a couple of Navy buddies for 50 years. Leon Gordon from Texas, George Malloch from Champaign Illinois. Would like to hear from shipmates. Some names that come to mind are Ken St. Pierre, Charles Pannier, Ace Collins, Larry Mandel. He will have to get the cruise book out to refresh his memory. Anyway hope to see you at the reunion.

08-12-04 Jim Sutton, TMC - sutton@imt.net
HeardOfUs: Naval Affairs Magazine
Tour: 26 Years,7 months
City Now: Bozeman MT
How would you rate us: Superb

Tidewater was my first ship out of boot camp 1955, reported on board as a "deck ape", WO Fred P. Huffman found me buffing a deck in officer country, "shang-haied" me down to the Torpedo shop, then about 1957 or 1958, I transferred to the Everglades as a TM2.

26 years and 7 months later, I retired out of NAS Millington, Tn , as a TMC. I often thought of Tidewater, but never ran across any of the old gang. If any of you are out there, give me a shout!

08-08-04 James Dewasme SH2- bjd@bwsys.net
HeardOfUs: VFW Magazine
Tour: 4 years USS tidewater Shipservice office
City Now: Peoria Illinois 61605
How would you rate us: Superb

I am retired from the city bus co. I spent 25 years in the furniture business. I also was a florist - I was doing that before the Navy and worked at it in Norfolk when we were in port and after I got out (for several years).

08-07-04 Walter T. Ball ETN2 - SantaSusanB@EmbarqMail.com
HeardOfUs: VFW Reunion List
Tour: 1961-1969 USS Boston 62-63, USS Tidewater 64-66, USS Rogers 66-67, FTC staff Newport RI 67-69
City Now: Jonesborough TN, 37659
How would you rate us: Superb

Have seen lots of familiar faces on this web site, and, if it's possible that I can make it, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces at the reunion. Great site, Bill. Wish I had found it earlier. You're doing a great job. Thanks for all the effort.

07-25-04 Charles E. Seabold LCDR ret. - seabolds2@netonecom.net
HeardOfUs: Bob Hall
Tour: 40 years 10 months + days
City: Cadillac MI
How would you rate us: Superb

After boot camp, MM "A" school, and Nuclear Power school in Bainbridge, I joined the USS Tidewater (AD31) M-div. crew in the fall of 1963 and went on my first Med cruise, returning stateside spring of 1964. Returned to Med spring of 1965, made MM2, shipped over, and transferred to USNAVCOMSTA Puerto Rico upon return from the Med, fall of 1965. I'll expand on my remaining 36+ years if anyone is interested at the Oct. 2004 reunion.

07-24-04 - Fred Smith - fsmith29@cox.net

Glad to see that the list of attendees to the reunion is growing. Looks like we are going to have a good crowd, and anticipate a good time.

07-13-04 Bill Coakley - portengineroom@aol.com
Tour: 4 yrs. in the Navy / Uss Whetstone LSD-27
City Now: Medford , Mass.
How would you rate us: Superb

Was wondering if there is any in the group that remembers my brother ( robert P. Curran ) He went aboard the Tidewater out of boot camp in 1948. According the the log it was not in commission, used as a command ship. He went on to do 30yrs in the navy.

07-10-04 LTjg David A. McGrath - dmcgrat1@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: Stoney
Tour: 8 years, currently on active duty...
City Now: Goose Creek, SC 29445
How would you rate us: Superb


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent gifts or words of sympathy and encouragement following the passing of my father-in-law, Ted Krystek, SK3, AD31 '65-'67. Ted always spoke very fondly of his years as a sailor, and made me feel proud to serve whenever he could.

My wife, a Daddy's girl, is taking Ted's passing pretty hard, and understandably so. Bill, Joe, Stoney, and anyone else I am unintentionally leaving out - your words and gifts have meant a great deal to her. It is this service community and camaraderie that make me even more certain that I am in this country's Navy for the duration.

Ted was laid to rest with an honor guard, a gun salute, 'Taps', and a presentation of the Ensign to my sister-in-law "in remembrance of Thaddeus Krystek's faithful and honorable service to this country."

He, and you, have made me even more proud to say that I am a sailor.

LTjg (ex-ET2) Dave McGrath
IT Division Officer
Naval Nuclear Power Training Command

07-10-04 Randy BUCK Dunham - twofargone@webtv.net
HeardOfUs: Shipmate
Tour: 28 yrs 15 ships including Tidewater 65-66
City Now: Ft. White, FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT


07-10-04 Doris Philhower, DTC, USNR (ret) - philpa2@iwon.com
HeardOfUs: Tom Philhower(bother)
Tour: 26 yrs Naval Reserve
City Now: Erie, PA
How would you rate us: Superb

My brother, Tom Philhower, was an Opticalman aboard the TIDEWATER during the mid to late 1960's, that's how I know the TIDEWATER.

I believe it was October of 1967, while visting Tom and his wife, Jean, I was lucky to visit the ship during the Navy Day celebration. As a Dental Technician, I was very interested in seeing the "dental spaces". I can't believe how small but complete they were! I would have liked to have had a chance to see how the Docs and techs could work in such confinement. Unfortunately, women were rare (if at all) aboard ships during that time so my wish never came true.

Tom and I have a cousin, Elwood Philhower (he was a BM), who had served on the TIDEWATER before Tom. So you see not only is the Navy a family tradition, the TIDEWATER is part of our family history.

The day aboard your ship has stayed with me all these years. Thank you for allowing me to visit your site.

07-03-04 Roger P. Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
HeardOfUs: I am an Association member
Tour: 2 years in Navy & 23 Months aboard Tidewater
City Now: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
How would you rate us: Superb

I have been corresponding with Chief Frederick R. Smith - Member No. 0097. Here is my e-mail to him and his reply:

Fred do you remember the collision with the oilier that we had. Ripped a hole in the starboard bow and took off 1 or 2 lifeboats from the second deck. I also remember hitting a giant wave and damaging a large girder in the forward bow of the ship. If you can confirm some of this I can write back to the Tidewater and let them know.
Talk to you again.
Hi, Roger - How well I remember the collision. I was sitting on a stool in the torpedo shop when the collision occurred. I felt the crash, and the next thing I knew, I was sitting on my butt on the steel deck, and the collision alarm was going off. Thinking we were surely going to sink, I beat feet to my lifeboat, and was ready to go. Being only seventeen, and a good but not a strong enough swimmer to make it to shore, I wanted to make sure I had a ride if she did go down. The boat boom was pretty much destroyed, and what pieces were left, weren't very large. I don't recall the wave incident though, but like I told you before, my memory is a little bit iffy at times.
Fred Smith

07-01-04 Fred Smith - frsmith29@cox.net
HeardOfUs: I am an Association Member

In my old age, I've been kinda reminiscing about my youth, and the wonderful years spent on Tidewater. I managed to contact another shipmate who was on board during the time Roger Nash and I were aboard, and notified him of the Asssociation, and the web site. Hopefully he will be making contact in the near future. His name is John T. Pulverenti. He started out in the 1st Division with me, and ended up in the R-5 Torpedo Shop with me. We made both the 57-58 Med Cruise, and the 1960 cruise also. He left the ship while we were in the Med in '60, as a TM2.

06-25-04 Lee W. Niedentohl, RM3 - rhoda@planetcable.net
HeardOfUs: I am an Association Member
Ships: USS Tidewater 1955-57 USS Canberra CAG-2 1957-59
City Now: Waynesboro, Pa. 17268
How would you rate us: Excellent

In Sept. of 1955. I went aboard with my brother, Jerry, and high school classmate, Eddie Doyle. We were on the '56 Med cruise and several trips to GTMO Cuba. I was a Radioman 3rd Class and worked in "O" Division. My brother, Jerry, and buddy, Eddie, were in R2 Division in the motor shop. I'm looking for shipmates who were in O, X, and N Divisions from 1955 to 1957.

06-24-04 Bill 'Stoney' Stonebraker, SK3 - wstoneb@tconl.com

On Tuesday, June 22, 2004 I was informed by the family of T. T. Krystek, SK3, AD31 '65-'67 of his passing on Monday, June 22, 2004 at the age of 60.

The funeral will be held Monday, June 28, 2004 at the Kloecker Funeral Home, 2502 Sassafras, Erie PA, 16506. The family has requested memorials in lieu of flowers be sent to the family of Ted Krystek in care of the funeral home.

06-20-04 Frank Dest - ank34@sbcglobal.net
Ship: Three & a half years on this ship - 1951-55.
City Now: Waterbury CT
How would you rate us: Excellent

Just like to share on this Fathers' Day, I was thrilled to receive from my children a great looking hat and jacket, and cup with the Tidewater emblem on them. They also got me a copy of the 1954 Med cruise book , it was great to see my shipmates and also me in this book.
 How about that.

05-29-04 Bill Hickman - dakota1773@msn.com
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: USS Everglades - July 1966 to july 1970
City Now: Williamsburg OH
How would you rate us: Superb

This is a great site. I was looking thru your sign in hoping I would come across any guys that might have went there from the Everglades after she was decommisioned/ I was in the R-1 div shipfitter shop and I think you guys relieved us in the Med in 1968. If there are anyone there from the Glades give me a shout

05-28-04 Joe Sitton - crabass32618@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: happenstance
Tour: 4 in navy, l on AD31 (1964-5)
City Now: Archer FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

Excited to find this site. Lost all my photos (you know how we sailors are in port); got out in 65, Mercer Univ., Ga. State, to Alaska 1977 to work on pipeline; to Algeria 1979, Parker Drilling Co.; back to Alaska 83; elected assemblyman, then state representative. worked for Gov. Steve Cowper for four years, director in Dept of Labor. . .and had a few shots of Jack D on the way.

Does anyone know how to locate George Lincoln Harris III, S1 Division, 1965? He was from Cochituate, MA. Also Gary Peterson, I tried your email address & kept getting default; contact me, buddy. And Van Camp from Jamestown, NY?

05-23-04 Vicki Hibl - daughter of William L. Haga "Billy" - Vicksterpac@cableone.net
HeardOfUs: website
Ship: USS Tidewater 1955-1959
City Now: Norfolk, NE 68701
How would you rate us: Superb

My dad, who passed away in January 2001 was aboard the USS Tidewater from 1955-1959. He always talked fondly of his time in the Navy and he had 2 beautiful tattoos which he got in Spain. He also spoke fondly of his best friend, Larry, who was from Carmel, CA. I am thankful that this website exists as it helps me to remember my father. I am proud to say that my father served in the U.S. Navy.

05-17-04 Bill Cook - BillCook@BillCook.net

I have some sad news to report this morning. Life Member Ralph Jones passed away today in the hospital after an extended illness followed by bypass surgery last week. I have sent a card to his family - they live in Fort Wayne, IN. If you'd like to also, please let me know and I'll send you the mailing address. Ralph was aboard the Tidewater from 1953 to 1956.

05-16-04 - Roger P. Nash - rpnash@wi.rr.com
City Now: Wauwatosa, WI

I wrote a note to Fred Smith the other day trying to verify my memories of the exciting things that happened on board the Tidewater during the 56-58 period that I was on board. Here is a copy of my note to Fred and his reply:

"Fred---How good is your memory? Do you remember a sub coming up underneath the Tidewater and damaging its superstructure?"

His reply:

"I do remember the submarine surfacing under Tidewater, and if my memory serves me correctly, which is very iffy at this point in my life, that submarine skipper was short of torpedoman, and came down to the torpedo shop looking for a volunteer to go aboard the sub. My response was that I like to sleep with the window open at night, and you just can't do that on a sub."

It would be interesting if all the guys that remember this incident would reply with their little antedotes. So far I only know of 4 guys that were onboard during the time frame that I was. Keep up the good work and see you in Charleston.

04-15-04 Galen A. Krawczak - polemanski@aol.com
Tour: 4yrs USS Tidewater AD31 - 1965 Med cruise - Boat Shop
City Now: Lapeer MI
How would you rate us: Superb

I remember the liberty in NAPLES - mostly the small pizzas we got. About 6 to 8 in.dia. But since then I have never been able to locate anybody that I worked with in the boat shop.One sailor by the name of Sam Blair, EN2. Then there was a 1st class, Fred ? Hope you can help!!!!

03-11-04 Greg Barbato - gregbarbato@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: CDR John Derr
Tour: USS Tidewater AD31-1968-1970
City Now: Cape Coral, FL
How would you rate us: Superb

After my time on the ship I joined the Postal Service were I worked for 32 yrs. Retired to FL in Aug. I have 3 childern ages: 30, 28,and 25 and a lovely wife of 33 yrs.

02-27-04 Keith Potter - pottertkp@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Rob Griffin
Tour: Charlotte, SC (1983-1988)
City Now: Ocala, Fl 34474
How would you rate us: Excellent

Would love to hear from some old ship mates. Email me.

02-23-04 Doug Sundeen - DSun106274@aol.com
HeardOfUs: web search google
Tour: 67-72 Sept.68-jJan 70 Tidewater april 72 cruise on Danielss
City Now: Rockford IL.
How would you rate us: Superb

R Division shipfitter still bending tin

02-13-04 Lynn C. Moody - lcm4gem@adelphia.net
HeardOfUs: web search
How would you rate us: Superb

I am looking for info on my father, Robert Gerald Bohanon (Bo), who served on the Tidewater, in the 60's, I think. Have a photo of him shaking hands with an officer and he has a shoulder patch "The Tidewater".

Trying to gather family tree info and hoped to pick up something from his service records. Pop passed away in December, 1998.

02-05-04 Joe Simac - pjsimac@yahoo.com

Would like some information for an old shipmate(s) Lige Dunnaway, Larry McCauley, John Stansfield, George Harrington, Bob Teigen.Would appreciate hearing from any of these former shipmates.

01-29-04 George M. O'Neill, EM2 - mickieo@earthlink.net
HeardOfUs: entered "USS Tidewater" in google and the web page came up--a pleasant surprise
Tour: AD31 - 1958 through June, 1962
City Now: Voorhees, NJ
How would you rate us: Excellent

I was in Ship's Company E Division. I was mess cooking during the Med Cruise of 1960. I remember Sam, the Space Monkey, being on board for a very short time, and Queen Fredericka's visit. I was so surprised to see this web page. It sure brings back many memories.

01-05-03 Bill Gruss, OM3 - professor@nconnect.net
HeardOfUs: Son found web.site
Tour: AD31 - 1959 - 61
City Now: Campbellsport, Wi. 53010
How would you rate us: Superb

Boarded the Tidewater in 59 after Optical School, was on board when she was pulled off the coffee grounds at D&S piers so she could make the Med. Cruise of 60. There are Memories of: Hunstad IM, Bosh OM, Angel OM, Brister OM, LaDuc OM, "The Great DELMAR", Lipton IM, Scales IM, Moore IM, Tully FT, Nolder (Carp), Bible OM, Cannon OM, Kucia FT1, McIntire GM1, Mooney GM 2, Moran and I took lots of photos, he took them of me on the Acropolis.
I went to Paris, from Marseille with Hunstad, Chief Whiteside, Nolder, and Scales, while there we met some English girls who Scales and I continued to write to after we returned to the states, I married one 3 years later. We are still married with two sons - both Navy. My oldest was Navy 86-96 on the nuclear sub USS Tinosa SSN606 '89 - '92 - My youngest was on the aircraft carrier USS Ranger CV61 '88 - 92 during the Gulf War.

12-28-03 Fred Smith - xBEEBEEx@msn.com
How would you rate us: Superb

Logged in previously. Was looking through the site, and noticed the Tidewater plaque. It sure brought back memories, because during one Med cruise, when there was no work for the torpedoman because of ship movement, and my phenominal artistic ability, I was asked if I would like to put the finishing touches on the plaques being made by the foundry. What a chore that was trying to match the different colors of blue used in the original that was given to me to duplicate over and over, and over again. I must have painted a couple of hundred of those things, and never got one for myself. They did come out pretty good if I say so myself.

I have been corresponding with some of my old shipmates, and wow the memories of so many years ago, when I was only a kid of 17. First time away from home, finding myself in foreign countries where there are no limitations. Oh, the times that were had. John Bull's in Piraeus Greece, Blue Bird EM club, and the Snake Pit in Naples Italy, Sipping drinks with Roger Nash in clubs on the beach in Nice and Cannes France.

12-28-03 Ken Strum, HM3 - murts2004@optonline.net
HeardOfUs: searching the web
Tour: USS Tidewater AD31 1951 -1953
How would you rate us: Superb

Went aboard Tidewater right out of bootcamp. Helped take her out of mothballs and was part of the recommissoning and shakedown cruise crew.
Made NATO cruise in 1952, Norway, Scotland, France. Was on a minority cruise, but loved every minute aboard that ship!!! Already applied
for membership in your great organization!

12-14-03 George M. Seal, TM2 - sallymae99@msn.com
HeardOfUs: surfing
Tour: 1961 - 1970 Tidewater 1967- 1970
City Now: Conyers Ga. 30012
How would you rate us: Excellent

Worked in the 46 shop with Rocky Burr TM2, TMC Farris, TMC Konig TM3 Ruffus TMCM Broadbent. Was on Shore Patrol in Naples Jan. & Feb 1968

10-23-03 Roger P. Nash, YNT3 Repair Department Yeoman - rpnash@merr.com
HeardOfUs: AD31 Association Life Member
Tour: 56-58 aboard Tidewater
City Now: Wauwatosa
How would you rate us: Superb

Just a note. Have been in contact with Fred Smith who was aboard the Tidewater during the same time period I was. 1956-1958. Since the meeting at the Yorktown, I have been trying to collaborate my memories of all the exciting things that happened to me aboard the Tidewater and when I was so very young. What I remembered and what Fred also confirmed was this little story.-----

One day on the 1957 Med Cruise, when Fred and I were manning the 40mm guns and shooting at a target towed by a plane, one of our 40 mm gun crews accidently hit the tail of the plane. The plane immeadeatly veared off and our exercise was over. But not with a lot of ass chewing by the Commanding Officer. Fred confirmed that the gun crew in question was his gun crew.

"I remember the plane episode very well, because I was the trainer in the gun mount at the time. We were having problems lining up the dials with the director, and every time we tried to match them and shift to director control, the gun mount would start to chatter from side to side. So we did the only thing we could do under the circumstances, and operate in manual. I guess when I tried to lead the target to allow for distance, I lead by too much.

That cruise was one to remember, even though many of my brain cells have deteriorated to the point where the memories are vague at best." Sure think some of these exciting things should be published on the fantail. I talk to other Navy guys that were aboard ship and they have exciting stories to tell also but not as many.

10-04-03 Victor Lincoln - duffer12@earthlink.net
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Tour: Tidewater 1959 - 1961
City Now: Brooksville FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

Spent my time on the old girl in the boatshop worked for JC Tanner & Chief Miller along with all the other grease monkeys in Boyd Hart's pictures. Remember them all well. along with a couple of old BTs named Culp & Bohannon. Stood many watches in evaps also check watches in fire room & refueling in shaft alley. Much fun. Great guys. Great ship. Keep up the great work, Bill.

10-02-03 Lou Steger - lsteger@insightbb.com
Tour: 3 years, 1 year USS Tidewater
City Now: Groveland, IL
How would you rate us: Superb

I am looking for shipmates who served with me Dec. 1955 to Dec. 1956. I was the paymaster aboard the Tidewater. If you have any information about these or anyone else who served with me, please contact me. CPO E. Corpi, Ltg. Larry DeCarlis, Lt. Paul Zipszer, WO George Gibbons, WO Fred Huffman, WO J.W. Robinson, WO L.E. Newill, WO Jerry Szeliga, and Lcdr. Wm Gibson. I am sure some of them have died. I am 74. All of the above were older than me.

10-01-03 Steve Carr - liviussteven@aol.com
HeardOfUs: luck!!
Duty Station: 4 years  USS Tidewater, USS Sierra, COMCRUDESFLOT4
City Now: Goldsboro NC
How would you rate us: Superb

I already signed in.. just an e-mail update. Would love to hear form some of my ole radioshack friends...

09-24-03 E. B.Fontaine - NFBP@webtv.net
HeardOfUs: Was quartered aboard Tidewater while my own ship was prepared for re-commissioning
Ship: 1950 / 1954 USS Isherwood DD-520
City Now: Westfield, MA 01085-1350
How would you rate us: Superb

Enlisting was the best personal decision I could have made. GO NAVY.

09-23-03 Joe Simac - pjsimac@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: web search
Ship: served 1951 to 1955 on USS Tidewater
City Now: Fairview, Illinois
How would you rate us: Superb

After I left the Navy in 1955, I married and raised a family.Worked in the Coal industry for 38 yrs. retiring in 1994. My hobbies of hunting and fishing keep my retirement enjoyable. Other commitments kept me from attending the 2003 reunion, but certainly plan to attend the next one.Would like to hear from any of my old shipmates. Keep up the good work.

09-21-03 Dick Engebretson - DickEngebretson@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Phone call
Ship: Three years ('67-'70), all aboard TIDEWATER
City Now: Long Lake, MN
How would you rate us: Superb

I was the Communications Officer aboard TIDEWATER from 1967-1968, and there were moments when I thought I actually knew what I was doing. But I loved the Navy and thought TIDEWATER was a fine ship. Then, when my boss (Lt. Zanzot) was sent off to Antarctica, I became the Operations Officer and Navigator. Wow! Now, almost 35 years later, I realize how scared I should have been! But I was lucky--I respected the men who worked for me, and let them do their jobs. Soon I realized that if I did that, they would keep me out of trouble--and they did. I had a great time and several great cruises as Navigator--Charleston, San Juan and Bermuda. We never missed a channel by more than twenty miles when I was Navigator

09-21-03 Larry Monroe - spekinite39@msn.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net
Ship: On Tidewater Feb. 1968 to Oct. 1969
City Now: South Pekin IL
How would you rate us: Superb

I had a great time on the Tidewater. I was MM3 when I went aboard, and left an MM2. I was in R-2 division.I worked for Chief George, and it seems like we repaired a million valves, of one sort or another. I made the 68-69 Med. cruise, and during rough weather on the way over, we had to rig a chain fall to the outter doors to keep the water out,and then we had to stand watches on it the whole trip. All in all, it was a great time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

08-18-03 Allen Wylds - Wyldsfam4@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Did a search for USS Tidewater
Ship: My Dad served in 55 or 56
Rating: Superb

My father Larry J. Wylds Sr. served on the Tidewater in the mid 50's. I still have his Zippo lighter and lots of stuff he brought back from overseas. He passed away about 5 years ago, but always spoke of his time on the Tidewater and it always brought the twinkle of a young man to his eyes. I miss him everyday and thought by coming here it would bring me a little closer to his memory. Thanks for a wonderful page!

06-10-03 - Bob Bystricky - FATBOB71@aol.com
HeardOfUs: search engine
Tour: 1970/1971 when she was decommissioned
City Now: Rockville Centre, NY
How would you rate us: Superb

Was only on the Tide for about a year, messcooking then went to E Div. Was just getting comfortable when they put her out of commission, then it was back to the reserves for me! Had a blast there anyway.

Well, "Fair winds and following seas" shipmates!

06-08-03 - Gary L. Box - mcelroyfamily@embarqmail.com
HeardOfUs: American Legion Magazine
Tour: 6 1/2 Navy, March '64 - Oct. '67 Tidewater
City Now: Enola, Pa.
How would you rate us: Superb

I have been looking for information in the American Legion Magazine about the Tidewater and it finally appeared. I joined the the Tidewater March 1964 when I came from Radio School in Bainbridge MD. I went from RMSN to RM2 while on the Tidewater. I made two Med cruises, a trip to Bayonne NJ, a springboard exercise in the Caribbean, I went to Bethlehem Steel Shipyard in Baltimore Md and then on the shake down cruise to Cuba. After leaving the Tidewater, I went to the Chief of Naval Operation Communication Center in the Pentagon.

I have kept an eye out for anything about the Tidewater for years since she gave me some of the best years of my life. If any of the guys in the Radio Shack see this, I would really like to find out about how you are doing.

05-21-03 - Frederick R. Smith - xbeebeex@msn.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net, and typed USS Tidewater
Ship: Served aboard Tidewater in the R-5 Division (weapons) from January 1957 through December 1960
City Now: Middletown, RI, 02842-4529

Really blew my mind as I was perusing the web site, and came across a picture of Roger Nash and myself. It really brought back some memories, of good times of my youth. Would love hearing from other shipmates who served aboard during the same perion of time. Although I was a torpedoman, I knew many crew members in other ratings.
An excellent site!!!!!

05-19-03 Elma England - john@ibcode.net
HeardOfUs: Worked on Ship in Charleston
Ship: Shipward welder (1942-45)
City Now: Charleston, SC
Rating: Superb
05-08-03 - Chuck Girnius, ET1 - CGirnius@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Tin Can Sailors Site
:Ships: Tidewater 1964-1965, Lowry DD770 1967-1968
City Now: Philadelphia, PA
How would you rate us: Superb

Great Web Site! I've been waiting for someone to get it together and form an association. I came on board Tidewater in "64 as a seaman. Made the "65 Med Cruise and had a ball. That cruise and the great people on the Tidewater persuaded me to re-enlist on the way back from the Med. Went to ET "A" School at the Lakes, DASH School at Dam Neck, ECM School at Norfolk, and sailed on the Lowry for WestPac in "68. I finished my service teaching ET "C" school in Newport. Got out in 1971 as an ET1. I've been working for the local electric company since.

I just recently attended a reunion for the Lowry in Charleston and I'm really interested in attending a Tidewater reunion. Great shipmates and good friends with lots of memories.

05-07-03 - Donald Dever, SFM3 - dever9@aol.com
HeardOfUs: High Tide was mailed to me
Ship: 1957-1959 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Springfield, IL
How would you rate us: Superb

I have wondered for a long time why we didn't have a association. I have a med cruise book also 57-58. I would like to hear from R-1 Div shipmates who worked in the sheetmetal shop. keep up the good work !!!!

04-08-02 Jerry Rarden, TE2 - JerryRarden@clearchannel.com
HeardOfUs: American Legion Magazine
Tour: 6 Yrs in Navy. Tidewater from 7/51 to 8/53
City: Rockville MD
How would you rate us: Superb

Came aboard the Tidewater right out of Boot camp. Did 3 Mos of Mess cooking and then to "O", Div, Radio Gang. Was a TE3 later and did TAD with COMDESFLOT4 aboard the USS Sierra, AD18 and the USS Yellowstone. Enjoyed working with Chief Dent TEC. Left in Aug of 53 for NAVCOMMSTA, Pt. Lyautey, Fr. Mor. Still working in Radio for 3 radio stations here in MD. Looking forward to your reunion. Thanks for a great site.

04-06-03 Ralph C. Jones ME3 - alixcase@infi.net
HeardOfUs: American Legion Magazine
Tour: 52-64, 53-56 on the Tidewater, 4 years inactive Reserve, 4 years active Reserve in Ft.Wayne, IN
City Now: Fort Wayne IN
How would you rate us: Superb

I have searched every issue of American Legion for the last 39 years, and FINALLY it's there. I'm so glad. (I don't have e-mail myself but I can be reached at this email, it belongs to my kids.)

I know of two shipmates who have passed on, Lewis M. Early, ME3 from Arkansas, and Kenny R. Dodge, ME3, from New Albany IN. I have also kept in contact for years with Cal Drake of Rosemount, MN, but in recent years have lost touch. I also remember Melvin W. "Pappy" Pagent, of Sullivan, IN, he came up to northern IN to visit me and my wife just before our wedding in 1957, but have not heard from him since then.

I have the cruise books for the Med cruises for 54 and 56. These have the entire crew roster as well as a lot of photographs. I also have other pictures of the ship. I have pictures for the Fantail of us highlining to destroyers, food and fuel.

Tidewater memorabilia, I have 3 ashtrays, one bronze, and two aluminum, one of these says "U.S.S. TIDEWATE". I also have 4 Tidewater Zippo lighters.

I was in "T" division, and I have some pictures of our damaged shore vehicles. I also worked in the sheet metal shop.

I'd like to hear from shipmates

03-30-03 Mark J Henderson - curmudgeon319@msn.com
HeardOfUs: whim
Ships: 1963-1967-Uss Dixie-USS Tidewater
City Now: Leavenworth, KS
How would you rate us: Superb

Interior Communication Electrican PO3 repair department.

03-27-03 Al Murray - AL.E.MURRAY@uwrf.edu
HeardOfUs: WebSite search
Ship: U.S.S. Tidewater 1968-1971
City Now: Hudson, Wisconsin
How would you rate us: Superb

This is a wonderful website. I served as a radioman from 1968 thru the decommissioning in 1971. I was one of the last watch standers in radio central when Tidewater became R.I Dumai in Feb. of 1971. Remember instructing Indonesian Naval personnel in NAVCOMSTA NORVA (NAM) operating procedures. Operated military phone patch services out of Radio Two for shipmates as a ham operator when off duty and underway. Currently work as Director of Engineering for Wisconsin Public Radio Station WRFW-FM and Telecommunications Supervisor at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls.

03-14-03 J Wyda - jwyda@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: just clicked on
City Now: New Albany PA
How would you rate us: Superb

I am looking for any info on the USS Leary---it was torpedoed Dec. 24, 1943--My uncle was a casuality of the Leary---Thank You

03-14-03 Steve Bradshaw - sbradshaw@cbnn.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Ship: Navy tour - 21 Years- Tidewater 4/63-8/66 & 7/68-12/70
City Now : Othello, WA 99344
How would you rate us: Superb
I enlisted in 7/62 and came to the Tidewater in 4/63 as an OMSA fresh out of OM "A" school. Made the 63 and 65 Med Cruises, a couple Springboards, and a trip to Bayonne NJ during the NY World's Fair and then was discharged while in the Baltimore shipyard 8/66 as an OM3. Two years later in 6/68 I reenlisted in San Francisco and was promptly sent back to the Tidewater. Made her last Med cruise, Springboard and the Charleston and Bermuda trips before being reassigned in 12/70.

Assigned to Optical shop in R-5 Div under Lt. Drews I worked with Bill Lockwood, "Tex" Brister, Dan Kohler, Lupersbeck, Finney, Renner, Klop, Philhower, Steve Crum, Ramsey, and some names I can't remember. The Optical shop was on the 01 deck when I went aboard and we swapped spaces with the ET's shortly after I got there and I remember Krickovich and some others quite well. The IC gang was next door and I remember Sharp, Skip Bessett, Jay Henderson, Bill Kline, and others. I remember you, too, Bill Cook. Good job on the web site. Been looking for a long time.

I went on to serve in the Samuel Gompers AD-37, Sperry AS-12, and Acadia AD-42 with a tour of recruiting duty thrown in. Retired in 12/83 as OMC and now work for the Washington State Department of Education as a Network/Data Specialist providing technology support for the public school system in southeast region of WA.

Really looking forward to that reunion Bill, keep us up to date, and, thanks.

03-11-03 Charles Gostony - klaus0852@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the web for family history
Ship: grandfather & father were on Tidewater
How would you rate us: Superb
My father, Joseph L. Gostony, served on the Tidewater from 64 to 66. My grandfather Henry Davis served on the Tidewater as well. He left the USS Thuban in 1958 and stayed on the Tidewater till he retired in 1968. Both my father and grandfather worked in the kitchen. As the story goes, on Thanksgiving of 65, Henry invited my father home with him for the holidays. This was how my mother and father met.

Unfortuately my grandfather passed away in the spring of 2001. My grandmother has just passed as well this year. When the family was going through all of their belongings, I asked if I could get any of the many photos and other stuff my grandfater has of the ship and photos of his Med tours. My father also has photos as well. So as soon as I am able I will get them sent to you for the web site.

Thank you for such a great website. My father enjoys it every time we go into it. And as far as the pictures go.I will get them sent to use ASAP.
I always found the story of the chance meeting of my parents very enchanting. So in other words, I have the Tidewater to thank for my life.

Thank you for everything.

03-04-03 Shelby (Van) Roach - RidingMyBicycle@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Internet Search
Ship: Aug 66 to Oct 68 Aboard Tidewater
City Now: Porstmouth VA
How would you rate us: Superb
I learned more from Joe Bolton, the Cook in the CPO Mess, than I ever have from anyone else about human nature. I was from White Arkansas but he showed me it was not the color of a person's skin but what was in his heart. He treated us like his children. I was the photographcer aboard the Tidewater andalthough I thought I hated it, the times we had in Baltimore in the yards were the best of my life!
02-23-03 Gary Hodges - hodges2@erols.com
HeardOfUs: web page
Ship: 68-69 USS Massey, 70-71 USS Tidewater
City Now: Tewksbury MA
How would you rate us: Excellent
I was a Radarman on board. There were only 5 aboard, and when we were underway we would get ship's service people to help with the watch. There was a chief signalman on board who got transferred to Chief Master At Arms, and my last few months in the son-of-a-gun had me transferred to the MAA force.
02-15-03 - John P. Derr - jonderr@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Robert Hall
Ship: 24 yrs, 6 Ships, Tidewater (1969-1970)
How would you rate us: Superb
Transferred to the Tidewater while on last Med Cruise. Picked up Tide in Naples as Executive Officer. Made Charleston and Puerto Rico Cruise - retired in 1977 to Florida for sailing and much needed R & R.
02-15-03 - Adam S. Mott - adammott@tds.net
How would you rate us: Superb
Accidentally came across your web -- great!! my uncle (E Bertram Mott) was your skipper years ago. I remember as a kid I went to the launching of the Forrestall in Norfolk and had a wonderful tour of your ship and dinner in the Captain's Quarters. My dad (William C. Mott was the USN JAG when he retired (about 1966). I retired (from the reserves) from the
USAF as a Major.
01-18-03 Richard Pagano - paganar@netscape.net
HeardOfUs: looked for the ship
Ship: 1968-1972 , Tidewater, Holder, Raleigh
How would you rate us: Excellent
Comments: Served on the Tidewater from Feb 1969 to the decommissioning. I was a Shipfitter in R division.
Made two Med cruises and the San Juan cruise. I like the website. Looking for pictures that I may have.
01-12-03 Anthony J. Roppolo - mizrop@cox.net
Ship: 1953 - 1957, Tidewater AD31
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was on the Tidewater from 1953 - 1957. I was in the 1st & 5th Divisions. 1956 I was Capt. Hanson's helmsman for in and out of port and highlining. I worked in the sail locker the last 2 years with BMS Sandcrab Jones and I am looking for Bill Coffey, Van Pelt, Kokowtez, Lee, Nails, Ludvigsan.

01-06-03 Scott Morell - s.morell@prepcontrol.com
HeardOfUs: A search on Google
Ship: AD31 - Feb68 thru Nov 68
City Now: Charleston, WV
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Congratulations on a great web site!
I was a ML2 and worked in the Foundry R-2 Div.
Also served on the Yosemite AD-19.
12-24-02 - Jeffery Monrad - twomoons_us@yahoo.com
Ship: 1963-1967 USS Tidewater
How would you rate us: Excellent

12-16-02 Cdr Richard P. Multer, USN -
HeardOfUs: Robert Hall
Ship: 24 yrs - See Comment
City: Virginia Beach, VA
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: First as XO about Jul 70 then on 18 Dec 70 became CO thru 20 Feb 71 when Tidewater AD31 became R. I. Dumai of the Indonesian Navy.
12-15-02 - Lloyd "Jim" Cevora - capin_tom@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: search
Ship: 24 years in service, 2 years on AD-31
City Now: Norfolk, Va 23518
How would you rate us: Excellent
12-12-02 - John P. Derr - jonderr@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Robert Hall
Ship: 24
How would you rate us: Superb

11-10-02 - John Marvin Blanton - fiore@bright.net
HeardOfUs: web search
Ship: 1942 - 1945 not real sure (see below)
Rating: Superb
Comments: My stepfather (Blanton) tells my grandchildren about the USS Tidewater. I'm not quite sure what years he was on the ship. Between 42-45? I was looking for some post cards or pictures from this era that I could give him as a Christmas gift and add to the family memory album. The internet is such a wonderful place to search but you can be so overwhelmed. To my knowledge he served as a barber and enjoyed participating in boxing matches on ship. I would like to read more of the history of Tidewater. Crew lists and surviving men that maybe he could contact. Thank you for your help. Robin Quidor
11-10-02 - Rodney K. Mitchell - nhfree1@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: Just did a Google search for "USS Tidewater"
Ship: 4 Years in the Navy, 2 on the USS Tidewater
City: Raymond, NH
How would you rate us: Superb
11-09-02 Francis P. (Frank) Wolff, PC3 -
HeardOfUs: WEB
Ship: 1962-1964 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Lake Havasu City, AZ.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: As a former postal clerk (PC3) on the Tidewater from '62 - '64, I can remember many names and sailors from that period, since I handled all the mail. Especially Bill Cook ET2, we were on the same Med cruise. I really enjoy all the pictures he has on his Web site. I look forward to hearing from others and a reunion. I am now retired and living in sunny Arizona, no more snow shoveling back in Wisconsin.
11-11-02 Gary R. Francis - e-mail not included
HeardOfUs: searching the web
Ship: on board late 62 to late 64
City Now: Monclova Ohio
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was an EM1 in R3 divison from 62 to 64. Our division officer was Mr. Key. EMC Howard was in charge of the outside electrical repair shop. We made two Med cruises while I was aboard. It was a lot of hard work, but there were also a lot of great liberties in the Med. Knowing all the great repair divisions personnel and most ship's company personnel, all of the time I spent on the TIDEWATER was a great and rewarding experience.

I left the Navy in 1967, after eight years, to return home to become a construction electrican for the next 33 years, retiring in the year 2000. Life has been great for me. I hope to hear about the next reunion. Thanks for this web site.

11-08-02 - Glenn Miller, MM3 - Glenn.Miller1@att.net
HeardOfUs: Vets Roll Call
Ship: 4 years Tidewater 12/60 to 10/64
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Served aboard Tidewater in Engine Room and was in Transportation Unit on Med Cruise in '63 - read some great stuff here. I forgot about the Blue Bird Club and it sure brought back memories. Would love to see and hear from some shipmates.
10-26-02 Robert E. Branch - lazybranch@glade.net
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net
Ship: Tidewater 1961--1963
City Now: Buffalo, Texas 75831
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: Served aboard the Tidewater 9/61-7/63,
Made the fall trip to Fort Lauderdale Fl., the spring 1962 med cruise. Made some wonderful friends, had some great liberties especially Naples Italy and Barcelona Spain Worked in the boiler room for 9 months then transferred to the EM shop.
10-19-92 Robert Bruce - rjbrucesr@yahoo.com
I just discovered your great Tidewater site. I was not in the service, but my brother-in-law, Harold Wright served on the Tidewater during the late 50's to early 60's. Unfortunately he is now deceased, and I cannot ask him for details.

Do you remember anything about him: Harold Wright, he was a black man, rather young then (maybe 18 - 19). I don't know what his duties were, but he probably was in and out of trouble a lot (he mentioned this with great humor).

He used to talk about his travels with the Tidewater to the Mediterranean. He had a tale of being in trouble and only by saving a fellow crewman who fell overboard was he spared a court martial. Is there any way thie story can be confirmed or more details discovered? Have you heard from any black crewmen?

In any event, he passed on September 27, 2002, and any information you could provide would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks again for your wonderful site.
10-16-02 Jules James - lakeunionmail@earthlink.net
My grandfather, Admiral Jules James, was the Commander of the Shipyard from May 1943 to October 1945. He oversaw the building of the USS Tidewater. Archive artifacts to follow via Bob Hall.
10-12-02 Joe Carroll - kriskrisjar@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the web
Ship: two years on board AD-31
City Now: Thomasville, NC
Rating: Superb
Comments: Well, fresh out of boot camp and on 30 days leave, I got snowed in at home ( N.Jersey) and missed my 1st.ship by one day. I ended up in transit for 30 days going to McGuire AFB to SC to France..a week in Rota Spain, then finally Naples Italy.Where my Navy Life began. Two Med.Cruises, a trip down to San Juan/St Thomas and finally the sale of the old gal to Indo. She, having been my first, I will always remember her well,and the friends I made. Joe Putnam, Ted (SKI) Red, many others. Thank-you for this site and the op. to post. She will always be # 1 in my shipyard.
10-12-02 Natasha Sellner - shortstf_17@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: internet search
Ship: AD 31 - 1967
City Now : Belleville, Ill. 62220
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: My Father served aboard the Tidewater in 1967.  I could find only one piece of memorabilia from this after he died this weekend.  A  letter of appreciation from a R.S. Harward.  My father was SN Gene V. Douglas.  If anyone remembers him could you PLEASE contact me.  I'm trying to find out more about him from this time.  Thanks!!!

09-29-02 Robert Schlorff - rschlorff@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: Just punched you in the computer.
Ship: In the Navy 3yrs10 mo. Lived on the Tidewater at Charleston, SC for about 2 mo. while helping put USS Ingersol back in commission in 1951. Also on the USS Forrest Royal DD872 and the USS Norfolk, DL1.
City Now: Cameron, MO.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Was 72 years old last month. Healtwise in pretty good shape. Still like to get on computer and look up anything pertaining to the Navy. Liked all of the time I was in there. Been retired 10 years. Will check your site every so often. Keep up the good work with smooth sailing ahead.

09-29-02 John D. Wellman - wellman128@hotmail.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Ship: 1963-1967 USS Tidewater AD 31
City Now: Jefferson, WI
How would you rate us: Excellent
09-17-02 Frank Martin - AMandFM@cybertron.com
HeardOfUs: just surfing
Ship: Navy 65-69, Tidewater 68-69
City Now: Mary Esther, Florida
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Looking for anyone that was on the Med Cruise in 68/69. Great times on a great tender

09-02-02 Charles William Lee (Bill Lee) - clee460@insightbb.com
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Just wanted to update our e-mail address - would love to hear about any reunion. We've made contact with Merrill Andrews - still looking for Carl Urquhart from Maine and Clyde Dickey from Little Rock, Arkansas.

09-01-02 Merrill Andrews - merrillnmildred@yahoo.com
HeardOfUs: just by luck
Ship: 4years USS Tidewater & USS Norfolk
City Now: Marion,IN 46953
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was an MR3 R2 Div. aboard the USS Tidewater from 1961 to 1964 and spent the last 8 months on the USS Norfolk. I immediately went to work at Chrysler in Kokomo, IN. I currently live in Marion, IN. with my wife Mildred. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. I just retired in December. Hope to spend my leisure time traveling. I would like to hear from Bill Lee, Carl Urquhart and Lester Hoffer. Hope to hear from you soon.

08-31-02 Bill McCartin, ET1 - edreamerco@juno.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Ship: Spent 5 yrs 10 mos and 8 days in Navy. Served aboard Tidewater 2/66 to 5/69
City Now: Aurora, Colorado
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Was a Calibration Tech. Served in Div R4 with John Brindle, McCasland, Wyatt, Finley and R. Linder. After I left the Tidewater I went to ETC school Glakes until I was discharged. I worked for 3M for many years until I was able to pursue my real love. I joined the Aurora Police Dept and served until I retired in 1998. I am now a Security Specialist with Denver public schools. Great site I always wondered what happened to the old girl after I left.
08-13-02 James E.Saunders - Troubleshoto3@aol.com
HeardOfUs: Was aboard, waiting for separation from active duty.
Ship: 4yrs - USS Bittern MHC43, USS Mullinax DD944, USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Lynchburg, Va.
How would you rate us: Excellent
Comments: I wrote before, but never saw it on message board. I was only on the Tidewater a very short time.Was waiting to leave active duty. Served aboard the USS Mullinax DD944 until reporting aboard the tidewater. I think both ships were in the Med together[1965]. I got off the Mullinax just before she went to Vietnam.[1966].I have 2 pictures of a ship, close to the Mullinax on the Med Cruise, but don't know if it's the Tidewater or not. Just thought I would write and let you know you have a good web site.
08-06-2002 Jerome C. Lund Jr. - rome1019@aol.com
HeardOfUs: looked on net
Ship: my late dad LCDR Jerome C. LUND S.C.
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: My dad was assistant supply officer on AD-31 in the middle to late 1960s. I was just a kid but remember fondly of my overnight stays with dad when he had the duty. The officer's wardroom food being great, and everyone friendly. LCDR Lund SR died of prostate cancer in 1989. He would support this site if he was around.

07-30-02 Roger Lewis - roger@sabrelinetrucking.com
HeardOfUs: Web
Ship: '69-decomissioning AD-31
How would you rate us: Super

07-13-02 Randy L. Gunno - RGBG1971@cs.com
HeardOfUs: did a search - USS Tidewater
Ship: 1968-1970 USS Tidewater
City Now: St. Albans, WV
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I worked in the carpenter shop (R1 division) with other sailors - Tom Salt, Bill Moorefield, DC1 McGarvey, Chief Coocher.

I'd like to go to a ship reunion.
07-03-02 Jeff Pardue - pres1417@eoni.com
HeardOfUs: Surfing the net looking for info.on the USS Tidewater
Ship: AD31 - 1969-1971
City Now: Hermiston, Oregon
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I served aboard the USS Tidewater from 1969 -1971 as a BM. I would love to hear from anyone who served aboard her.
06-19-02 Tom Shingleton - turn834@aol.com
HeardOfUs: surfed
Ship: USS Turner DD/DDR 834
How would your rate us: Superb
Comments: Just surfed to your website, very nice. Our paths crossed somewhere on Rt.50, just north of Winchester, VA in the year 1958.

Way back then, I was hitching a ride from Washington going east, and was in the car with some Tidewater Sailors and was dropped of somewhere north of Winchester, VA, when I got out of car I accidentally took another sailor's handbag. It was the same kind of small handbag. Just wondering if any of your roster remembers this? It contained a Med- Cruise book and I will look for it, but it is lost at this time.

Smooth Seas.

04-28-02 Earl Marsland - eu143@aol.com
AD31 - 58-60
City Now: Cumberland, Rhode Island
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Was on the Tidewater from 58-60. Any one in B-Div ? Would like to talk to you anytime. Duty was great on the tide and all the men were the BEST. Hope to talk real soon?
04-10-02 Dennis C. Rahn, QM3 - crow263@comcast.net
Just typed ship's name in Search.
Ship: Six years, 1960-1966  USS TIDEWATER
City Now: Pontiac, MI.   48340
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: All my memories of the Tidewater are still with me and I had some great buddies aboard her.  Remember the mess hall work parties where we took on supplies and not all of it made it to the store room.  Some came up to the chartroom  on 03 deck where we had watermellon, and ice cream.
04-01-02 Jack Winans - usnrjack@wmconnect.com
Old ship mate
Ship: AD31 Oct 1964 to Oct 1966
City Now: Murraysville, WV
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I started out as a Seaman and ended up as an HT.
03-30-02 Pierson R. Shelton, Jr. BRCS USN(Ret) - Ropeyarn15@Aol.Com
A Shipmate
Ship: 7-38 to 12-64 .Tidewater 7-51 to 1-53 & 2-54 to1-57.
City Now: Cape Coral, Fl. 33904
How would you rate us: Excellent
Comments: Retired from USS Amphion AR-13, as a Senior Chief Boilermaker, 12-64. Retired from General Motors in 1980, moved to Florida. On the Tidewater, served under Captains Harnly, Ailes, Watson, Mott and Hanson. The best ship's driver was Captain J.W. Ailes III, an old destroyer skipper in WW-II. We ran aground in Bayonne, N.J.soon after re-commissioning.We made two Med Cruise's while I was on board. I was a BT-I , in the Fireroom. A great ship to serve on.
03-28-02 Randy (Buck) Dunham, BM 3- two-far-gone@webtv.com
Ship: 28 yrs 15 ships
City Now: Ft. White, FL
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: On Tidewater 65-66 BMSN-BM3 Deck, 2nd Div. Sea Detail Helmsman. Had some good times in Naples. It was my 3rd Med Cruise of the eleven I made. Looking forward to a reunion.

03-28-02 Henry G. Babin, TM1 - hbabin@cfl.rr.com
on net
Ship: 1962-66
City Now: Orange City, Florida  32763
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was in weapons dep check on board TM2 and left TM1 for shore duty at NAS Jax.FL.ret in 1976

03-27-02 Andrew Papa - Apapa0727@aol.com
Ship: 1944 to 1946   Uss Tidewater AD 31  on the commissioning crew
City Now: Whiting, New Jersey
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was assigned to the Tidewater in 1946 and was stationed at Newport, Rhode Island where the crew was assembled. We then went to Charleston, South Carolina to put the ship into commission...because it was paid for by the sale of war bonds from the Tidewater area on our first shakedown, we had the radio station from Charleston on board and they interviewed our Captain...a four striper....named Captain Ball ... I do have the picture they took of the commissioning crew aboard the  Tidewater....all the crew pitched in to put supplies on board for its maiden voyage...would love to hear from anyone that served on her during my tour of duty ....I tried to get a reunion going a few years ago, but for lack of interest it failed .. I was a Seaman, 1st Class, assigned to ship's company - would love to hear from you guys.

03-27-02 Lee Mayer, QM3 - Star4007@AOL.com
e mail message from webmaster
Ship: 2 years active duty USS Tidewater 1963-64, USS Vogelgesang DD862 1964-65
City Now: Rosemont, IL.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Absolutely surprised to see this Website on my computer.  Joined the Reserve in High School, but went active during the Cuban Missle Crisis.  Spent about 18 months on the Tidewater from 2/63 to 6/64, and then transferred to Destroyers where I spent a whole lot of time on the water. One of prime recovery ships for unmanned Gemini test shots. I also completed two Med cruises, one on the Tidewater and one on the Vogelgesang, and returned to civilian life in 65. Retired from the Police/Fire Service in 1994. Anyone who has contact with a Rick Fjelde or Art Annicello, please forward my email address, and contact me.

03-27-02 Jim Pollard  (MM2) - nanap@mindspring.com
My son found the site.
Ship: 3Yrs 10Mo 10Days Leary(DDR879) Lawrence(DDG4) Tidewater(AD31)
City Now: Durham, N.C.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Hi. I mustered out of the Navy while on the Tidewater. I was in the engineroom/fireroom from 10 May 1962 until 6 Dec 1962. The only rememberance I have right now is a time when in the sleeping compartment a shipmate had a seizure and I helped work him thru it. I don't remember his name. I also remember a shipmate putting a firecracker in another shipmates hip pocket and it blew the pocket off his pants. All I can do for now. Would like to hear from any shipmates. I have been to several Leary(DDR879) reunions and have enjoyed them. Would like to attend a Tide reunion. Keep in touch.

03-27-02 William T Bullard, EM2- wtroy31@aol.com
someone e-mailed to me
Ship: 4 years. USS Brough and USS Tidewater
City Now: Pierre, SD
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I belong to DESA and have gone to our ships reuions. I was an EM2 on the USS Tidewater. Left the Tidewater for shore duty at Little Creek. Married 47 years and we have 4 children.

03-27-02 Bob Karper, DCCS (SW) USN(Ret) - countryboy24_98@yahoo.com

Thanks for the web page for Tidewater,  I will need to look around and get some pictures scanned, and send them to you.   I was a crew member from 1966 to 1968.  This was my first ship.   

03-27-02 R. Linder, ETCS (ret) - wb7ond@earthlink.net

Thanks for the e-mail.  I, too, worked in the cal lab in R-4 while I was aboard the Tidewater (TAT),  had the ole 1598 NEC.  By todays standards (pun intended) electronics were pretty primitive back then... I was aboard in the 1967 timeframe,  Finley, Wyatt, McCartney were some of the techs in the shop 67B. McCartney was my best man when I was married at Great Lakes.  I was a young 2nd class working in the only space on the ship that had a/c most of the time. 

Made a couple Med cruisies, a Florida "cruise".  Did a couple of months in shop 67A (up on 01 deck aft)  worked for an old geezer and friend name Gibelyou or something like that.  I later went to 'B' school and instructor duty after Tidewater.   Also did two tours in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica as a cal tech, it was great duty.  I have the '67 cruise book, all B&W pix, I had scanned and sent some pix up to HullNumber.com.  Retired with 27 years and got a good sandcrab job down here working for the Army doing electronics and programming.  I am still in Navy Mars.  Again thanks for the e-mail. Great web page. Brings back some memories.

03-18-02 Robert R. Shampine Sr., MR2 - pzjncv@hotmail.com
just surfed in
Ship: served 4 yr. on Bache DD470 & Tidewater AD31
City Now: Clarkston, MI
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I spent about 2 years aboard the Tidewater in R2 Division. My rate was MR2 I also spent 2 years aboard the Bache DD-470 til she sunk in 1968. I work for General Motors as a tool & die Design Engineer. My time in the Navy helped a lot in my career.

03-01-02 Richard (Dick) Patton, EM2 - rpatton@pathwaynet.com
Ship: Tidewater 63-July65
City Now: Carson City, MI
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I was on board for two Med cruises. In 63 we first stopped in Barcelona, Spain for a few days before going to Naples. In 65, I remember spending Christmas in Toulon France. They had a carnival in town and at the shooting gallery, you could win a bottle by hitting the bullseye. With $5 worth of shots I had enough liquor for eight of us.

One of things that amazed me was when our divers changed the screw on a destroyer when we were in Naples.

It also amazed me that I grew 4" and gained 105lbs. while I was aboard. My hat is off to our tremendous cooks that we had, my favorite was the rabbit they served. Of course, I didn't turn down any meals.

I worked on the "E" gang, standing generator watches at port and after-gear watches while underway. Thanks to the Navy for my electricial training, I've been an electrician now for 39 years, and I still use skills that I only have learned from the Navy.

God Bless you all
Dick aka: Sasquatch

02-27-02 Leonard G. Kesel, MM2 - bkesel1@comcast.net
HeardOfUs: web surfing
Ship: 59 thru 63 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Augusta GA
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Have really enjoyed seeing the names of some of some of the old A-GANG members. Brings back some great memories. One name comes to mind that I haven't seen and that is David Breining.

I lost both of my Med cruise books over these many years. Would gladly pay the shipping both ways if you know of anyone I could borrow them from. My family would love to see all the old pictures.

The two guys in B.G. Hart's boat shop picture that are unnamed are myself & Bill Bash. Would love to know what happened to Bash. Last time I heard he was in Rock Hill SC.

Please give my email address to any of the old gang. Would love to hear from them.

Great web page. Keep up the good work

02-15-02 Edward C. Grinter, MR3 - egrinter@nycap.rr.com
HeardOfUs: surfing the web
Ship: 1967-71 Borie, Tidewater
City Now: Schenectady, NY
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I spent 2 years on the Tidewater in the machine shop as an MR3.  I met some nice people and got some good machining experience there.  I was discharged at the beginning of the mothballing.

Food was good and I liked the Caribbean cruises. Spent one winter in Puerto Rico alongside a Canadian repair ship.  The AD31 was a good old ship.

02-12-02 Bob Kehrer - bobake@frontiernet.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Ship: USS HUSE DE-145
City Now: Stanley, N.Y. 14561
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: My brother Jim served on the Tidewater 1952-4 as a storekeeper. He doesn't have a computer, so I keep him abreast of the news on the Tidewater. I served on the Huse 1956-8 as a gunners mate. I've been to 3 Huse reunions and had a great time; I'm sure you guys will have a lot of bull sessions at your reunion. Keep up the great work on the site.

01-18-02 Glenn Mosley, RM2 (Mose) - midfork@tds.net

Saw your website... great job. I went aboard AD-31 in Jan. 1965 from the USS Cony. I was aboard until 1967. went from Tidewater to CINCLANTFLT HQ in norfolk, was discharged in 1968. I worked in TTY Repair on AD-31 with Chief Potter, Carmichael RM2 and a guy named Admire (I think). I had considered staying in the Navy but with things heating up in 'nam thought it might be easier to avoid the "revenooers" here in eastern KY than to dodge sniper fire there. I was told i would probably be in the "brown water navy" if i re-uped and got 'nam duty. I am trying to locate some of my old pictures and if I can find them will scan onto a disc and mail for inclusion on the website.

Again ,you've done a really great job with the site.

Very best regards

01-08-02 Charles W. Lee (Bill), MR3 - clee460@insightbb.com
HeardOfUs: My brother-in-law found it surfing the web
Ship: 2 years; 1963 - 1965 Served 18 months on the Tidewater and 6 months on the Shenandoah;
City Now: Anderson, IN
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was an MR3 in light machine shop; went to the Med in 63 - was sitting in the Blue Bird Club in Naples, Italy when it was announced that Kennedy had been assassinated. Did Shore Patrol in San Juan on Lunar Street - what memories. Met a nurse from New York City when the Tidewater went to Hoboken, NJ for the World's Fair. Married her a year later and brought her home to Indiana. We now have have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren. I retired from GM after 39 years as a Tool and Die Maker - I credit the Navy for paving the way to become a journeyman tool and die maker. I was on a motorcycle vacation in out west somewhere about 5 years ago and ran into Lt. Groff - the ship's Dentist. I would like to locate Clyde Dickey from Arkansas, Carl Erkhardt from Maine and Meryl Andrews from Indiana. I'm looking forward to reminiscing both at the reunion and through this website. Keep up the fine work.

12-27-01 Robert Hall MM3 - IVANHOE61347@EARTHLINK.NET
Ship: AD31 - 1968 TO 1971
City Now: Northfield, MN.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I served aboard from 1968 to 1971. Assigned to M Div. engine room. Served as log room yeoman and planned maintenance coordinator. Top watch for cold iron status. Also stood throttles underway and for sea and anchor detail. Helped train the Indonesian officers.

I will send more information and pictures later. I'm so glad Jr. found the web site. I thought I had lost my second home.

In Omnia Paratus.

12-01-01 Kinglsey Bennett - kvb36@yourclearwave.com
Subject: New Years Eve in Naples

Bill, that picture of the Everglades and Tidewater brings back memories of Naples Italy. I was there in 1958, New Years Day. We had a ball New Years Eve. Got chased by the local police and lost my pea coat. Think I left it at a residence where a New Years party was being held. Those were crazy times when we did things we wouldn’t think of doing now, and wouldn’t want our sons doing.

Hope you continue getting good interest in your web site.  I thoroughly enjoy it.

10-28-01 W. B. "Stoney" Stonebraker, SK3 - wstoneb@tconl.com
Web search & former shipmate
Duty Station: '65-'67 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Omaha, Ne
How would you rate us: Excellent
Comments: Over the years I have kept in contact with several of the guys I met while on the Tide and relive old memories and experience with them from time to time.

A reunion sounds great and the winter of 2002, spring of 2003 would be ideal.  A lot of us northern boys could use a winter break!  Planning a reunion is a big job and I would help in any way I could.

I have a cruise book from '65 and perhaps a couple of other pieces of memorabilia I would be willing to share if anyone is interested.  If so, drop me a line and we'll work something out.

Great seeing the old tub again!

10-27-01 George A. Correa - georgecorrea@lvcm.com
Duty Stations: 1962-63 Stationed at Naval Academy; 1963-66 aboard Tidewater, S-4 Division
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Enlisted in October 1962. Was stationed at the Naval Academy from 1962 to 1963. Was transferred to the Tidewater (S-4 Division) and served from 1963 until 1966.

I returned to NYC and continued my education (College) under the GI bill. Moved west in 76 after getting married, started my own business and successfully sold it in 1995, then retired. We have a 23-year-old son who's a senior in College.

10-20-01 James E. Minton (Jimmy) - jjones25@midsouth.rr.com
web search
Duty Stations: 1945-46, USS Tidewater at Charleston Navy Yard, S..C.
City Now: Memphis, TN
How would you rate us: Supurb
Comments: I am a retired locomotive engineer after 44 years of service with the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. I have been married for 54 years and have three daughters and three grandsons.

While with the Tidewater, I served in the Engine Room as a Machinist Mate Striker. I am interested in information about any upcoming reunions for the Tidewater.

9-20-01 Bill Mortellaro - WAM-DEE@webtv.net
HeardOfUs: I found your site browsing
Duty Stations: Went aboard the Tidewater which was at the C-E piers Norfolk Va., in May 1952 and stayed aboard her until my discharge in Feb. 1956. Was assigned to the "M" division and was in the engine room for 2 yrs. Lt. Fabian was the engineering officer.
City Now: Buffalo, NY
Comments: Changed my rate to yeoman and was assiged to the "R" division. Ltjg. Strunk was the damage control officer until he was replaced by Ens.O'Rourke.

I replaced a fellow by the name of Al DeBiase. Was the yeoman for the engineering office and damage control office for the balance of my tour. My tour aboard the Tidewater was great. I made many friends from around the country. It's a period in my life that I shall never forget, and would never want to change. Your site brought back many happy memories.

I have never seen or heard of a reunion for the years I was aboard. It would be great to have one. Were not getting any younger.

As for your site, I think it"s fantastic. Keep up the good work.

7-22-01 D.R. Large - imcsusnret@webtv.net
HeardOfUs: surfing
Duty Stations: 27 YEARS  AD-31 AD-17 AR-13 AS-34
City Now: Va.Beach,Va. 23462
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Served on AD-31 1-57 to 5-63. Some of the shipmaes I remember are:Joe Scales, Wolfgram, Little, Curley Wilson, MRCM Norwood, Langston, Posey, Cawley, Lipton, Remaley, Bosh, R.D.Moore, Watts, Cappell, Darling, WO Gamber, WO Golinski, Hunstad, Richards and many more. I have Cruise Books, slides and pictures made during my tour of duty. Would like to hear from old shipmates. Please contact me.

06-29-01 Leonard M. Judickas - lennyj334@centurytel.net

I was looking at hazegray and found info about a possible reunion and also some photo's of the old girl. I served on her from April 52 thru Dec 53 up in the radio shack. I was a Teleman and helped with the mail also.Was transferred to the USS Leary DDR879 in Jan 54 where I stayed until my discharge in Nov. 55.

I've looked in the past and never found any pictures and so I'm attaching one of the ship taken when I was onboard, anchored out in Norfolk. I think it was an official navy photograph but there are no markings or dates on it.Her are some shipmates names from when I was aboard: John Miller, Howard Smith, James R.Jeffries, Lige F.Dunaway Jr., T.P.Murphy and Leo Conroy.

I've been involved with the USS Leary and we have had six reunions.Our next one in Sept. in St Louis.

06-26-01 Bob Brammer - flint123@ultravision.net
HeardOfUs: just searching the net
Duty Station: 1967-1971 USS Tidewater
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments:  Served in R-division as Shipfitter from 1967 till 1971. I have many fond memories of those days aboard the Tidewater.Would like to hear from any of my old shipmates (Dennison, Pagano, Wentworth).I now live in Texas. Happily married for the last 26 years. Have a daughter who is attending college. Love your website.

06-14-01 John Mack - mack@auburnfcu.net

My father, Stephen T. Mack, served as a radioman on the Tidewater in the late 60's. I recall him telling me stories of his Med cruises to Naples.

If I remember correctly, I believe a crew member was shot on a pier in Puerto Rico by the locals. It would be nice if I could find some info on the ship from that period.

06-13-01 Bruce Hoffman - svcplus@cei.net
HeardOfUs: just looking around
Duty Station: 4 years navy 2 years on tidewater
City Now: Batesville AR
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments:  left the Tidewater as 3rd class metalsmith. Worked in a sheetmetal shop then to school for a/c and heating. It all started in the sheetmetal shop in 57-59. It was a wonderful time. Next time around I might stay in for 20. Any one from the sheetmetal shop in 57, email me.

06-10-01 Tom Grabow GMTCM USN RET - tgrabow@tech-center.com
HeardOfUs: search engine
Duty Station: 67-69 off and on
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was aboard as part of COMCRUDESFLOT FOUR Staff (Ordnance). We shifted from Sierra to Shenandoah to Tidewater and back a lot. I worked Ordnance, fuel, and berthing schedules. Love your site, which I found while looking for info on the RA OWENS.

06-07-01 Candy Smith - redsexcandy@hotmail.com

My father served on the USS TIDEWATER back between the years of 1962 and 1967.  His name was Harry Paul Smith, and I was wondering if you knew my father or maybe you might be able to tell me a way that I could find Robert "Pappy" Davis who was a good friend of my dad while on board.  I heard so many NAVY stories about all the places the ship went and all the trouble my dad and Pappy got into and I think that's about my most enjoyable times as a youth. 

Dad passed away two years ago on May 17, 1999 but I would love to be able to finally meet or at least talk to Pappy if that is possible anymore.

Thank You for your time. Any and all help and suggestions you can give me would be greatly appriciated.

06-04-01 Bob Warwick - bobwarwick@home.com
HeardOfUs: Searching the Internet
Duty Station: 1965-1967 USS Tidewater
City Now : Aurora CO
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was a Storekeeper from Jan 1965-Jan 1967 and went on the Med cruise to Naples. I hung around with Sam Jones, Tom (The Monk) Joyce, Ted Krystek and Bill (Stoney) Stonebraker. I was from New Jersey when I was on the Tidewater but I live in Denver now. I am glad Bill took the time to create this website. Great job. I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me. A reunion of Sailors on the 1965 cruise would be great.

Since I found out about your website I contacted a friend that I have not seen since 1967 and I am going to see him in a month thanks to you and we live 2000 miles from each other.

05-21-01 Jim Tooley - molitorman@aol.com
x Tidewater sailor
Duty Station: 6 Years Service
City Now: Greene, NY,13778
Comments: I was aboard the USS Tidewater during 1965-1969. Station in Norfork, Va. Military Time spent aboard. Done 2 Med. cruises, one spring board in Virgin Is. If any of my Navy buddies want to contact me, above is my E-mail address. Looking at the web site was like going back to old times and memories. Happy sailing. Jim BMSN

05-13-01 BRIAN BANNER - llwmarigold@yahoo.com
Duty Station: 4 YEARS -AD-31 AND DDG-18 (SEMMES)
How would you rate us: Excellent
Comments: AD-31 from 03/67 to 07/69-SH3. DDG-18 from 07/69 to 09/70-SH3. USNR (ACTIVE) FROM 09/72 TO 12/77-SH2. Employed 24 years in judiciary as senior probation officer. Getting a Tidewater reunion off the ground would be a good idea. The latest news is that I'm looking forward to attending tin can sailors National Reunion at Annapolis ,MD from 09/02 TO 09/06/01. I've never visited the Naval Academy or the city of Annapolis before..

04-25-01 - George Edwards - edwards@citynet.net
a friend
Duty Station: 1955-1959   Tidewater  2/56-6/59
City Now: Ballard, WV 24918
How would you rate us: Excellent

04-06-01 James K. Meara - MTrxie@aol.com
Searching the web on my home computer
Duty Station: 3 yrs-3 months USS Tidewater
City: Ballston Lake NY
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Just retired from Kapl, Inc, in which I was still involved with the Navy for 30 years as a radiological engineer. I spent all my time as a MM in "A" Gang in the evaps and in the engine room when they were short. Also was on the 57-58 Med Cruise, and New York City cruise (great time). Miller was CPO and Sam Dutton was our First Class PO. Did the shipyard overhaul and Gitmo Bay shakedown. Was a great friend of JP Grease (broke him in on watches) and we traveled a lot from the ship to Springfield, MA. on 72's. I would like to see on your web site the ship's crew members at least for the Med Cruises. Love your site. Brings back old memories. Just saw your refueling picture 2001 and I remember when we ran into the tanker. Put three life boats in over 01 deck forward hatch. They put a hole in the Tidewater and we had an emergency breakaway for the fuel lines. (Memories).
Latest news: Enjoying retirement.         

04-04-01 Grover (Arnie) Hensley, MM3 - ghensley@sssnet.com

Subject: e-mail address change to ghensley@sssnet

First of all, thank you for posting my picture by my message. I forgot it existed! Second,my new e-mail address is ghensley@sssnet.com. If you could change it for me please. Again, I would like to hear from any of the guys in the engine room between 1964-66 time period.

Also,if there are any plans for a reunion in the up&coming months,I would like to be there. Thanks, Arnie.

04-03-01 David Sells - tlsdas01@aol.com
just surfing the net
Duty Station: 4 years in USN
City: Barberton, OH 44203
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I have been looking recently for sites of some of my old duty stations and ran across yours. I was on the USS Shenandoah AD26 a few piers down from the Tidewater at D&S piers. I was on the "Shen" from 10/70-12/72

04-01-01 George Lisee, SN(fc) - Lisee@BCN.net
Looking up US Navy Ships
Duty Station: AD31 - 11 MONTHS
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I trained at SAMPSON N.Y for the TIDEWATER 1945. Went aboard the TIDEWATER AD31 in 1946 just after she went in commission.I was 18 years old. Served 11 months aboard, met many friends.I stayed aboard to put the ship in mothballs for decommission. Capt. F.H. Ball was the skipper.
I lost a good crew mate who was injured fatally in a 60 ft. fall to the deck of the tender painting a boom from a boatswain's chair.His name was Seaman Benjamin Van Clippard.
I also have many fond memories.

03-31-01 Walter Serafin - WRand@webtv.net
Duty Station: 57-60 USS Tidewater
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: After completing a tour of duty, I spent 30 years in law enforcement - retired in 1996 and now traveling and enjoying life!  I have been married for 38 years and have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.  I am looking forward to the reunion in 2002.

03-30-01 JAY BOGAR - grubis@sunlink.net
searched the web
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Great Job!!!  The Tidewater is often on my mind especially now with an illness that requires me to be in touch with the VA
I was on the Tidewater 1966-1968.  I was on the Med cruise during the Israilie-Egyptian conflict.
Thanks again,  It was like old home week.

03-30-01 Gary A. Turner - gary_a_turner@mail.com
Duty Station: 63/64
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: My thanks to Warrant Officer Whiteside for kicking me in the butt and forcing to take the FN exam. Made IC Chief in eight year 21 days. I had a poster perfect career thanks to him.

03-28-01 Joseph Paul Sassani - venice2@earthlink.net
son-in-law is on active duty , Navy
Duty Station: served 1 year, 1945-1946
City Now: Baltimore, MD 21237
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Retired steel worker; married, 3, daughters, and 3 grandchildren. Interested in any photos on the USS Tidewater, from 1945-1946.

03-28-01 - Bryan S. Mauriber - b.mauriber@att.net
Duty Station:
2/66-2/68 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Teaneck, N.J.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: After boot camp reported to ship and was discharged from her.

03-20-01 Gary "Pete" Peterson, SK3 - gdpeterson@cmsinter.net
HeardOfUs: browsing
Duty Station: 1961-1965  USS Tidewater 64-65
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I was aboard the Tidewater, S-1 Div. from April of 1964 until I went ashore in Naples in Aug of 1965 to fly to the US via Rota Spain. I work for a power co in Michigan and will retire in September. I have a Med cruise book 1965 and a program of  "the Tidewater variety show" which I was in 4/8/1965. Does anyone know where Joe Sitton is? SK2 from Fairburn, Georgia.  

3-20-01 Brian Hutton - bhutton@uwyo.edu
Just typed up the ol' Tidewater on the search menu just to see what would happen.
Duty Station: 1966-1969 USS Tidewater AD31
City Now: Laramie, Wy.
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: Living in Laramie and working as custodian at the University of Wyoming. No longer married, have two kids. Daughter, Brandy, is married and expecting her first in or around June, son, Chris, is thinking about going back to the UW next fall.

I came aboard the Tidewater in '66. I was stationed  aboard her just before we went into dry docks in Baltimore and sailed down to Cuba for our shakedown cruise. Was on her when the "Six Day War' broke out so we steamed out of Naples and sailed to Souda Bay, Crete. After my second Med cruise, I was discharged the day we pulled into Norfolk, May 2. My discharge date was May 5, so I got out a few days early.

Did a lot of traveling on a big tub that is usually tied to the pier most of the time. Funny how you get so attached even though you weren't on her that long. The mind is going fast cause I can't remember which division I was in. Of course if I could find some of my Navy stuff I could tell you. Well this should give somebody a clue...... I was a Patternmaker 3rd Class, so I must have been in R2 Division.  

Couldn't believe there was a page, actually pages, on the '31. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Great job!!!! Good to see her again, thanks!!! Would like to see the names of other crew members that served on her when I was aboard. Miss some of those guys.

03-10-01 George M. Waslicki - fatquack@ec.rr.com
Served: 21YR 3 MO 21DAYS, All over the world
City Now: JACKSONVILLE, NC  28540
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Came aboard the Tidewater in Dec 64 as an HM3 and left in Feb 67 as an HM2.  Retired Oct 82 while stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC with the Marines.  Settled here with my wife and kids and became a police officer, a job from which I also retired.  Currently am working part time at the local community college as a course coordinator and living on 10 acres of woods with my wife and dog.  Would like to hear from any of the old medical department people who were there during my stay.

03-9-01 Frank Dest - ank34@sbcglobal.net

I'm already listed on the Fantail - served on this ship from 1951 to 1955. Remember a lot of close friends I worked with in the engine room. I'll give the last names: Thomas, Hayes, Doboes, Green, Fielding, LeBlanc, Burgess, our Chief, George Underwood, what a great guy. There wasn't anything he didn't know about the engine room.

I also remember when we went ashore in Charleston SC, Liza Lucas Club, if I spelled this right. LeBlanc was a singer, and when you were in his company, there was no check. What a singer.

There is one more name, a little guy - the Greek. We spent several years together, many watches in the engine room,and he was always singing.I know  its been 50 years, but maybe they are still around, or family members may see this. Great guys, always happy.

And Hayes when he went ashore... I better leave it at that. These guys also worked in the Boiler room.

I became a Police Officer,when I left the Navy in 55,served 30 years with the Waterbury Police Dept,now retired. That's Waterbury, Connecticut.

3-2-01 Steve Carr - liviussteven@aol.com
HeardOfUs: luck!!
Duty Station: 4 years  USS Tidewater, USS Sierra, COMCRUDESFLOT4
City Now: Goldsboro NC
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I was a RM3 when I reported aboard in 1970. I was part of the crew that decommissioned the Tidewater in 1971.  The only cruise I took on her was one to Bermuda.. had a great time there!  She was a good ole ship... and the food was excellent.  I think i gained about 10 pounds while i was aboard.  After the Tidewater I went to Comcrudesflot4 aboard the USS Sierra...

I was surprised to find this  page.... glad I did!!!

2-24-01 Ralph Lovaglio SK3 - RalphSK3@Aol.com
From Brother
Duty Station: 1956-1959   USS Tidewater AD31
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: Find out about the reunion for 2002

2-24-01 Frank Dest - ank34@sbcglobal.net

My name is Frank Dest, I just bought a computer, and while going through it, I clicked on on the USS Tidewater AD31, I served on this ship, from 1951 to 1955, I loved the ship, I can remember while on maneuvers in the North Atlantic, a ship along side of us, their anchor struck the side of our ship, did a lot of damage, I was on duty in the shaft alley.

I was a machinist mate, snipe, worked in the engine room. I was 17 years old, was discharged in 1955. I had a lot of friends aboard this ship. I'm 67 Years old and seeing this picture brings back a lot on memories, for me and my five children, and five grandchildren.

There is no mention of this, also the ports we visited in Northern Europe, I  wanted to respond to tell you how I felt about this ship. I was honorably discharged from this ship in 1955. Home port was Charleston S.C.

2-24-01 Terrance (Terry or Woody) Wood  GMG2 - quasi@pathway.com
looking for ship mate
Duty Station: Tidewater 1963-65
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Was a member of the EOD team and worked with the ships divers. Would like to find some of the old gang. Am retired from State of Mich. and the Nat. Guard where I made E-8 and run a detachment of EOD at Camp Graling MI.

 Red Simpson if your out there give a call?

02-21-01 Walter Johnson - batusa@arn.net

How y'all are? (one enemy is too many; 100 friends are too few)

Did they rename the CE (Convoy Escort) Piers?  I was aboard the USS
EVERGLADES AD24 (Plank Owner; Comm San Diego 052551) from 'day one' and left her for discharge at the CE Piers (our's was the one next to the coaling docks--we got lots of coal dust) on 090354.  The 'Swamp Lady' was the only ship I was ever aboard (except those TAD when playing for the Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Forces basketball and baseball teams). 

We are to have our 2001 reunion in King of Prussia, PA.  Close to Philly.  I'm in hopes I can 'find' some of the stuff that was removed from the EVERGLADES before she was towed to India and cut up for scrap. She'd been in the PhilNavYard in mothballs before being removed in 1991.

Y'all hang tough until the fat lady sings,

Walter/Bette Johnson in BATUSA (Beautiful Amarillo Texas USA)
USS EVERGLADES AD24 16th Annual Reunion 09-01 PHILADELPHIA

(Changed from Boston)
17th 09-02 Colorado Springs

02-21-01 Joseph Kolodick - merrymax@web-unwired.net
by chance
Duty Station: 2 years on the USS Tidewater AD-31 1961-63
Comments: I had 2 great years aboard the Tidewater and am very interested to hear from others aboard the ship during these years.  The Reunion idea for 2002 sounds great.

02-17-01 Ralph Lovaglio, SK3 - SWEETKISSES6787@AOL.COM

HeardOfUs: Brother referred me
Duty Station: 4 YEARS - USS Tidewater AD31
City: Levittown, NY
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: SERVED WITH NAVY FROM 1956-59

01-16-01 Mike Warman, TM3 - warmantmcret@yahoo.com

Heard Of Us: Another Tidewater shipmate
Duty Station: 1961-1964
City Now: Lake Mary, Fl.
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I came aboard in June of 1961 from the USS Waldron (DD-699) as a TM3. I left in Dec. 1964 with orders to report for EOD training as a TM1. I would like to hear more about any future reunion plans.

01-12-01 PORTENGINEROOM@aol.com

Would like to know more about the ship around the years of 1948 to 1950. The Tidewater was the first my brother was assigned to out of boot camp in 48. He went on to serve 30 yrs in the Navy. I am trying to put in order the the ships he served on in those 30 yrs. Anyone who can help, I would appreciate it. He started out as a G/M going to G/M 1, before he went through a conversion plan to change rates.

Eventually he retired as a Chief Aviation Electronics Technician.
His name was Robert P. Curran (Bob) Passed away October 99.

01-12-01 Ricky Honaker - Rick1963@aol.com

HeardOfUs: Web Search
City: Las Vegas, NV
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: My dad, Raymond Lee Roy Honaker, served aboard the Tidewater in the very early 1960's. He died in a tragic accident in 1967. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have served with him.

01-06-01 Richard Snyder - RichardSnyderSr@msn.com

HeardOfUs: surfing the web about the USS Cole
Duty Station: 3 years 8 months USS Tidewater 3yrs. 5 months Jan. 1965 to June 1968
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Joined the Navy in October 1964. After boot camp reported aboard the Tidewater. Jan. 1965. as a snipe E2. A number of us was assigned to the deck gang for the 1965 Med Cruise. After returning was finally asigned to M Div. Went on another Med Cruise in 1967 and then went to Mayport were I was discharged.

Duty Station: 4 YRS IN NAVY - USS TIDEWATER 1952-1955
How would you rate us: Superb

01-04-01 GLEN E. KELSO, TM3 - hrgoof@cs.com

HeardOfUs: buddy off a destroyer
Duty Station: 4 yrs. in Nov.58 to Aug.62 on tidewater
City Now: Ormond Beach, FL
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: was a TM-3 when discharged. Went to work for Mack Trucks Inc.30 yrs. retired 1-1-93 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Moved to FL. July 97. Now am transportion manager for 6 hotels on the beach. Are there any reunions in the future?

01-03-01 Grover (Arnie) Hensley MM3 - ghensley@sssnet.com
surfing the web
Duty Station: 3 years (kitty cruise) USS TIDEWATER AD31
City Now: Massillon,Ohio
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: After boot camp at Great Lakes, had to wait for school in Patuxent River, Md. Came aboard Tidewater 05/08/64 assigned to engine room. Out at sea I was on the throttles. Many times I blew the safeties coming into port at San Juan and in Norfolk. Had a lot of fun in Naples at the Bluebird Club, and taking the boat out to Isle of Capri. I was discharged while we were in drydock at Baltimore 08/12/66 . Would like to hear from some of the guys in the engine room.

12-17-00 Bill Shook - LLYNBILL@citcom.net

Would like any info on USS Tidewater reunions. My brother G.C."tony"SHOOK DC2 served on big "T" around 59 to maybe 62.....after seeing my old shipmates at USS POWER DD839 reunions I know he would be wild about seeing some of his......

12-17-00 Herb Dins - bearman@execpc.com
I visit the Navy website regularly and saw the Tidewater listed on related websites.
Duty Station: Was in July'62 through July '65 Served on the Shenandoah AD 26 & was a Plankowner on Conynham DDG 17
City: Fond du Lac, Wi 54935-3029
How would you rate us: Absolutely GREAT

12-06-00 Kingsley Bennett - cb43@YourClearWave.com
HeardOfUs: Ron Kohl, an old shipmate
Duty Station: 4 yrs. NAS SanDiego 1yr, USS Tidewater, USS Sierra
City: Ewing, Illinois 62836
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: Spent over 3 yrs aboard the Tidewater. Left as ML2. Worked in the foundry. Lead PO last two years. Med cruise 57-58. Went skin diving while in Palma, Spain. Kohl and I wanted to chicken out because of the cold temp of the water; however, several Spanish soldiers were watching from a cliff above us so we had to do it. We nearly froze, but we showed those Spanish guys that US Navy guys are "studs." Got out of navy May, 1959. Spent 27 years with US Treasury Dept before retiring at end of 1992. Now fish and hunt. It's a tough life, but what can I do.

12-05-00 RADM William C Wyatt, USN (Ret) - Wyatt_Bill@prc.com

Hi, what a surprise? I never dreamed anyone had a website for good ole Tidewater. I was repair officer on Tidewater from summer of 1963 to summer of 1965 when I left the ship in Naples to go to WestPac. I stayed on active duty until summer of 1985 where I was Fleet Maintenance Officer on the Pac Flt staff for my last five years of active duty.

I particularly remember Lt. Mac Phillips, my assistant, and the repair office yeoman, Clayes (sp?). He was leaving the Navy for college and I sold him my old clunker of a go to work car for a dollar as we were leaving for the Med.

Capt Mac Millan was relieved by Capt Spitler while I was on the ship. We made two Med deployments spending the first Christmas on the southern coast of France. It was a fun tour of duty as we had a wonderful crew. I had been in the naval shipyard in Portsmouth, Va for three years prior to reporting aboard and relieving Pete DeJarnette.

Thank you for building a website. I am still working full time and I am with a Litton Division and help in designing and building warships for the Navy. We will also repair the USS Cole (we had built her in Pascagoula, Ms) after the Blue Marlin returns her to Pascagoula in December.

Best wishes, Bill

12-03-00 Sarah Athey - Moonbeam_79_217@yahoo.com)
I was researching family history and found out that my great uncle was on the ship in the 1950"s
Duty Station: He served 4 years. I know he was on the USS Tidewater in 1952 through 1954
City: Newark OH
How would you rate us: Superb
Comments: I would like to see some pics of the sailors on the ship in the 1950's. I would like to see pics of what my great uncle was on.

11-24-00 M Nesiba - nesiba_mj@hotmail.com
surfing/father asking
Duty Station: four years served/USS Tidewater; Charleston SC to Norfolk VA.
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments:  Hello to all.  I'm writing this letter on behalf of my father, Milton Nesiba.  I called him earlier and told him that I was finally able to find the web site/info on the Tidewater.  Really made his day. 

My father served on the Tidewater from 1951 to 1955.  He worked in the 5th and 6th divisions.  Working in the Machinery/Machinery repair/Optical departments.  He made two cruises on the Tidewater; 1952 and in 1954. 

My dad doesn't have a computer so I told him I would respond on his behalf.  If there are any old shipmates out there who remember my dad, please contact me at my email address and I'll be happy to pass any and all information.  My dad has great memories of the ship and really enjoyed his time there as well as the friends he made.  

11-23-00 Ron Kohl - NLUSONE@aol.com
Got lucky, and found this superb site hiding in my PC.
Duty Station: I was in the NAVY 4 years and served briefly aboard th USS Gearing (DD710) and then aboard the USS Tidewater (AD-31) from 9/55 thru6/59
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: During my tour aboard the Tidewater I worked as an MR-3 in R-2 Div. The Light & Heavy Machine Shops. In 1958 I was leading PO in the Optical Machine shop. I thoroughly enjoyed two Med. Cruises. Did a yard overhaul in Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard, and a shakedown cruise to Guitmo. During the10/14/57 thru 2/24/58 Med Cruise I remember Christmas in Naples, and the wild bore hunt in Izmir Turkey where I hit the slot machine at the USAF,NCO Club for$500. We had relieved the USS Arcadia(AD-23)and were relieved by the USS Cascade (AD-16).

During one of the Med. Cruises I was temporarily assigned to the staff of COMSERVFORCE6 and was the snipe on the Chief Staff Officers Gig Capt. Boots Copeman.While we were steaming for Cannes, France the coxswain insisted that the bilge plugs be pulled and the bilges painted. When we arrived  in France the gig was hoisted off the 0-1 fwd. and we immediately headed for fleet landing. When we realized that the bilge plugs were still open back on the Tidewater, we raced back to the ship which nearly sank before they could get slings under the gig. (that was close)/

I got to wear civies and stay ashore overnight while the crew did Cinderella Liberty. If anyone knows, please tell me.What happened to J.D.Cox, R-2 Div. from Fort Worth, Texas? I'm still very actively involved with the Navy as a Director, and Chairman of the Ships Committee, Philadelphia Council, Navy League of the United States. I have a ball arranging embarks for council members aboard all types of Naval Vessels and Submarines. Be sure to let me know about the next reunion, I'll be there. 

11-05-00 Roger P. Nash, YNT3 - rpnash@merr.com
: Searching the web
Duty Station: 2 years - 23 months aboard USS Tidewater (AD-31)
City: Wauwatosa, WI
How Would You Rate Us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: Been searching for a site like this for four years. Came aboard ship when she was anchored out in the bay. Boat first came along side with the rope ladder hanging from the Starboard side. Scared the hell out of me the first day. Boat then came alongside the stairs coming down to the waters edge.

I served aboard the Tidewater for 23 months. Went on the 14 Oct 1957 to 24 Feb 1958 Med cruise. I was a Yeoman 3rd class in the Repair Office. Most of the guys knew me because they needed something from me - I was the Liberty Yeoman in charge of liberty cards. Learned the Machinist Trade from the guys down in the shop and became a journeyman machinist when I got out. Many, many stories to tell. Presently retired from 25 years as a CNC Instructor at the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Keep up the good work and keep me posted.

10-10-00 Jim O'Donnell (O'D) - jodonnell@bis.tepsco.com
Surfing Navy Web
Duty Station: Two Years Active Duty USNR USS Tidewater 8/63-7/65
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I've been looking for a Tidewater site forever, thank you. I was in S-4 Div. Laundry from 8/63-7/65 Made both Med Cruises but returned to the States in July. You might remember a bunch of us guy's from N.Y., most of us were in S-4. I recently visited Norfolk in Aug., they don't call it D&S Piers anymore.

My son is a CTT2 going on his 6th yr. in Jan. He just made a Med deployment on the Wasp and I was able to go on the Tiger Cruise. It was great to be on a ship again. I did have to tell them that the chow was much better on the Tidewater. I also must tell you that even after 35 yrs. some things never change.

If you remember me please send me an e-mail, I'll send some to the ones I remember during our time frame.

10-08-00 Doug Bruton, RM2- Brute10@swbell.net
Ships: Four years active..13 years reserve, NavSta Algiers, La (1956) Radio School Bainbridge, MD (1957) USS Hollister DD788 1957-59 NAS Moffett Field 1959-60 - USS Hooper DE 1972 USS Oldendorf FF 1975
City: Denison, Tx 75020
How Would You Rate Us: Excellent
Comments: I had four great years in the navy 1956-60. Served aboard the Hollister DD788 1957-59, made two cruises to South Pacific (Austrailia, Philippeans, Hong Kong, Guam, Okinawa, Japan, Fiji, Admiralty Islands, Singapore, Hawaii...would really like to hear from any old shipmates...or Bainbridge Radio School classmates from 1957. Nothing left of Bainbridge now, it has been bulldozed to the ground. Also stationed at Algiers NavSta LA 1956-57 and Moffett Field AirTransWingPac 1959-60. Great page...keep up the great work

10-05-00 William (Bill) Doran, E-5 - beve@bellsouth.net
W. D. Cook
Duty Station: AD31 1958-1962
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Home Page: USS Tidewater 1958-1962 Page
Comments: Had 4 years of the grandest party ever, aboard the Tidewater, met a lot of fine men. Just finished up a Reunion with several of the guys here in Florida, sorry we didn't know of your home page at the time. Researched the Web, and could not find any info, so created our own.

Please feel free to visit or write, we'll tag our page to refer the guys to your site, in hopes that we never lose touch with each other.

Best regards, and happy sailing Sailors!

10-01-00 Richard Bonnett, DM3 - tallhatis@comcast.net
internet search for reunions, etc..
Duty Station: was aboard Tidewater in 1965-1966
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I want to get connected to the Tidewater Reunion group or association. Do they have reunions? This is my first time at this web site.

I want the ship's history including the use of the ship after decommisioning ...particularly, Is the ship still owned by Indonesia and what is it used for?...military?... commercially?.
I was aboard in the R-1 Division in 1965-66 and went on the 1965 Mediterrainean cruise... Was anchored in Naples for that cruise.

09-09-00 Leonard Brissette, BM3 - Sockets52@Aol.com
Just cruising web.
Duty Station: Sept.71-June 75 USS Hollister DD788
City: Auburn Mi. 48611
How Would You Rate Us: Excellent
Comments: I'm looking for old friends that were on the ship when I was. I'm beginning to think that most people that were on the ship then don't have computers yet.

09-07-00 Mike Lapcevic - yugo43@aol.com
Happened to stumble upon your Home Page
Duty Station: Served 3 years 61-64 (Tidewater AD31 62-64)
City: Staten Island, New York
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Enlisted as a 17 year old (Kitty Cruise). After boot camp I pulled a year of shore duty at the Little Creek Amphib base. I boarded the Tidewater in 62 as she was in dry dock in Portsmouth, Va. and reported to the Engine Room. I also spent time in the Evaporators. Oh those shaft alley watches.

She was being fitted with the drone deck. My first cruise was to San Juan, Gitmo Bay. We followed that with a Med Cruise tied up to the sea wall in Naples. We spent that Xmas in Toulon, France. Many memories . . .

I am presently the pre-press manager of the Staten Island Advance (flagship newspaper of the Newhouse Family.)

08-29-00 John Bowman - Nilmorhrd@aol.com

I remember the ol' gal quite well. I went aboard her from Boot camp in April 52. Spent my whole hitch on her. Got out in Jan 56 and went back in Oct 56. Changed my rating to Comm Tech and retired in 72 as a E-7 Had the best time of my life on that first hitch.

The one incident I remember so well is the collision we had in the North Atlantic with the USS Coates. It happened in 52 or 53 and we were highlining movies with the Coates when she lost her 'gyro' and "bam" she plowed into our Starboard midships. I was eating lunch on the mess deck along with a couple hundred more guys and the starboard bulkhead parted with the Coates' anchor ripping inside. Talk about "Bluejackets scrambling," The whole mess deck was cleared in about 30 to 40 seconds.

As you know the Tide could fix anything that floated, and ouir great crew of shipfitters got the ol' gal patched up and we headed for S... City. The patch was so good that we never even went into the Yards for repair.

I was one of the Ship's Barbers and had open gangway but I always had to be available to cut the Captain's hair or any other Capt or Admiral who happened to be aboard . Talking about RHIP!

I had a tour of duty at NAVCOMSTA Rota, Spain from 66 to 69 and the Tide pulled into Rota for R& R on her way for a Med cruise or coming back from one, I can't really remember exactly. I really had a great time aboard her.

The Web site is really nice. I've been looking for any info on her for some time. Was also aboard the USS Lowry DD770 for awhile and was really surprised how small whe was, the berthing facilities really sucked. She was a real ugly duckling along side the fast sleek Greyhounds, but there was nothing, absoluting nothing, that she couldn't fix.

Well, Bill, Kudos to you for such a great site and the best to you and yours.

8-29-00 - Don Qualls - dkqualls@sigecom.net
My Dad, Charlie Qualls
Duty Station: USS Tidewater 52-54
City: Evansville, IN
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: My Dad served on the Tidewater from 52-54. He is searching for his old crewmates.

8-27-00 Glenn L Hostetter - hostetter@widomaker.com
HeardOfUs: By e-mail
Duty Station: 21 Years too many to discuss here
How Would You Rate Us: Excellent
Comments: Served onboard the Tidewater from 7/54 to 2/56 in outside repair as the leading PO of outside repair which was just inside the lower hatch on the portside. Overhauling many valves and regulators from ships alongside and in the Navy yards. Enjoyed my tour aboard and passed the Chief's test before leaving for shore duty.

8-23-00 Earl Leonard - retemcs@aol.com
HeardOfUs: nephew found your page and sent it to me
Duty Station: 22 years.Cruisers,Oilers,Destroyers,Tender,Carrier, Salvage
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I was the CPO in charge of the Electrical repair Shop (R3 Div)before, during and after the 1960 Med cruise. I have a cruisebook and scanner if anyone desires a photo from it.

7-29-00 Boyd. G. Hart - BGHart32@aol.com
Duty Station:
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I would like to see a ship's roster and any email addressess like I get from my other ships.I was on that cruise of 1960. I still have the cruise book.

Know any of these guys?

Tanner JC , Tipton BP, Henderickson JE, Stokes JD, Jenson RL, Krutchkoff MG, Johnson CB, Gross L, Fuller WJ, Thomas LJ, Theriault RP, Gunter AR, Grise JP, Mayhew RD, Melzo TFjr, Moody RC, Burlew HE, Briening DP, Miller KR, Kesel LG.  I was with them on the med cruise of 1960.  We were all in A gang. Thanks for any info you might be able to come up with.

Thank You - BG Hart, ENC, USN RET

07-21-00 George T. Crisp - GandDCrisp@aol.com

Duty Station: 1953-1958; AD-31, Naval Gun Factory
City Now: Bend, OR 97701
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: After release from active duty in '58, I sold building materials in Oregon until becoming a high school and college English teacher for the 30 yrs. before retirement in '93. Now we golf, ski, and travel. But my tour of duty on the TIDEWATER remains a highlight in my memories. I still communicate with Frederick Heath and Louis Carusillo.

07-19-00 Fred D. Lewis - fdlewis@cox.net
Duty Station: 3/53 - 1/57 aboard the Tidewater
City Now: Baker, La. 70714
How Would You Rate Us: Excellent
Comments: Served aboard the Tidewater and made two Med cruises. Had a twin brother aboard with me and we both worked in the Optical Shop. Our rates were OM2.

06-29-00 Tawnya Jackson - dralog2@yahoo.com

My dad served on the USS TIDEWATER in 1957, his name is Stanley D. Wallis. For a year I have been trying to locate one of his Navy buddies by the name of Richard Aloi. I have had no success. I happened onto this site and I can't wait to tell him about it.

I have printed off some of the pages for him. He doesn't have a computer yet but my brothers and I are still working on him! If anyone from the TIDEWATER remembers Stanley D. Wallis I would so much appreciate you contacting me and I will pass on the information. I'm sure if he could talk to someone from the TIDEWATER that would be the boost he would need to get his own computer.

My dad has the kind of personality that if you were on the ship with him you probably remember him. He is still quite the character and his sense of humor is still intact.

06-26-00 Nate Demuth - ned127_@excite.com
HeardOfUs: keyword search
City: Hudson WI 54016
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: My dad was aboard for the '65 Med Sea cruise you described.  I have heard stories from the time he spent in both Naples and Mallorca.

Great site.  You should see if you could get a list of the collateral sailors might have from Tidewater.  I have this brass ashtray my grandmother gave me several years ago, and I think my father may have had a Zippo lighter with either a relief or engraving of the ship on it.

06-04-00 Steve Newbauer - ambasweld@juno.com

Greetings to you. I was TAD on the Sierra for only a couple of weeks waiting for the Tidewater to arrive inport. I was only on the Tidewater for about 2 months before being transferred off of her to my shore duty assignment which was on the Markab (Naval Inactive Ship Repair Facility at Mare Island Naval Station in Vallejo, Ca.) where I spent about 20 months I think before getting out of the navy. While on the Tidewater I was assigned to the sheetmetal shop as I was a SFM2 (shipfitter metalsmith) but I really did not know much about metalsmithing as a tin can sailor did not work with sheetmetal much. I did far more pipefitter type work even though I was not a SFP.

I have a navy page on my website which I invite you to visit. Here is the URL: http://ambasweld.homestead.com.

06-03-00 Charles Marmon - cmarmon@lcc.net
HeardOfUs: military.com
Duty Station: Tidewater 7/57-12/59 Enterprise 3/61-7/64
City: Lufkin Tx 75901
How Would You Rate Us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I went aboard the Tidewater as FA assigned to main propulsion and "A" gang. I left the Tidewater to go to "nuke" school.

The Tidewater was a real hard ship to like. Work you to death and beat the dead body trying to get another minute out of it.

I left the Navy in 1964 and enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1965. I retired from the Coast Guard as W3. During my time in the navy, It was yard, Gitmo, Med, Norfolk and so on.

I enlisted in the Coast guard and went to all the rest of the ports in the world. But never to the Med.

I have a lot of fond memories of the Tidewater. The crew was great. None better. But the duty was rough. For snipes, that is.

I am looking for a photo of the Tidewater. I lost my copy somewhere. I have a few photos of the Oct 57 med trip. Nothing major. The old kodak brownie took poor photos.

Thanks for site.

06-03-00 Dan Dove - ddove84994@aol.com
HeardOfUs: military.com
Duty Station: USS Hollister DD788 1968
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: US Navy Reserves 1965-1972
USS Hollister DD788 1968
Chu Lai Viet Nam 1968-1969
US Marine Corps Reserves 1975-1977

05-14-00 Si Daugherty - sinann@shore.intercom.net
HeardOfUs: surfing the net
Duty Station: 4 yrs USNA, 2 yrs USS Cony DDE 508, 2 yrs Tidewater
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I was First Lieutenant on Tidewater from 1960-1962. Great site. Thanks for doing it.

05-02-00 Janeen Heath - mamathang@ivillage.com
HeardOfUs: researching Dogpile for info on the Tidewater
Duty Station: My father served on the Tidewater about 66-69
City: Mesquite, TX 75150
How Would You Rate Us: Excellent
Comments: I grew up listening to my dad's (Ron Kramer)tales of his med cruise that he started 2 days after I was born (at Langley AFB). He had a super 8mm camera that he brought with him during the cruise and I love the pictures of the porpoises that would swim alongside the ship. I also love his story about eating octopus in Greece. It seems like he really had a great adventure.

BTW, My uncle Gary Kramer also served on the same ship a few years later.

04-10-00 Paul Witkowski - witkowsk@ohio.edu
HeardOfUs: I bid on an AD31 patch on e-bay. I was contacted by another bidder and told about the web page.
Ships: USS R.A. Owens DDK-827 Nov. 1957-Dec. 1960. USS Tidewater AD-31 Jan. 1960-Feb.1961. R-1 Division Pipe shop.
City: Athens, Ohio 45701
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: SFP2-P1. I was aboard for one Med cruise. Loved the ship and the trip. I now belong to the R.A. Owens DD 827 Shipmate's Association. We meet every two years and last met in Sept. 1999 in Bath Maine. Maybe we should start a reunion group for the Tidewater?

03-27-00 Boyd G. Hart - BGHart32@aol.com
USN Web site
Duty Station: USS Tidewater AD31, 8/59 to 10/61 Eng Repair Shop
City: Buena Vista. Va. 24416
How Would You Rate Us: Superb

02-26-00 Jeff Coffin - jeffrey_p_coffin@fpl.com
Looking for my ship on the internet.
Duty Station: USS Tidewater AD 31 , 8/66 to 8/68
City: Freeport, Maine 04032
How Would You Rate Us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I was on the Tidewater from August,1966 to August, 1968, assigned to operations as a QM3. We made a Med. cruise in the spring of 1967. I will never forget the great times I had while serving on board her. It was great to find this website, Keep up the good work!!!

01-08-00 TC Thompson - tc174@prodigy.net
Duty Station: 2 years active USS Tidewater / USS Lowry DD 770
How Would You Rate Us: Absolutely GREAT
Comments: I was checking my other ship's web site and also looking for my brother's ship, the J.D. Blackwood (DE-218), when I found your site. Great job. I served aboard the Tidewater upon completing DC A-School in San Francisco.

I picked up the ship in Suda Bay, Crete Greece, in 1967. We served as the advanced repair vessel during the Arab / Israeli 6 day war. We returned to Naples, Italy after that and were tied up to the sea wall for several months. Upon our return to the states I was able to attend Class 1 welding school in Portsmouth. Just after completing the course I was transferred off the Tidewater and on to the USS Lowry DD-770 and made a West-Pak cruise to Vietnam.

If any one knows if a cruise book is available for the time I was on the Tidewater, please contact me at my e-mail

Thanks again. Tom Thompson

11-27-99 William C. Boll - wcbol@worldnet.att.net
Just typed in USS Tidewater on a search
Duty Station: 1962-1966 USS Tidewater (AD31)
City: Kenilworth, N.J. 07033
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Served two years on the deck force and two years in the Personnel Office. Retired from the Elizabeth, N.J. Police Department after 26 years. I'm presently a college professor at Warren County Community College. Visit my site at http://jimi.warren.cc.nj.us/~lambda/

10-09-99 George Krickovich - w2yj@rochester.rr.com
HeardOfUs: Bill Cook.George Krickovich - ET2
City: Marilla, NY
Comments: It was good to view the  guest book. As a matter fact, the picture you have on the WEB site is better than any I have of myself!

I began my Navy career assigned to the USS McDonough DLG8. Served aboard her for about a year then went to ETA school in Chicago, ILL in 1962.

I was assigned to the Tidewater in the spring of 1963 after completing ETA school. After 3 fabulous months of mess hall duty, was told this was required of all new transferees, I was finally assigned to the ET gang. I did two Med tours aboard the Tidewater, Christmas 63 and Spring of 65. I was involved in a rock band where we entertained at the Chiefs club in Naples during the 63 tour. Got to wear civvies! Called it a career in October of 1965.

I wonder if anyone has heard from Steve Yarborough or Williard D Stickney who were in the rock band with me? Are there any ET's out there who served with me during my tour 63 - 65? I would be great to have a eye ball with some of my old shipmates.

George Krickovich

09-18-99 Danny & Stacey Jenkins - StaceyJenkins63@yahoo.com
my cousin served on the Tidewater
City: Bunnell, FL
How Would You Rate Us: Absolutely GREAT

08-29-99 Harold P. Nitch - nitchh@bellatlantic.net
City: Cedar Grove, NJ
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Harold P. NitchMy thanks to you for the great Tidewater website. I served aboard her from Oct. 1959 to Oct. 1961 and your website brought back a lot of memories. It was interesting to see from your photos that the aft 5-in./38 gun mount had been replaced with a helicopter deck.

I began my tour assigned to 1st Division (Deck Force). On Dec.5, 1959 we transferred a Mercury capsule and "Sam", the first monkey launched into space, from the recovery ship U.S.S. Borie to Norfolk pierside.

Prior to the 1960 Med. cruise, I was sent to the Little Creek Amphibious Base for Assault Boat Coxswain School and subsequently assigned to Boat Division running Tidewater's boats and liberty launches during our 6 month deployment. While in Pireaus, Queen Fredericka of Greece and her family were afforded full honors as guests aboard ship. After completion of the Med. cruise, I was transferred to and completed my tour in R-5 Division (Torpedo Shop).

It would be great if someday there could be a "Big T" reunion....

08-14-99 Tom Philhower, Sr. - tphilhower@ez-net.com
City Now
: Wausaukee,WI. 54177
HeardOfUs: My son
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: A well done. I was stationed on the Tidewater from July 1966 till October 1969. If I can help you with anything from that time span let me know. I was an Opticalman. Our "A" school was right by the lake in Great Lakes, we had space in the FT school. My son sent me this like, I owe him a big thank you.

I also had a cousin aboard AD31 -- Elwood Philhower, BM. Not sure when he served but it was before me. Elwood retired after about 22-23 years. If you have a cruise book would you check it out. I do know he made at least one Med. cruise. Thank you, for tis a very special place.

Editor's Note: We found this picture of Tom's cousin in our 63-64 Cruise Book.

08-13-99 Marvin(Gene) Shelton - gshelton@widomaker.com

I found a menu of the Thanksgiving Day Dinner from 1963. Hopefully the scan is good enough to be visible. Gene Shelton - TM2I notice "The Greek" is listed in this menu. I do remember we ate well aboard the Tidewater. Will send more if and when I find them.

Regards,         Gene Shelton

Editor's Note: Click Here to see the menu Gene sent to us.

Gene Shelton - TM208-03-99 Stephen M. Comatis - stevethegreek@attbi.com
City Now: Nantucket, MA 02554
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Served aboard this vessel from 1962-1964. I was 3rd class cook, better known as "The Greek".  We took first place in a cook off in Naples, Italy.

07-30-99 Louis Steger - steger@rochester.rr.com
City Now: Groveland, IL
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: I was aboard the USS Tidewater 1956-57, served as paymaster

07-26-99 Thomas James Philhower, Jr. - thomasjr@ipa.net
Subject: Thank You

I would like to thank you for the page you created. My father, Thomas Philhower Sr., served aboard the Tidewater. I am going to send this page to him so he can enjoy it also. I am sorry that I can't remember the dates he served. Thank you again.

07-04-99 Robert S. Karper USN(RET) - rskarper@innernet.net
HeardOfUs: searching web pages for ships
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Good Morning, and a happy  4th of July to you and your family.    Do  you have any plans for a reunion of the great ship TIDEWATER ?    This was my first ship, when I started my career.   I was  in the ship's company at the time.     let me know.    I was aboard the USS...Tidewater   from  1966-1968, my first ship,   Thank you  for keeping her alive. Bob Karper,  DCCS(SW), USN(RET)

07-02-99 Mike Sharp - msharp@kc.rr.comMike Sharp

Picked up this jpeg off ebay, thought maybe you could use it.

07-01-99 Larry Lefferts, Ltjg - j-althage@neiu.edu
City Now:
Chicago, IL
HeardOfUs: Lucky find
How Would You Rate Us: Superb
Comments: Aboard USS Tidewater AD-31  4-60 to 10-62
Editor's Note: Since Mr. Lefferts is the first officer to be piped aboard our home page, Captain Hawes informs me that the Lieutenant will need to serve as OOD on this watch until he is relieved by another officer. Someone please make sure that Lt. Lefferts has plenty of coffee and a key to the head.<g>

06-08-99 Terry Grant - terry.grant@compaq.com

Hi: My Dad , Donald Grant served on the Tidewater in WWII. He met my Mom in Naples, took her home to the US and married her. It was nice to see the postcard from Naples.

05-25-99 Mike Sharp - msharp@kc.rr.comMike Sharp

I have a video tape that is about 40 minutes that is a composite of a dozen or so 8mm movies that I took at sea, around Norfolk, Naples, Gibralter, San Juan.etc.  Also a few personal shots of family and home on leave which hopefully will be ignored.

I will send this to any Tidewater vet for viewing on the condition that it is returned in a short period of time.

Bill Cook - ET205-24-99 Bill Cook, ET2 - BillCook@BillCook.net
City Now:
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170
HeardOfUs: Webmaster is me
How Would You Rate Us: I'm partial - Supurb!
Comments: I want to personally welcome you to the Fantail. This is where you can share information about what's been going on with you since you left the Tidewater.

If you have a picture of yourself when you were on the Tidewater or if you weren't on the Tidewater and just want to share your Navy picture with us, please send it to me at the address below and I'll make sure that it gets back to you quickly and safely. I have a Med Cruise Book (63/64) so if you are in that book, just let me know and I'll scan that picture for use here.

And if y ou have any other pictures or stories that you'd like to share with us, I hope you'll take this opportunity to do so.

Please enjoy your visit to the Tidewater Home Page and drop us a line and let us know what you think and what you are doing now. Here is some contact info for you

Bill Cook
POB 1029
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170

Please let me know when they are coming so that I'll be looking for them. My e-mail address is BillCook@BillCook.net.

05-22-99 Tommy Crenshaw, BT3- carrie@emeraldis.com
City Now:
Greenwood,SC 29649
HeardOfUs: Searching for Tidewater
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Comments: Thanks for your website on the Tidewater.  I served aboard the Tidewater my whole naval career, from March 1960 to August 1963.  Had a lot of good times, saw places I would have never seen.  I was in the transportation division during the Med trip of 1962 so was able to drive and see much of the countryside at each port we visited during that trip.  We started out with around 45 drivers and weeded out those who wrecked so we ended up with around 15-20.  It didn't take long for this as you know the driving conditions there were treacherous.  My picture is in the Med Log (spring 62) in the transportation division. My real job aboard the ship was in the boiler room and conditions there were treacherous too! 

I still have a lot of fond memories of the Tidewater and made many close friends during that time.  Just wondering if you have had contacts from others who served during those years.  I also have lots of sea tales as we all do.  I went to boot camp at Great Lakes and from there I had two weeks leave and was sent to board the Tidewater which had just left on the Med trip of 1960, so I was put aboard the USS Regal (reefer ship) (TAD).  We crossed the Atlantic and from there I was cabled across in a wire basket to the USS Forestal .  After two weeks, they flew me off to Naples, Italy, where I first saw the Med lights of the Tidewater and boarded her that night to start my career.     Now I am a retired school teacher and would like to hear from you or anyone who served on the Tidewater during those years.  I have the Med Logs from 1960 and 1962.

04-13-99 George Krickovich, ET2 - w2yj@rochester.rr.comGeorge Krickovich - ET2

Bill; Thanks for the update on the Tidewater page. I know you are a busy man what with all the beach combing and all. I still have 3 years to go before I cut the rope and head to Florida.

04-13-99 Marvin(Gene) Shelton - gshelton@widomaker.com
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Comments: I can't tell you how excited I was to find a site addressing the TIDEWATER. I have looked on the Net several times in the past and have found nothing. I served aboard theGene Shelton - TM2Tidewater during the same period.  ?Month,1963 to 14 October 1966. Went aboard from Torpedo "A" school in Key West as a TMSN and left in 1966 as a TM2. Naval Weapons Station Yorktown  1967 to 2000.

I have been searching for the past hour trying to find my old navy scrap book and have yet to locate it. I'm sure I have some photos and a Med Cruise Book stuffed away somewhere in a box, but our house runith amuck.

To be honest, I am not sure I remember you based on the photo (do remember the DASH in the background), but I'm not sure I would recognize a photo of myself from that era. The photo of the guys in the ET Shack hatch look a little familiar. The photo of the Cruise Ship coming into Naples brought back vivid memories (I must have been standing next to you when it was taken). Would you like to see copies of my TIDEWATER junk ,when I find it? (yes, we would!)

Have any other  crew members contacted you? THANKS for putting the WEB Site on the Net, it has been a source of great enjoyment for me this morning and I'm SURE it will be in the future. Can't wait to show it to the wife and daughter this evening. I'm just learning to get around on the internet and doubt if I'll ever have the knowledge to establish a Page myself. Thanks again and have a great day.

04-08-99 Mike Sharp - msharp@kc.rr.comMike Sharp

Comments: Thanks for the memories........good website! Mike Sharp, R-3 Div. Gyro Shop, '63-'66. I remember you by the picture in the med cruise book but not so much by the pictures on your web site.  I made two of the med cruises and was discharged March 2, 1966.  I used to play music (guitars) with Yarbrough, Stickney, and Krickovich.

This patch was designed about December '65 and we sent off an order for about a dozen but it didn't arrive until after I left.  The guys mailed mine to my home.  I'm sure several would recognize it.  Those who left before '66 won't.  I collect military patches these days and I've yet to run across one for the Tidewater.  I guess the ship was sold to Indoneasia, kinda sad.

Mike ICQ21100695

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